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Okaya City About the holding of the Opera Onbashira

Okaya City
About the holding of the Opera Onbashira
《Another Onbashira story that sings loudly of human love and respect》
Opera Onbashira is a mythical opera depicting human relationships over the supremacy of ancient Swa with the motif of “Onbashira Festival” handed down in the Suwa region. This opera was held in November 1998 with the goal of “transmitting works full of creativity that make the most of the regional characteristics and creating art and culture that will be handed down from generation to generation as ‘another pillar’.” Premiered in May. After that, in the year of the Onbashira Festival, which is held once every seven years, the performance was repeated, and efforts were made to improve the quality of the work, such as restructuring the script and music, and creating the costumes and stage sets by the citizens themselves. I have been doing it. This will be the 5th time, and it will be an unprecedented stage with a tuba orchestra style performance while keeping the chorus, which is the key to citizen participation, by making full use of images and stage sets.
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Related event
“Opera Onbashira x Keio University Fujita Seminar x Yoko Kodaira x Aire” Seminar students from the Keio University Fujita Research Institute, which has a close relationship with Okaya City, will plan an event using the “Metaverse” ahead of the performance of the opera Onbashira. This pre-event will not only promote “Opera Onbashira”, but also a special concert will be planned. As a player, AYER (Tsuyoshi Torii, Fumiko Torii) will be able to enjoy the performance in the Metaverse space.

Please become an avatar and participate in the virtual space. (Pre-event November 16th (Wednesday) 15:30-16:30)
For more information, please visit the Keio University Fujita Seminar website.

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metaverse space
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metaverse space

Opera Onbashira date and time
・Date: November 27, 2020 (Sunday) Doors open at 13:15 Performance starts at 14:00
・Venue: Canora Hall Large Hall
* All seats are unreserved 3,000 yen Elementary, middle and high school students 1,000 yen On sale
How to apply
☎0266-24-1300 (representative) Kanora Hall
Click here for online tickets →
[About Okaya City]
Okaya City is located in the center of Nagano Prefecture, bordering Matsumoto City to the north, Shimosuwa Town to the east, Shiojiri City to the west, and Suwa City and Tatsuno Town to the south. Facing the west bank of Lake Suwa, it is a picturesque city surrounded by lakes and seasonal mountains, with Enrei Ojo Prefectural Park to the northwest, the Yatsugatake mountain range to the east, and Mt. Fuji in the distance. In addition, it faces the only outflow river of Lake Suwa, and the Tenryu River starts from here and reaches Hamamatsu in the distance.
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