OFF Co., Ltd. First in Japan Covers major brands in the CBD industry. “Domestic hemp chaos map” released

OFF Co., Ltd.
[First in Japan] Covers major brands in the CBD industry. “Domestic hemp chaos map” released
Approximately 100 brands/companies/organizations of the domestic hemp industry in the hemp (hemp/CBD) industry, which is attracting attention from the perspective of sustainability in the future, have been posted on the chaos map in 7 categories (with a list of listed companies).

CBD direct sales site “tokyo mooon” operated by OFF Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Komagata / Inoue; hereinafter “OFF”), which develops wholesale and OEM (contract manufacturing) business of CBD raw materials, is domestic hemp. Released chaos map. You can download it for free from here
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Background of chaos map creation
In recent years, interest in CBD, a legal ingredient extracted from hemp, has increased, and it is said that the market size of CBD alone will reach 80 billion yen in 2024. On the other hand, there is a lack of external information that summarizes the overall picture of the domestic hemp industry, which is attracting more and more attention in the future, making it difficult to collect information.
Based on the above background, we have created this chaos map in the hope that it will be of some help to those involved in the hemp industry and those who will participate in the hemp industry in the future.
We Japanese have been familiar with hemp and hemp since ancient times. Hemp is used for a wide variety of purposes, from clothing to Shinto rituals such as shimenawa. From the perspective of sustainability, the hemp industry is expected to attract attention in the future. We hope to contribute to the further development of the domestic hemp industry. Publish chaos map that summarizes domestic hemp businesses and organizations The domestic hemp chaos map maps about 100
brands/companies/organizations in seven categories: wholesale, processing, retail, brand, media, industry group, and book.
This is the first chaos map in Japan (according to our own research) with the theme of “hemp”, and we have been in the CBD business for 3 years and selected and posted the major players in the industry based on our own certain criteria with industry knowledge. did. It covers not only CBD, which is a hot topic now, but also companies in the wider hemp and hemp industry, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the entire industry.
In addition to the chaos map, we have also started providing a company list in a spreadsheet with categories, genres, and URLs for all brands / companies / organizations posted on this chaos map.
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(Image: Excerpt from “Domestic Chaos Map Company List”)
how to get

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・Domestic chaos map
You can download it for free on our website
・Domestic chaos map company list
The chaos map company list can be purchased from the following product page ( for ¥ 1,000 (tax included).
* Membership registration is required to download and purchase [Other precautions]
*The chaos map and company list (hereinafter referred to as this product) were created independently by tokyo mooon based on the information released by each company as of September 30, 2022, but complete coverage and accuracy are guaranteed. Not a thing.
*We do not make any representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, appropriateness, up-to-dateness, or
completeness of the contents of this product. In addition, the rights to the trademarks and logo marks used in this product belong to the right holders.
[Future updates/inquiries]
We hope that this product will be useful to those involved in the hemp industry and those who will participate in the hemp industry in the future. We plan to update the domestic hemp chaos map regularly so that we can continue to help everyone.
If you have any questions about this initiative or would like to be featured in the next chaos map, please contact us from the URL on the right (
Characteristics of OFF ingredients
◼️ Legality and Safety
It is imported through the official procedures of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Food Quarantine Station, and in addition to vaping and cosmetics, it can also be used as food (tinctures, gummies, etc.). We strive to provide transparent information, including the test results (CoA) of raw materials, so that we can use raw materials with peace of mind. In addition, we carefully select 3rd party labs that have acquired ISO17025 and conduct inspections.
◼️Various certifications in the manufacturing process
Based on the concept of “Seed to Sales”, we partner with companies that are transparent in all processes from cultivation to extraction to preservation. USDA Organic (certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to indicate pesticide-free cultivation), NON GMO (non-genetically modified crops), GMP (certified by the FDA to indicate standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control), GRAS (generally safe) We have obtained FDA certification for foods that are considered to be
◼️Reliable and proven supplier
We import raw materials from suppliers based in Oregon and Colorado, USA. We have a track record of joint research with universities commissioned by the FDA and a track record of transactions with very famous major brands in the United States. The founders are also former executives of major cannabis companies and are very familiar with the cannabis-related business.
About “tokyo mooon”
◼️ Raw material wholesale business
We purchase CBD products (including raw materials) from overseas and sell them to those who want to start a new CBD business. We handle the following types of raw materials.
・CBD isolate
・CBD broad spectrum (B1, B2, B3)
・Water-soluble CBD
・Water-soluble CBN
・Water-soluble broad spectrum
・CRD (Crystallization suppression distortion)
For details, please refer to the page below.
[Raw materials handled]
[Description of each raw material] [How to compare the quality of raw materials] ◼️OEM business
We also do OEM of the following products at our domestic factories using raw materials related to CBN, CBG, and CBD. As a partner for those who start CBD-related businesses, we aim to expand sales together by supporting “sustainable business construction” and providing information on the CBD market in Japan and overseas and proposing sales channels. .
・Oil (tincture)
・Vape (disposable, 510 standard, original standard, wax)
・Capsule (soft/hard)
・Drinks (soft drinks, beer, stick pouches)
・Beauty (basic cosmetics, balms, bath bombs)
Please see the video below for detailed instructions.
[Video 2:]

About OFF Co., Ltd.
With the slogan “Global Cannabis Tech Company”, OFF Co., Ltd. supports CBD-related businesses in building sustainable businesses. We support the success of the CBD business from various aspects, such as import wholesale of carefully selected CBD products including raw materials, manufacturing of CBD products, and sales promotion of clients’ CBD products using our own CBD media.
Location: 3-1-22 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064 Tanimoto Building 2nd Floor Room B
CEO: Shuntaro Komagata, Yuta Inoue
Established: February 2020
If you have any questions about this initiative, or if you are thinking about purchasing raw materials or OEM, please contact us from the URL on the right (

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