Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. All units facing southeast and southwest, 7 floors above ground, 65 units in total, “Leefia Residence Sagami Ono Veil” 1st sales start from November 26th (Sat)!

Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.
All units facing southeast/southwest, 7 floors above ground, 65 units in total “Leefia Residence Sagami Ono Veil” First sales start from November 26th (Sat)!
We propose various styles such as entrance dirt floor plan, roof balcony plan, private garden plan, etc.

Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Shu Igarashi) and Sanshin Juken Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroyuki Nobuta) announced the launch of Leafeon, a newly built condominium in Minami-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Residence Sagamiono Veil” (7 floors above ground, 65 units in total) will be on sale from Saturday, November 26, 2022. The property is a 12-minute walk from Sagami-Ono Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line and Enoshima Line, and a 16-minute walk from Machida Station on the JR Yokohama Line, in a quiet residential area that is moderately distant from the station and main roads. is located in While large-scale commercial facilities are concentrated around the station, the surrounding area of ​​the property has a calm environment with tree-lined streets and parks, making it a location where you can enjoy both convenience and the richness of nature. Taking advantage of the open location of a section of a detached residential area, all units are planned to face southeast and southwest, with 3LDKs and 70 square meters (*1).
*1 Out of 65 units, 39 units facing southeast and 26 units facing southwest, 70 square meters, 55 units of 3LDK.
[Image 1d54964-50-4680c4b70ecc10eca4ee-11.jpg&s3=54964-50-dbff66f567258fc15c8eeb205a422a7c-1293x915.jpg
Conceptual diagram of the area around the site

[Image 2d54964-50-6f01f473018c254871fb-0.jpg&s3=54964-50-0e513d4eb1a503d8a41798c3b0d0646e-1471x1915.jpg
Appearance (roof balcony) image perspective
[Image 3d54964-50-e7f452bc8e27fc2a4b9b-1.jpg&s3=54964-50-aef939c71a49b8f0c27a1e3e2135c5bc-1280x694.jpg
Appearance image perspective
1. concept
The concept of the property is “Marriage – a house where diverse values ​​are combined.” We hope that you will find happiness at the end of connecting different values, not at the extreme end, and spend time in a calm and satisfying way in your own way.
[Image 4d54964-50-18d3af041880eee87c54-10.jpg&s3=54964-50-8b373efddb4f59a594b83f46161b7984-1474x509.jpg
Photographed in the southeast direction from the assumed height of the 7th floor (photographed in July 2022)
2. Features of Leafeon Residence Sagamiono Veil
■ Land plan
[Image 5d54964-50-695a13efb78e76e106b8-15.jpg&s3=54964-50-75b8a0c0fe679972b4eca6ba2055f5cc-764x505.jpg
Site layout illustration
The property is laid out facing southeast and southwest to bring light and a sense of openness to each dwelling unit, and the site plan harmonizes with the surrounding greenery by applying a variety of plants to the exterior.
In addition, in consideration of the safety of people, cars, and bicycles, we adopted a pedestrian-vehicle separation design in the flow line plan. In the northwest corner of the site, a “community park (self-managed plaza)” with benches and plants is planned as a place for residents to relax and develop a community.
■Common areas/tenant services
We wanted the common area to be a place that is closely related to daily life, so we placed a “multi-lounge” equipped with Wi-Fi on the first floor. In addition to setting up a work space (completely private booth), benches and tables with outlets so that you can secure a space when you want to concentrate away from your family, a sneaker laundry where you can wash your children’s shoes and indoor shoes, and a utility space with a slop sink. , We have introduced a “home co-op dedicated food delivery space” where you can receive food even when you are not at home. In addition, under the supervision of “Universal Engeisha”, we designed a space where residents can spend a relaxing time by arranging greenery such as interiors, furniture, and hanging greens.
[Image 6d54964-50-461ead5f9a986e020f33-2.jpg&s3=54964-50-bebbc936ba6df82f2dd445e187831be7-861x516.jpg
Conceptual diagram of common space on the first floor
[Image 7d54964-50-054162f2dab25e30323f-17.jpg&s3=54964-50-b4430d3f2f2f7f8d376caccccdd0bd34-691x483.jpg
Estimated perspective of multi-lounge completion
[Image 8d54964-50-fbca199632956702bbf7-6.jpg&s3=54964-50-e2ef87dda377a04569c6bbb077c842be-458x251.jpg
Sneaker laundry (image photo)
[Image 9d54964-50-9d6a03881d225471c792-7.jpg&s3=54964-50-6ebd9a72b816326c92f8341f70879b5c-437x248.jpg
Workspace (image photo)

[Image 10d54964-50-29f32139784697ab3fb7-5.jpg&s3=54964-50-ecc4e22ea468d18129b8eb19bf6ea1b9-445x248.jpg
Home CO-OP dedicated food delivery space (image photo)
■ Planning and space design
For planning, we have prepared a variety of plan variations (28 plans in total) from 68 square meters, 2LDK + S, to 87 square meters, 4LDK, with a focus on 70 square meters where families can live comfortably. Thoughtful shape in the exclusive part. The “entrance floor space” that combines the “earth floor space” (IDEA20) and “famikaji” developed by the factory (*2), “shelf with charging function” (Hitomowa), “outlet Storage with attached storage (IDEA20) is commonly used in all units.
In addition, the fittings in the living room adjacent to the living and dining room have a sliding door on the ceiling (with some exceptions) to create a variable space according to the lifestyle, and the storage is also a walk-in closet, a futon closet, a storage room (or shared storage), It is planned to be fully equipped with a linen storage room, etc. In anticipation of an era in which diverse lifestyles shine, we offer a variety of styles such as dirt floors, roof balconies, and plans with private gardens.
[Image 11d54964-50-d798f3560f1d615242ce-8.jpg&s3=54964-50-3ff5641b22cdbbc71b7b42b59fd07f1a-1461x632.jpg
Representative plan
[Image 12d54964-50-6416f32fd06141d72993-4.jpg&s3=54964-50-84e13bc9cb2100289359fefe9c266f57-1301x1470.jpg
roof balcony plan
roof balcony plan
Jr type 4LDK+N+2WIC
Exclusive area / 87.64 square meters (about 26.51 tsubo)
Balcony area/21.00 square meters
Roof balcony area/35.60 square meters

[Image 13d54964-50-d3e446295e5a1acfb97c-3.jpg&s3=54964-50-fa6cfed407a96f599ce34d4a22da0551-902x1547.jpg
Dirt floor plan

Dirt floor plan
H type 3LDK + DOMA + WIC
Exclusive area / 72.00 square meters (approximately 21.78 tsubo) Balcony area/11.00 square meters

[Image 14d54964-50-ca752bc3db79ba37a1ca-9.jpg&s3=54964-50-3fc410d6dec952c302f92eb765564003-2000x1333.jpg
Living room/dining room (September 2022)
[Image 15d54964-50-b3a0b13df07d04547397-12.jpg&s3=54964-50-379f285d0e6df8e4ff67ae60f43bc8b6-1333x2000.jpg
Entrance dirt floor space (taken in September 2022)
[Image 16d54964-50-47309c528df9eaa8cda9-13.jpg&s3=54964-50-87dc0101c2350184404c4d0f9512d402-1502x2000.jpg
Entrance dirt floor space (taken in September 2022)
[Image 17d54964-50-070a5b8274792bcb2daf-14.jpg&s3=54964-50-7c65bd46dea583d25380cc1ce2210e90-1333x2000.jpg
Entrance dirt floor space (taken in September 2022)
*2 Omoi Kata. About the factory
 Odakyu Real Estate’s efforts to help residents live a richer and more wonderful life. this
Until now, he has created various ideas such as “IDEA20”, “fami Kazi”, “Hitomowa”, and “Uchi Biz”.
We are actively using it in our housing development.
3. Property Description
Property name: Leafeon Residence Sagamiono Veil
Location: 6-1903-1 Kamitsuruma Honcho, Minami-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture (lot number)
Transportation: 12-minute walk from Odakyu Odawara Line/Enoshima Line “Sagami-Ono” Station, 16-minute walk from JR Yokohama Line “Machida” Station
Site area: 2,776.01 square meters
Construction area 1,153.30 square meters
Structure/Scale: Reinforced concrete construction, 7 floors above ground Total number of units: 65 units
Floor plan: 2LDK+S/3LDK/4LDK
Business owner: Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd., Sanshin Juken Co., Ltd. Design and construction Osue Construction Co., Ltd.
Completion late December 2023 (planned)
Delivery late January 2024 (planned)
URL: https://www.odakyu-leafia.jp/mansion/sagami-ono65/
■ Phase 1 Sales Overview
Sales schedule 1st term registration period November 26th (Sat) to December 3rd (Sat), 2022
23 units sold
Sales price: 39.98 million yen to 64.78 million yen (tax included) Highest price range: 47 million yen (6 units) *Units of 1 million yen Floor plan 2LDK+S・3LDK・4LDK
Exclusive area 68.16 square meters ~ 87.64 square meters
Balcony area 11.00 square meters ~ 21.00 square meters
Roof balcony area 30.75 square meters to 35.70 square meters Private garden area: 12.60 square meters (630 yen per month) Terrace area 18.00 square meters
4. Property guide map
[Image 18d54964-50-f0a0410e168b7ec962e3-16.jpg&s3=54964-50-886e642f66bb6062a9a45374da69ebe9-1941x1240.jpg
Property guide map
For sales inquiries, please contact the following.
“Leafia Residence Sagamiono Veil” Mansion Gallery
TEL 0120-696-400 Closed: Wednesdays, Thursdays, 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays (Open on public holidays)
Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-16:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-17:00

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