Okayama University The 21st “Okayama Living Lab” Open Innovation Program (O2IP)-Business ideas for solving problems in hilly and mountainous local governments with DX, etc.-December/May, hybrid held

National University Corporation Okayama University
[Okayama University] The 21st “Okayama Living Lab” Open Innovation Program (O2IP)-Business ideas for solving problems in hilly and mountainous local governments with DX, etc.-[December/May, hybrid held]

November 11, 2022
National University Corporation Okayama University
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Outline of Open Innovation Program
Diverse participants such as companies inside and outside the region, officials from local governments and universities, and local residents will freely discuss themes for solving regional problems and aim to create ideas for innovative services and products. .
For co-sponsored organizations (major companies, etc.) presenting themes for consideration, it is useful for searching and discovering companies and researchers with unique ideas and technologies necessary for innovation. On the other hand, local companies, researchers, students, local residents, and others who participate in the program will not only be able to learn about the innovation efforts of major companies, but will also be able to obtain the cooperation of major companies. Opportunities will arise for embodying existing
technologies, research seeds, problem recognition, etc. as new services and products and expanding them nationwide.
[Date and time]
December 5, 2022 (Monday) 14:00-17:00
[Holding format]
Combined use of offline and online
・Depending on the infection status of the new corona, it may be online only ・Offline venue
Momotaro Startup Cafe
(Wonder Wall, 2nd floor, ICOTNICOT, 1-8-18 Ekimae-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama City)   https://momosta.com/access
[About the theme of this study]
The General Incorporated Foundation Nishiawakura Muragoto Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Muramaru Research Institute), which is co-hosting this time, is an organization jointly established by Nishiawakura Village and companies in 2020. In order to make Nishiawakura Village’s concept of “enjoying life” sustainable, we are researching new technologies with companies and research institutes, with Nishiawakura Village as a verification field, with the question, “Can the latest technology make people and communities happy?” We are conducting demonstration projects in collaboration with development and local communities.
On the other hand, Nishiawakura Village, where the Muramaru Lab is located, is located on the border of Okayama Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture, and Hyogo Prefecture. In addition to the 100-Year Forest Project, which collectively manages and utilizes privately-owned forests, the village collaborates with the Muramaru Institute to revitalize the community by starting businesses that utilize forest resources such as furniture and attracting immigrants.
In this workshop, Muramaru Lab will explain the various regional issues faced by Nishiawakura Village and the details of efforts to solve them. After that, all participants freely imagine what kind of area Nishiawakura Village will become with DX in the future, and what kind of regional issues will be resolved.
In addition, we will consider backcasting business ideas that will lead to the realization of the future Nishiawakura Village that everyone envisions. Considering Nishiawakura Village as a field, we would like to combine the DX-related technologies, research seeds, services and products that the participants have with external knowledge and resources to create new services and products that are useful for solving regional issues. We are looking forward to the participation of various people, including companies that are considered to be, university students, high school students, local residents, and local government officials.
(1) Explanation of purpose, orientation (14:00-14:05)
(2) Co-sponsored group presentation on the theme (14:05-14:45) (3) Brainstorming on the future vision of Nishiawakura Village realized by DX (14:45-15:15)
(4) Group presentation on future vision (15:15-15:30)
(5) Group discussion on business ideas to realize the future vision (15:30-16:30)
(6) Group presentation and review of business ideas (16:30-17:00) [Presenter]
Mr. Kono, Co-Representative Director, Nishiawakura Village Marugoto Research Institute
(Chief Researcher, EX Research Institute Co., Ltd., Okayama City Decarbonization Promotion Manager)
Mr. Inoda, Researcher, Nishiawakura Village Marugoto Research Institute (Local Mobility Producer/Social Worker/Specialized Social Researcher) 【participant】
Anyone interested in the theme can participate.
However, in the case of online (ZOOM) participation, it is limited to those who can prepare a device that can be connected online on the day (if possible, a computer or tablet rather than a smartphone).  In the case of a large number of applications, the number will be limited to the first 100 (20 offline venues, 80 online venues). [Organizer]
 Okayama University Graduate School of Science and Technology for Integrated Health Systems (Okayama Living Lab), Okayama Startup Support Center Steering Committee (Momosta)
General Incorporated Foundation Nishiawakura Village Marugoto Research Institute [Notes]
The business ideas (intellectual property rights) in this program belong to all participants. However, in the future commercialization, it is assumed that the necessary contracts, etc. will be concluded between the parties concerned.
[How to apply for participation]
Please register using the application form below (application deadline: December 5, 2022 (Monday) 10:00)
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Specially Appointed Associate Professor Shimizu, organizer of the Open Innovation Program (O2IP)
◆ Reference
・Graduate School of Integrated Sciences in Health Systems, Okayama University  https://www.gisehs.okayama-u.ac.jp/
・Okayama Startup Support Center Steering Committee (Momotaro Startup Cafe)  https://momosta.com/
・Nishiawakura Village Marugoto Research Institute
・Nishiawakura Village
◆ Reference information
・[Okayama University] Held the 18th “Okayama Living Lab” Open Innovation Program (O2IP) “Approach methods for people who are not interested in health using health data, etc. in nursing care prevention”
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Software-Related Resources”
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[Image 3d72793-1020-25110426eb20e557159e-2.jpg&s3=72793-1020-c6c65edeabac901d5075a2de48b01597-1380x703.jpg
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◆ Inquiries regarding this matter
Takeshi Shimizu Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Department of Integrated Science for Health Systems, Faculty of Science, Okayama University
E-mail: shimizu.takeshi◎okayama-u.ac.jp
     ※Please replace ◎ with @
-Inquiries regarding Okayama University’s industry-academia-government collaboration-
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