Old Fashion Co., Ltd. A handkerchief vending machine “OLD-FASHIONED STAND” is now available at Gransta Tokyo inside JR Tokyo Station. We sell handkerchiefs limited to Tokyo Station, such as “Blue Train Embroidered Handkerchiefs”.

Old Fashion Co., Ltd.
A new handkerchief vending machine “OLD-FASHIONED STAND” is now available at GRANSTA TOKYO inside JR Tokyo Station. We sell
handkerchiefs limited to Tokyo Station, such as “Blue Train
Embroidered Handkerchiefs”.

Old Fashion Co., Ltd. (Location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo / hereinafter referred to as Old Fashion), which operates the handkerchief specialty store “H TOKYO”, will start selling handkerchiefs at Square Zero on the first basement floor of Gransta Tokyo from November 18, 2022 (Friday). The vending machine “OLD-FASHIONED STAND” is permanently installed.
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Since its first appearance in January 2022, the handkerchief vending machine “OLD-FASHIONED STAND” has become a hot topic in the media and SNS. After opening pop-up stores in Shibuya and Marunouchi, it will appear in Square Zero on the basement floor of Gransta Tokyo from Friday, November 18th. We will sell popular Tokyo Station limited handkerchiefs such as “Blue Train Embroidered Handkerchief” newly released on the same day and “Suica Penguin Embroidered Towel Handkerchief”.
[Image 2d86788-4-1d972cf95a0238c3150f-7.jpg&s3=86788-4-9c4d1d0bbaa53c3a0846be59b7d6d453-1800x1200.jpg
Blue Train’s delicately embroidered handkerchiefs are original designs made for vending machines. A vending machine limited handkerchief that evokes memories of the sleeper train running through the blue night. *1,870 yen including tax
[Image 3d86788-4-d72bef91f1b566ffccc5-2.jpg&s3=86788-4-c08c4157653e7bc5a069753ef7cedb1d-2700x1800.jpg
(C) ︎Chiharu Sakazaki / JR East / DENTSU Suica by JR East Suica is a registered trademark of JR East.
The popular Suica penguin series is available in various types, including an easy-to-handle towel handkerchief, a two-piece set with a baby penguin, and a handkerchief with a round face with a large impact patch. *Towel 1,100 yen including tax, 2-piece set 2,530 yen including tax, handkerchief with emblem 1,870 yen including tax
[Image 4d86788-4-055879ebca03a4311162-4.jpg&s3=86788-4-589b4e0da57005f9f8b3af0f936ae438-2700x1800.jpg
A towel handkerchief with an embroidered Shinkansen, with cute original cross-stitch embroidery. *1,100 yen including tax
Another convenient point of ekinaka is that you can use it any time the station is open, from early morning to night. Handkerchief vending machines are useful when you are in a hurry, such as looking for souvenirs in Tokyo or when you forget your handkerchief when commuting to work.
Installation period: Friday, November 18, 2022-permanent
Place: GRANSTA TOKYO Basement 1st Floor Square Zero
Available hours: According to the opening hours inside JR Tokyo Station Address: 〒100-0005 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JR East Tokyo Station B1F (inside the ticket gate)
Products for sale: Tokyo station limited handkerchiefs
・One type of “Blue Train Embroidered Handkerchief” *Limited to vending machines ・Three types of “Suica penguin embroidered towel handkerchiefs” ・ 1 type of “Suica penguin patch handkerchief”
・One type of “Suica penguin embroidered handkerchief set”
・6 types of “Shinkansen embroidery towel handkerchiefs”
JR East commercialization licensed, JR West commercialization licensed, JR Tokai approved
Handkerchiefs are small items that are usually hidden and not visible, so please choose carefully. High-quality shirt fabrics made in Hamamatsu and Nishiwaki, which are famous for fabrics in Japan, and handkerchiefs designed in collaboration with domestic and foreign artists. All printing and sewing is done in Japan, mainly in Yokohama. It is a brand of handkerchiefs that has two charms: high-quality handkerchiefs that have been handed down over time, and fresh ones with a playful touch.
“Old Fashion Co., Ltd.”, which operates H TOKYO, handles items that touch the skin, such as handkerchiefs and socks. All of them are original products made in Japan. From a new perspective, we re-propose the value of everyday items that we take for granted that we tend to overlook, and things that we used to use a lot but have not seen recently, and that we have not noticed or forgotten until now. We aim to create products that allow you to feel the quality of the products. At the same time, we will convey the background of someone close to us who is earnestly working on manufacturing through products and information.
brand movie
https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Wcc9MQr43OJl13dSul5vobUfpsl5dfv/view?usp=sharing Company name: Old Fashion Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-1-11 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5787-5931
Business description: Fashion goods retail and wholesale

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