Okayama University A soccer ball was donated by a graduate of the Okayama University soccer club

National University Corporation Okayama University
[Okayama University] A soccer ball was donated by a graduate of the Okayama University soccer club

November 25, 2022
National University Corporation Okayama University
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On November 21, 2022, the soccer club of the National University Corporation Okayama University (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Okayama City; President: Hiroshi Makino) received a soccer ball donated by a soccer club graduate.
 Nine alumni of Okayama University who graduated from Okayama University in 1971 donated soccer balls this time. Taking the opportunity of holding an alumni association in Okayama City, he visited the university to encourage active club members, donated soccer balls, and deepened exchanges with active club members. Tomiyoshi Kurita (graduated from the Faculty of Law and Letters in 1971), who served as the club’s captain when he was a student, said, “This time, I was happy to be able to interact with active club members. I feel that college club friends are lifelong friends. So, I would like the current club members to have a fun college life with their friends. Souma Suematsu (2nd year, Faculty of Agriculture), representative of the current soccer team, enthusiastically said, “Thank you for your support this time. Next year, I want to do my best with the goal of advancing to the first division of the Chinese University Soccer League.” was talking about
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Mr. Kurita (middle) encouraging an active club member
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Mr. Suematsu (far left) thanking the graduates
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Presentation of soccer balls
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Group photo
◆ Reference
・Okayama University Athletic Association Soccer Club
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National University Corporation Okayama University supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, we have received the government’s first “Japan SDGs Award” Special Award

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