Oita Prefecture Just before the end of the year! This year’s donation recipient will be Oita Prefecture! 《Fu rusato Nozei》Introducing recommended gifts from Oita Prefecture

Oita Prefecture
Just before the end of the year! This year’s donation recipient will be Oita Prefecture! 《Furusato Nozei》Introducing recommended gifts from Oita Prefecture
As for the advantageous information of national travel support “new Oita trip discount second”

Oita Prefecture is known as the “Onsen Prefecture”, boasting the highest number of hot spring sources and the highest yield in Japan. In addition to hot springs, there are many attractions such as rich natural resources, exquisite gourmet food, and scenic spots.In addition, in recent years, the opening of Asia’s first “horizontal spaceport” is scheduled. Every month, we will introduce the
attractions and the latest topics unique to Oita Prefecture. This time, from the topic of “hometown tax”, which is attracting attention at the end of the year, we will pick up and introduce recommended gifts in Oita!
■ Oita Prefecture
◎A restaurant-type antenna shop where you can enjoy the taste of Oita in Tokyo Zarai Oita Meal Voucher (Lunch)
[Image 1

This is a meal ticket for Oita Prefecture’s flag shop (restaurant) “Zarai Oita”, which is located in Ginza, Tokyo. You can redeem it for lunch (consumption tax + service charge included).
– Donation amount – 16,000 yen or more
-Capacity- Equivalent to lunch (consumption tax + service charge included) 1 piece for 1 person
-Expiration date- About 6 months from the date of issue
– Address – 3rd floor of Hulic Square Tokyo, 2-2-3 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo -Business hours-Lunch 11:30-14:00 (L.O. 13:30)
-Store site- https://zarai.jp/
-Holidays-Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, Bon Festival, the first Saturday of the month
-Furusato Choice-
https://www.furusato-tax.jp/product/detail/44000/5258859?city-product_rank -Notes-
・This meal ticket can only be used at lunch time for a single meal (consumption tax + service charge included) at the Zarai Oita restaurant.
・Drinks and additional orders will be borne by the customer. ◎ Support local sports through hometown tax!
 2023 Oita Trinita Supporters Association Course A
[Image 2

You can join the 2023 Oita Trinita Supporters Association.
– Donation amount – 10,000 yen or more
・Membership registration is done in the name of the donor.
・Personal information (name, address, phone number, email address) for member registration
Please understand that it will be provided to the Oita Trinita Supporters’ Association.
Personal information is managed according to the association’s privacy policy. ▼For details on benefits, please check the supporters’ association website. https://trinita-kouenkai.net/join
-Furusato Choice-https://www.furusato-tax.jp/product/detail/44000/5352615?city-product_rank ■Hiji-cho◎When it comes to the hometown tax return gift, it’s definitely meat! Oita brand beef
Assortment of 3 types of Oita Wagyu beef (kalbi, loin, lean meat) (total 750g) [Image 3

On the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the history of Bungo Beef, which has been ranked number one in Japan many times, a new Oita Wagyu brand was born. “Oita Wagyu” is a masterpiece of high-quality Bungo beef that has been raised on farms that are particular about its deliciousness. Received the Prime Minister’s Award in the 2017 Wagyu Olympics and breeding cattle category. This gift is a set of three types of Oita Wagyu beef ribs, loin, and red meat that are perfect for yakiniku. Please thoroughly enjoy mellow taste and melting taste. – Donation amount – 25,000 yen or more
– Volume – Oita Wagyu short ribs (250g) / Oita Wagyu beef sirloin (250g) / Oita Wagyu lean meat (250g)
– Expiration date – 30 days from the date of processing
-Operator-Daishin Sangyo Co., Ltd.
-Furusato Choice-https://www.furusato-tax.jp/product/detail/44341/4715876?city-product_rank ■ Kitsuki City
◎ Feel free to enjoy local cuisine representing Oita at home Bungo Kizunaya Ryukyu (4 types x 2 meals set) A Oita local cuisine [Image 4

Fresh red sea bream, yellowtail, horse mackerel, and hairtail are marinated in Bungo Kizunaya’s special soy sauce-based sauce and vacuum-packed. You can enjoy it as it is just by thawing it and taking it out of the pack. It is useful in a variety of situations, such as putting it on rice to make a seafood bowl, pouring tea or dashi over it to make ochazuke, serving it to sudden guests or as a side dish with alcohol, and for New Year’s.
Please enjoy the delicious taste that has been used many times in JAL international first class and business class.
– Donation amount – 15,000 yen or more
Red sea bream 80g x 2 / Yellowtail 80g x 2 / Red horse mackerel 80g x 2 / Cutlass fish 80g x 2
– Expiration date – Frozen for 30 days (including shipping date) -Operator-Kizunaya Co., Ltd.
-Furusato Choice-https://www.furusato-tax.jp/product/detail/44210/157181?city-product_rank ■ Nakatsu City
◎For fruit lovers! Oita prefecture’s original strawberry
[Pre-order] Oita brand strawberry berries 200g x 4 packs
[Image 5d15293-81-ad806ee9efe0c5715bcd-4.jpg&s3=15293-81-ea86a86e068706418e23167800123174-520x323.jpg
Oita Prefecture’s original strawberry “Berrytsu”.
You can enjoy the vivid colors that shine like jewels and the rich aroma unique to Berits. It is highly rated for four factors: bright color, good balance between acidity and sweetness, and consistency with high sugar content.
– Donation amount – 9,000 yen or more
-Capacity-200g x 4 packs
-Operator-Sky Farm Co., Ltd.
– Expiration date – about 7 days after shipment (Sequentially shipped from late February 2023 to late April 2023)
-Furusato Choice- https://www.furusato-tax.jp/product/detail/44203/5035692 It’s not too late yet! Nationwide travel support What is the content of Oita’s support?
New Oita Tabiwari Part 2
“National travel support” is a measure to stimulate tourism demand nationwide, which is attracting attention this fall. We will introduce the implementation contents of Oita Prefecture.
– Applicable period – From October 11, 2022 to December 20, 2022 *Also applies to trips already booked
*For 7 nights in one itinerary
-Conditions- Must have been vaccinated 3 times or have a negative proof from the vaccine test package
Accommodation facilities or travel agencies that are available for vaccine inspection packages and participate in the “New Oita Travel Discount 2nd”
■ What is a vaccine test package?
This is a new coronavirus infection prevention measure set as a condition for using the “New Oita Tabi Discount”.
1. Vaccinated (3rd vaccination)
2. 1. Alternatively, the PCR test within 3 days before the date of departure/accommodation is negative (the day before or on the day in the case of an antigen qualitative test)
If the antigen test cannot be performed after the second day of the trip for consecutive trips with a stay of 2 nights or more, a negative test result notification before the trip and a document confirming the start date of the trip are required. , except when using a private car -Confirmation on the day-
・Present a certificate of vaccination, etc. or a notification of test results to the person performing the prior confirmation or
confirmation on the day
・The test result notification includes: 1. Examinee’s name 2. Test result 3. Test method 4. Laboratory name 5. Specimen collection date 6. Test administrator’s name
7. Use items with a specified expiration date
■What is the second Oita Travel Discount?
As part of the Japan Tourism Agency’s “National Tourism Demand Stimulation Measures (National Travel Assistance)”, we provide a certain amount of discount assistance to everyone traveling to Oita Prefecture.
-Discount Details-
Equivalent to 40% of the travel (accommodation) price per person (However, products with transportation are 8,000 yen,
Other products – including day trips – will support up to 5,000 yen). We will also distribute “Enjoy Coupons” that can be used in the prefecture.
-Target period-
Applied from October 11, 2022 (start of travel) *The campaign will end after the subsidy ends.
-Enjoy Coupon-
Conditions: Those who make a reservation between October 11 (Tuesday) and December 20 (Tuesday), 2022 and travel using the “New Oita Travel Discount Part 2”
Validity period: (Day trip) Day trip / (Accommodation trip)
Accommodation for subsidized trip and the next day
Enjoy coupon distribution amount: Maximum of 3,000 yen on weekdays and maximum of 1,000 yen on holidays.
         ※A holiday is when both the day of stay and the next day are Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.
Please check the special site for details and the latest information on the project.
New Oita Travel Discount Official Website:
Pick up the latest Oita NEWS!
“Shabu Shaburasu” and Oita Prefecture will collaborate again this year! Let’s enjoy winter with hot pot and taste of Oita
[Image 6d15293-81-0401e1e011b1045295e3-5.jpg&s3=15293-81-7de7923e4457531321fdca99e9d3cec3-1280x564.jpg
“Shabu-shaburasu”, which allows you to create your own selfish hot pot, operated by Letus Co., Ltd., and “Oita Collaboration Festa 2022”, a collaboration with Oita Prefecture, will be held from November 15th (Tuesday) to 12th. It will be held for a limited time until Wednesday, March 14th. This year, with the theme of “Experience the reason why Oita Prefecture has the number one healthy life expectancy! Get healthier this winter with more vegetables.” increase. In addition, shiitake mushroom salt and kabosu ponzu sauce for hot pot, kabosu highball, kabosu sour, raw kabosu squash are available for drinks, and rich shiitake mushrooms from Bungo Ono City, Oita Prefecture are used for the soup stock you can choose. It is a fair where you can enjoy Oita’s specialty kabosu and shiitake mushrooms, such as “Yufuin hot spring water soy milk soup”. In addition, during the fair period, a device “Veggie Check” provided by Kagome Co., Ltd. will be installed in the store to visualize the estimated vegetable intake. By easily checking your own “estimated vegetable intake”, we support the health habits of everyone who visits us. Let’s prepare for winter with a warm pot and nutritious Oita ingredients.
-Collaboration period-Tuesday, November 15, 2022 to Wednesday, December 14, 2022 -Available stores: Shabu-Shaburasu Nakameguro Main Store, Shibuya Center Gai Store, Sapporo Ekimae Store, Susukino Store
-Theme- “Oita Prefecture has the No. 1 healthy life expectancy Experience the reason why! Stay healthy with more vegetables this winter.”
・All-you-can-eat Oita vegetables (Oita Ajiichi green onions, Japanese parsley, white onions, carrots, etc.)
・”Oita Natural Hamo” available separately
・Limited sauce for hot pot (shiitake mushrooms, kabosu salt, kabosu ponzu, kabosu pepper, salt koji, etc.)
・ Fair limited drink menu (Kabosu highball, kabosu sour, raw kabosu squash, etc.)
・“Yufuin hot spring water soy milk soup” using mellow shiitake mushrooms from Bungo Ono City, Oita Prefecture is now available as a choice of soup stock.
・Use kabosu for detox water
-Vegecheck, a device that visualizes estimated vegetable intake- “Veggie Check” provided by Kagome Co., Ltd. is a device that displays the estimated vegetable intake by simply placing the palm of your hand on it.
During the fair period, you can install the same equipment in the target store and check the estimated vegetable intake.
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