Okaya City Experience silk in a historical cultural property building in Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture

Okaya City
[Experience silk in a historical cultural property building in Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture]
11/26 (Sat) and 27 (Sun) “Okaya silk workshop atelier OPEN DAY” will be held All Okaya made “Okaya silk” furoshiki will be displayed
Okaya silk workshop (representative: Machiko Koyama), which is active at the former Yamaichi Hayashi-gumi Silk Reeling Office (nationally registered tangible cultural property) in Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture, will hold a ” Okaya silk workshop atelier OPEN DAY” will be held. This is a two-day event where you can experience silk in a historic building that celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. In addition to exhibiting and selling hand-woven kimonos, obis, plant-dyed stoles, etc. by members of the silk workshop, we will also hold a coaster weaving experience and a workshop to make silk key chains and brooches with Miho Takakura, a craft artist nuno*ito asobi. In addition, the Okaya silk brand “Platinum silk” certified “Okaya silk” furoshiki promoted by Okaya city will be open to the public and will be sold on order. Okaya cocoons are made into raw silk at the Miyasaka Silk Mill in Okaya City, and you can actually see and touch the hand-woven silk furoshiki made entirely from Okaya at the Okaya silk workshop. Why don’t you experience the charm of silk while observing the weaving site in a nationally registered tangible cultural property?
[Image 1d88763-25-9cc4fb494c5a45fc807f-0.jpg&s3=88763-25-6ada2038af20c58725306382d65281fa-1920x1440.jpg
Okaya silk workshop atelier OPEN DAY
November 26th (Sat) and 27th (Sun), 2022 9:00-16:00
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[Image 3d88763-25-c807d250ff6146809201-7.jpg&s3=88763-25-e4635cd5fa5a26b998754bc7215fdf5e-3900x2925.jpg
○Exhibition and sale of Okaya Silk Studio “Weaving and Dyeing” works Exhibition and sale of hand-woven kimonos, obis, mufflers, plant-dyed stoles, silk accessories, and other works by silk workshop members. ○Coaster weaving experience
Number of people: 12 people each day
Reception: Reception at the venue at any time (final reception: 15:00 each day) Price: 1,000 yen (tax included)
○ nuno*ito asobi Create with Miho Takakura! Silk Keychains & Brooches Why don’t you make a silk key chain and brooch using Miho Takakura of nuno*ito asobi, who creates mysterious creatures with cloth and thread, and the weaving edge and remaining thread of the silk workshop.
11/26 (Sat): Keychain, 11/27 (Sun): Brooch
Number of people: 30 people each day
Reception: Reception at any time at the venue (last reception: 15:00) Price: 1,000 yen (tax included)
nuno*ito asobi https://nunoitoasobi.amebaownd.com/
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[Image 5d88763-25-d0c52665715999e9f6ca-3.jpg&s3=88763-25-30bc0cea1d04fef7f88e0bc97c56cd84-1280x960.jpg
○ Building tour
The Former Yamaichi Hayashi-gumi Silk Reeling Office, built in 1921, is a valuable building that tells the history of silk reeling. *The following times will include explanations by members of the Association for the Heritage of Industrial Modernization in Okaya and staff members of the Lifelong Learning Division of Okaya City. November 26th (Sat) 9:30-12:00
November 27 (Sun) 9:30-12:00 / 12:30-15:30
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○ “Okaya silk” furoshiki display and order sales
Furoshiki made entirely from Okaya silk, hand-woven at the Okaya silk workshop, will be exhibited and ordered. In addition, we will also sell pocket handkerchiefs made entirely from Okaya silk.
[Image 7d88763-25-cc976beb1948ba323530-1.jpg&s3=88763-25-26e7a3326347f7cb1deedb25a9a05bfa-1920x1440.jpg
-free entrance-
Venue: Kinu no Furusato Okaya Silk Studio
1-13-17 Chuo-cho, Okaya-shi, Nagano Inside the former Yamaichi Hayashi-gumi silk mill office (at the back of the Ilf Plaza flat parking lot)
Inquiries: TEL: 0266-24-2245 (Okaya silk workshop) Opening days: Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays 9:00-16:00
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