Okayama University 2020 Okayama University “University Festival (Tsushima Festival)” was held face-to-face for the first time in three years!

National University Corporation Okayama University
[Okayama University] 2020 Okayama University “University Festival (Tsushima Festival)” was held face-to-face for the first time in three years!

November 23, 2022
National University Corporation Okayama University
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National University Corporation Okayama University (Headquarters: Kita Ward, Okayama City; President: Hiroshi Makino) held the “University Festival (Tsushima Festival)” on the Tsushima Campus for two days, November 5th and 6th, 2022.
This time, as part of measures against corona infectious diseases, we will utilize the “device that can simultaneously count the number of people entering and exiting and measure the temperature” developed by the DS Department (Data Science Department) of Okayama University to limit the number of people who can enter the venue at the same time to 5,000 people. It was held only in , and more than 14,000 people visited over two days.
With the theme of “Welcome back Okayama Festival-Festival that brings your heart together”, the venue was decorated with a wide variety of refreshment stalls run by students on the day of the event, and many food trucks from restaurants in Okayama Prefecture were also exhibited. In addition to the usual cultural and sports club events and music live performances, various contests, dances, double dutches, and other elaborate performances were performed on special stages set up in four locations within the venue, making it a huge success every day. did.
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Uraja Ren dance
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Performance by calligraphy club
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Equipment developed by the DS Department
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Attendees holding their hands over the device
On the 6th, actor Hayato Sano’s talk show and comedian Dai Yasuda’s Circus HIRO & Kuro-chan’s live comedy show held at the Shimizu Memorial Gymnasium on the 6th also attracted many spectators from inside and outside the university. The state of each stage and the comedy live were broadcast live, and not only those who visited the venue but also many people online enjoyed it.
It was the first face-to-face event in three years, and many students, including the university festival executive committee, went through trial and error to try it for the first time. I was able to finish. Looking back on the university festival, Mr. Yuto Nagahara (2nd year, Faculty of Economics), chairman of the university festival executive committee, said, “Thank you very much for coming to the Okayama University Festival. It was the first time in three years that the university festival was being held face-to-face, so I was a little worried, but I am happy to see everyone enjoying themselves. From next year onwards, we will work hard every day so that we can hold an even more powerful university festival than this year.”
Mr. Iga (2nd year, Faculty of Engineering), a member of the DS club who developed a device that can simultaneously count the number of people entering and exiting the venue and measure their temperature, said, “The entrance/exit management system used at this year’s university festival consisted of software, networks, and hardware. I believe that the design and development of this system was very meaningful, and I had many discussions and experiments with the members of the DS department, the university festival executive committee, and the people from the student support division. I was able to complete it after all this.I would like to thank all the people who helped me and the sponsors.I would like to make use of the experience I gained from this development and operation in future projects.” was talking
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◆ Reference information
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Okayama University Tsushima Campus where the Okayama University Festival was held (Kita Ward, Okayama City)
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