Ohyama Co., Ltd. 30 winners Skincare brand “IKNOWSNOW” conducts a genderless beauty essence gift campaig n on Instagram

Ohyama Co., Ltd.
[Number of winners: 30 people] Skin care brand “IKNOWSNOW” conducts a genderless beauty essence gift campaign on Instagram

The skin care brand “IKNOWSNOW”, which uses Airi Suzuki as an ambassador, will carry out a gift campaign limited to followers on Instagram.
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“IKNOWSNOW” has released a set of CICA beauty essence “Daily Boost” and face mask “IKNOWSNOW Facial Sheet” to improve the moisture and condition of the skin. We will present it to 30 people only. Instagram official account: @iknowsnow_jp
Official site: http://iknowsnow.jp/female/
Present campaign overview
〇 How to apply
Just follow the official account.
You don’t need to do anything else.
〇Winning announcement
Only winners will be contacted via DM from @iknowsnow_jp.
*The only account operated by IKNOWSNOW is @iknowsnow_jp, and there is no contact account. Beware of impersonating accounts.
〇 Application period
November 18, 2022 (Friday) to December 2, 2022 (Friday)
The shipping address will be within Japan.
Present product overview
IKNOWSNOW Aurora Skin Daily Boost 30ml
[Image 2d111591-3-c2992dadcc51be08222f-1.jpg&s3=111591-3-fe4c665b74c2841cc6aeeac478edf1c8-3900x2600.jpg
A beauty essence that luxuriously blends 26 types of moisturizing ingredients such as CICA, niacinamide, and peptides to create firm, clear skin. By using it in a clean state after washing your face, it will blend into your skin * 1 and prepare it for clear skin with a fresh and transparent feeling.
*1: Up to stratum corneum
◎ The purple color of the serum is derived from plants.
【Product Summary】
IKNOWSNOW Aurora Skin Daily Boost 30ml ¥1,980 (tax included) * It can be purchased at the mail order site Iris Plaza.
IKNOWSNOW Face Mask Pack Facial Sheet (33ml 7 sheets)
[Image 3d111591-3-fe5177935391147c62fb-3.jpg&s3=111591-3-fb417963d12eb824d9e076e5ef7479bd-396x396.jpg
A moisturizing *1 essence that combines 5 types of CICA, 5 types of berry ingredients, and niacinamide. A sheet full of beauty essence adheres to your skin for daily beauty during the dry season. A sheet mask that can also be used as an all-in-one mask, completing care in a short time even on busy days. *1: Up to stratum corneum
【Product Summary】
IKNOWSNOW facial sheet 33ml 7 sheets 1,980 yen (tax included) *Can also be purchased on the mail order site Iris Plaza.
[Image 4d111591-3-dab0729e7d28cce2b86e-2.jpg&s3=111591-3-1c7981b4591aebc00224181a90353338-1486x415.jpg
Ainou Snow is a skincare brand for Generation Z, which “enriches your daily life with your own power and keeps you shining.”
Women who are concerned about dry skin and men who are concerned about sebum can use it regardless of gender, and can aim for beautiful skin together. Singer/model/actress Airi Suzuki serves as an ambassador. ■ IKNOWSNOW: http://iknowsnow.jp/female
■IKNOWSNOW customer center: 0120-935-335
■ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iknowsnow_jp/
【Company Profile】
Ohyama Co., Ltd.
Location 980-8510 2-12-1 Itsutsubashi, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Phone number 022-221-2109
Fax number 022-216-4858
Name of Representative: Akihiro Oyama, President and Representative Director Established April 1, 1986
Capital 10 million yen
44 employees
Website https://www.irisohyama.co.jp/

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