Office Mugino Freediver Tomoka Fukuda appointed as Delma’s official brand ambassador & Delma Japan supports Sangohata representative Mr. Koji Kinjo’s marine conservation activities

Office Mugino
Freediver Tomoka Fukuda appointed as Delma’s official brand ambassador & Delma Japan supports Sangohata’s marine conservation activities
Freediver Tomoka Fukuda appointed as Delma’s official brand ambassador Tomoka Fukuda, a world-famous female free diver, will be appointed as Delma Japan’s official brand ambassador. Ms. Fukuda is one of the world’s fifth women to successfully complete a -100m dive (CWT), and has broken many diving records. Mr. Fukuda, who has won numerous competitions, has a passion for always pursuing goals, and I felt an affinity with Delma’s history so far, and together we have been able to excite this brand.
Mr. Fukuda, who learned to swim from an early age, moved from his hometown of Hokkaido to Okinawa.In 2010, he participated as a safety diver at the world competition held in Okinawa, where he was inspired by the performances of the world’s top divers. He started freediving training the following year. In the same year, 2011, he participated in the world competition held in Kalamata, Greece. In the team competition, she was selected to represent Japan and won gold medals twice.In two years of her career, she recorded -80m in the CWT and shocked the freediving world. He was elected by a large margin of the candidates.
Since then, Ms. Fukuda has set numerous records, and in May 2018, she recorded the CWT-100m at a competition held in the Cayman Islands, becoming the fifth woman in the world to record the -100m.
Currently, Mr. Fukuda is freediving based in Okinawa, and while training, he is active in freediving promotion activities, launching a community called OKIMOGU, and beach cleanlines to clean the sea and the coast by diving in the sea. doing it purposefully.
Mr. Fukuda, a free diver who represents such a world, wears Blue Shark III Azores and will be appointed as the official brand ambassador of Delma Japan.
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Supporting the activities of Mr. Koji Kinjo, representative of Sango Batake Derma Japan supports and supports the coral farming activity project conducted by Mr. Koji Kaneshiro, representative of “Sango Batake”, a leading figure in coral farming who led the world’s first coral spawning success. By donating part of the profits in Japan, we will continue to carry out marine protection activities in Japan. Born and raised in Okinawa, Mr. Kinjo grew up learning from his mother the importance of being grateful and respecting nature from an early age. Okinawa has a long history of religious customs to appreciate nature. However, Mr. Kinjo felt the reality that nature (mountains, seas, rivers, etc.), which had always charmed us with their beautiful brilliance, was withering with the passage of time. Currently, about 90% of Japan’s coral reefs are distributed in the Okinawa waters, but among them, the corals around the main island of Okinawa are currently in a critical situation of destruction. In 1997, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) compiled a map of coral damage in each country, and the Nansei Islands were ranked as “endangered,” the second most dangerous. From there, Mr. Kinjo decided to “never forget the richness of the sea. Let’s create a system to cultivate the corals that nurture the ecosystem and return them to the sea.”
In 1998, when I started studying coral transplantation on my own, there were no examples of successful aquaculture in the world, and it was not easy to succeed. However, Mr. Kinjo’s passion is unwavering, and in 2002 he continued long-term research in collaboration with the Okinawa Chatan Fishery Cooperative. accomplish. In 2006, he
established the non-profit organization Aqua Planet, and continues to work with volunteer members to save not only the seas of Okinawa, but also the earth, through coral transplantation.
Delma Japan supports Mr. Kaneshiro, who is a leading figure in marine conservation activities in the world. By supporting Mr. Kinjo’s coral farming activity project and donating part of the profits, we will carry out marine protection activities in Japan.
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