Oisix Harumi Kurihara Supervised Meal Kit “Motto Happy Weekend Meal Burdock Hamburger” Released November 24th (Thursday)

Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd.
A meal kit supervised by Harumi Kurihara “Motto Happy Weekend Meal Burdock Hamburger” will be released on November 24th (Thursday) -Delivering a hospitality menu as a recipe and ingredients set for the year-end dining table-

Oisix, developed by Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Kohei Takashima), which provides a food subscription service, regularly offers meal kits supervised by chef Harumi Kurihara. From November 24th (Thursday), we will be selling a new product “More Happy Weekend Meal Burdock Hamburger” from the service “Harumi Kurihara’s small feast course to enjoy every day” that will be delivered to your home. (URL:

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Harumi Kurihara
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More happy weekend meal Burdock hamburger
19,000 people registered in 2 months, the theme of the popular course new product is “weekend meal”
From September this year, through continuous efforts with Harumi Kurihara, Oisix aims to create a service that enriches the whole life with a focus on cooking. We have started offering. The number of course registrants is very strong, with 19,000 in two months (as of November 10, 2022).
Oisix’s meal kit “Kit Oisix” comes with the required amount of ingredients and recipes as a set, and it is characterized by the fact that you can complete two dishes, a main dish and a side dish, in 20 minutes, and it is supervised by Harumi Kurihara. ‘s meal kit is not about saving time, but by making it carefully and carefully, it is important to make it more delicious than making it with the usual procedure and make you feel comfortable. You will receive a set of recipes and the necessary amount of ingredients that explain in detail with photos the points that make cooking delicious with a little effort and the specialties unique to chefs, so it’s as if Harumi Kurihara is teaching you how to cook at home. experience.
With the theme of “weekend meals,” the new product will feature recipes and ingredients along with a column written by Harumi Kurihara about spending weekends while finding small pleasures.
Harumi Kurihara’s “Weekend hospitality” menu at the dining table where people gather at the end of the year
The new product “Motto Happy Weekend Gobo Burdock Hamburger” is a menu that Harumi Kurihara suggests making with a little extra time on the weekends.
You can make it for eating at home, or you can make each one small and skewer it and share it with everyone. It is a recipe that can be applied to other dishes. It is also perfect for the occasion when people gather at the end of the year.
-Comment from Harumi Kurihara-
hello everyone.
My name is Harumi Kurihara.
Weekends I always look forward to.
I love weekends spent with other people and weekends where I spend my time slowly.
To spend my happy weekend,
Diligently tending the garden, cleaning the kitchen,
If possible, I change the tableware and redecorate the room. Chop more vegetables when you can, and you’ll have fun on a busy day. Through this series, cooking and everyday small pleasures
I would be happy if I could feel it with everyone.
[Image 3d8895-715-17a8aba4252faebfd99a-5.png&s3=8895-715-4311c779ab9ba3b1f08aaf9084b005ae-1425x345.png

-“More happy weekend meal burdock hamburger” product overview- Product name: More happy weekend meal burdock hamburger
Sales period: November 24, 2022 (Thursday) 10:00 to December 22, 2022 (Thursday) 10:00
Product details: (Main dish) Burdock hamburger (Side dish) Rice cooked with maitake mushrooms and shimeji mushrooms
Price: 2,203 yen (tax included) for 2 people
URL: https://www.oisix.com/sc/weekend2022
*Ingredients and prices may change due to unfavorable weather. * To purchase products, you need to be a member of Oisix and register for “Harumi Kurihara’s small feast course to enjoy every day” (admission fee / annual membership fee is free).
* Even after registering for the course, you can cancel the product each time. -Profile of Harumi Kurihara-
A chef. The recipes full of ideas centered on home cooking are supported by a wide range of people regardless of age.
The author of the million-selling book “Gochiso-sama ga Kikikitai.” (Bunka Publishing Bureau), the cumulative circulation exceeds 31 million copies.
Produced “share with Kurihara harumi”, a household goods shop that proposes tips and lifestyles for enjoying life, and develops original tableware, kitchen goods, seasonings, interior accessories, aprons, clothing, etc.
In March 2022, Kodansha launched a new personal magazine “Kurihara Harumi”. Active in regular TV programs such as “Kyo no Ryori” (NHK). [Image 4d8895-715-ce92c40ba59652afc928-4.jpg&s3=8895-715-3cc0917c503b8d9ee512e78c42dfdef2-150x199.jpg
About food delivery service “Oisix”
 Established in 2000. An EC food delivery service that handles fresh foods such as organic vegetables, specially cultivated vegetables, and processed foods that do not use preservatives or colorings. is. Currently, the number of members is 355,962 (as of the end of September 2022), and it is used by people all over Japan. Launched in July 2013, the meal kit “Kit Oisix”, which comes with the required amount of ingredients and recipes and completes two dishes in 20 minutes, a main dish and a side dish, has shipped 130 million in total. It has exceeded the number of million meals (as of the end of June 2022).
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