OLFA WORKS Released limited edition colors of 4 popular outdoor gear

Olfa Corporation
[OLFA WORKS] Released 4 limited colors of popular outdoor gear -Pre-sale at 11/19 event-

Olfa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture,
Representative Director: Shinichi Okada)’s outdoor brand “OLFA WORKS” will be held on November 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun), 2022 at
“FIELDSTYLE JAMBOREE 2022”. We will pre-sell the limited colors of 4 popular gears of the same brand.
* All four types are limited in quantity, and the general release is scheduled for Friday, December 2, 2022.
[Image 1d43131-39-37a23d71b1b830c4dbb3-0.jpg&s3=43131-39-f2d71946552ca42de4f1eaad5906eec9-1280x670.jpg
This time, we will release “Replaceable Blade Bushcraft Knife BK1”, “Replaceable Blade Field Knife FK1”, “Replaceable Blade Field Saw FS1” and “Outdoor Knife Sanga” in “Ash Gray” color.
Luxurious and chic colors that add style to any outdoor scene. Among them, the blade of the “Outdoor Knife Sanga” is polished by a craftsman, and the beautiful blade enhances the premium feeling. All products will be pre-sold at the outdoor event “FIELDSTYLE JAMBOREE 2022” held in Aichi Prefecture on November 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun), 2022. The general release is scheduled for Friday, December 2, 2022.
▼ Excellent compatibility with existing colors
[Image 2d43131-39-dea5802843cb973ddf30-1.jpg&s3=43131-39-6ead2f7c22bd7e3f34242a872f208f51-1200x800.jpg
■ Outdoor Knife Sanga Ash Gray
[Image 3d43131-39-1c0f13da4c1317ad20b6-2.jpg&s3=43131-39-02fd6725ae19037e274aa8846b099d81-1200x800.jpg
A full tang knife with a 3.2mm thick stainless steel blade. Not only cutting and shaving, batoning is also possible. The blade of this limited-edition model is “glossy polished” by a craftsman, and it is finished with a beautiful glossy blade that is more glossy than the regular model.
With excellent sharpness, durability, and ease of use, this full-tang knife can be used by a wide range of campers, from beginners to advanced campers. Comes with a sheath that can be attached to a belt. https://www.olfa.co.jp/olfaworks/ow_hand_tools/7129.html
[Image 4d43131-39-7f9671e8ea8bbf1aade4-4.jpg&s3=43131-39-34597fd9859eaec1639d8d31917c2c38-3900x1301.jpg
[Image 5d43131-39-b77fa8241281f0489971-3.jpg&s3=43131-39-3db883c8f1c7d0842ab93318858be4d3-1204x459.jpg
■ Replacement Blade Bushcraft Knife BK1 Ash Gray
[Image 6d43131-39-79d63c708960e6bf47ad-5.jpg&s3=43131-39-0474ef48790d4d4987be4b7080175042-1200x800.jpg
A versatile bushcraft knife with replaceable blades. Equipped with a 1.2 mm thick stainless steel blade that is rust resistant and sharp. The size is easy to handle, so it is ideal for making wooden pegs and feather sticks.
[Image 7d43131-39-f8c90a5fa3584c3ba93f-7.jpg&s3=43131-39-22f97335e7e8fee190ac0f46696fc3bc-3900x1697.jpg

[Image 8d43131-39-74e786ad49f75376a296-6.jpg&s3=43131-39-18ae46b3f4af3e5fedf2f6575fbd09db-1204x402.jpg
■ Replaceable blade field knife FK1 Ash Gray
[Image 9d43131-39-42cb472b503614366817-8.jpg&s3=43131-39-5401cdd4432b360f03dc3306836b3ee3-1200x800.jpg
Although it feels like a general cutter knife, the blade is polished in a corrugated shape, so even slippery materials (ropes, plastic bottles, etc.) can be cut smoothly. The back of the main unit has a convenient claw that can be used for many purposes.
[Image 10d43131-39-7f42720db495ea9b568e-9.jpg&s3=43131-39-ecb8fb8798ef2f4083aa4f60faf883a6-3900x1697.jpg
[Image 11d43131-39-278e96f8c708c904f039-10.jpg&s3=43131-39-260662de0cb33fc4c03cd8f474b74408-1204x402.jpg
■ Replacement blade type field saw FS1 ash gray
[Image 12d43131-39-24c0b9e34c2217fc9ce2-13.jpg&s3=43131-39-c7ae7bc3aff9a2b6f1a0a56e592e2bf8-1200x800.jpg
Equipped with a saw blade with a smooth sharpness with a full-scale “upper eye”. Durability and toughness are provided by impact quenching, and the cutting edge remains sharp for a long time. Also great for cutting branches and trees outdoors, DIY, etc. As a saw, it has a small size and is excellent in portability.
[Image 13d43131-39-01c7a11581782931c125-11.jpg&s3=43131-39-8f7a41164e41a084ca42ac3ba561b417-3900x1697.jpg
[Image 14d43131-39-53de045ed8ee8d38bce6-12.jpg&s3=43131-39-17e5935f8c5d80455f1657223f749ea2-1204x402.jpg
■ About pre-sale
At “FIELDSTYLE JAMBOREE” held in Aichi Prefecture, we will pre-sell 4 products of “Ash Gray”.
Date: November 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun), 2022, both days from 9:00 to 17:00 (planned)
Venue: AICHI SKY EXPO Aichi International Exhibition Hall (5-chome Centrair, Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture 479-0881) *OLFA WORKS booth is Hall D No.215
Official website: https://field-style.jp/
[Image 15d43131-39-a5d512b078018844bf73-14.jpg&s3=43131-39-50b47d3e2ff32ca9dda574e381707f7c-1200x675.jpg
“OLFA WORKS” is an outdoor brand of cutlery and hand tools that makes use of the knowledge and experience of making cutters that Olfa has cultivated for more than half a century, and the reliable quality that can only be made in Japan.
OLFA WORKS Official Website: https://www.olfa.co.jp/olfaworks.html OLFA WORKS Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/olfaworks ■ Company profile
Olfa Corporation
Industry: Manufacture and sale of cutlery hand tools
Representative name: Representative Director Shinichi Okada
Date of establishment: June 8, 1967
Head office location: 2-11-8 Higashi Nakamoto, Higashinari Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
■ Click here for inquiries regarding this press release
Olfa Corporation Sales Division Sales Planning Group
2-11-8 Higashi Nakamoto, Higashinari Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 537-0021 TEL: 06-6972-8105 (9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:30 on weekdays)

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