Ollies Co., Ltd. Holding a BtoB support program to maximize business negotiations with programmatic advertising! Host a free webinar to explain the program

Ollies Co., Ltd.
BtoB support program to maximize business negotiations with
programmatic advertising! Host a free webinar to explain the program “Program to maximize business negotiations through programmatic advertising ~Introduction~” will be held on Tuesday, November 22nd and applications are being accepted

Ollies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tamon Suzuki), an advertising agency specializing in performance-based advertising, will hold a webinar on November 22nd (Tuesday) with the theme of “Increase in business negotiations for BtoB companies”. It will be held. (Application:
Webinar content
This webinar is part of a program aimed at supporting B2B marketers in maximizing business negotiations using programmatic advertising. The issues that need to be addressed to increase business negotiations through performance-based advertising and the methods of approaching them differ from company to company, depending on the resources they have and the current state of advertising operations.
To address this diverse set of challenges and drive results, we want to offer a personalized approach to each participant, rather than a one-size-fits-all webinar, including:
1. Understand the overall picture of advertising operations that maximize business negotiations and clarify questions and issues in promoting improvements
2. Design individual consultation meetings and webinars based on the questionnaire, and guide specific measures through them
3. Ask for additional questions and issues, and provide support in an appropriate manner each time
Background of the webinar
When planning the webinar, I was worried about what kind of issues the content should target.
If you make specific content that can be immediately implemented in BtoB marketing, it will be basic content that applies to everyone and will have high versatility. It’s going to be a lot.
On the other hand, whether or not applied content is useful depends on the individual task of each participant, so while the content may be very empathetic for some people, it may not be very helpful for others. It’s going to be.
In addition, as a compromise between them, when seminars are held by abstracting measures that apply to different issues, “Although it is a learning experience, it is quite successful if the participants try to change the content into concrete actions by themselves.” I have often heard people say, “I can’t do it.”
As a result of thinking about solving such problems and making it a meaningful time for the participants, in this project, we did not dare to provide practical know-how to the participants in a single webinar, but rather conveyed the overall picture. It was designed as a place to clarify where the company’s issues are.
Therefore, in this webinar, as a “map” of “advertising operation that maximizes business acquisition”, we will convey the whole picture of the items to be addressed in a short time with as little burden on the participants as possible, so that they can understand it. We will focus on understanding the “current location” of the participants by accepting questions such as things that did not happen.
After that, we introduced individual consultation meetings and webinars tailored to each participant’s current location, and followed up individually to accompany them toward the goal of maximizing the acquisition of business negotiations.
In this way, this program is designed so that busy customers can efficiently obtain only the information they need.
Therefore, this introductory seminar is a short 45-minute program orientation so that customers can participate without hindrance to their normal work.
We would appreciate it if you could join us for 45 minutes.
Recommended for those who have such issues and requests
・ Those who want to increase business negotiations with programmatic advertising but are not sure where to start
・BtoB operators who feel that performance-based advertising has hit a ceiling ・ Other BtoB businesses who want to increase business negotiations ・Advertising agencies and marketing-related external supporters are not allowed to participate.
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About Oleys Co., Ltd.
Oleys Co., Ltd. is an advertising agency that provides marketing support centered on programmatic advertising. It is characterized by a support style that builds deep collaborative relationships with clients through initiatives such as “NPS (R) management”, “no division of labor”, “no subcontracting”, and “various remuneration forms”. The average NPS (R) score so far is “32pt”, which continues to be highly evaluated by clients (average from December 2018 when measurement started to September 2022, the latest). In addition, we have provided in-house support services for advertising operations since our founding, contributing to the improvement of marketing investment efficiency and organizational agility for many clients.
Company name: Oleys Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-27-4 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Yaesu Sakuragawa Building 5F Representative: Representative Director Tamon Suzuki
Website: https://allis-co.com/
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