Omotenashi Mind LLC Notice of “Children’s Dream Presentation” class to make everyone’s dreams come true

Omotenashi Mind LLC
Announcement of “Children’s Dream Presentation” class to make everyone’s dreams come true
To produce children who acquire overwhelming presentation skills, fulfill their dreams and play an active role on the world stage
Omotenashi Mind LLC (Headquarters: Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture; Representative Employee: Masami Yoshida) will teach all 6th grade classes at Rokujo Elementary School in Nara City on November 24, 2022 (Thursday) to teach “Children’s Dream Presentation” to talk about dreams. .
This is the second time for all four presentation classes. In a facilitation format with an even balance of participatory remarks, classes are developed with an emphasis on output. While giving opinions from each group, such as points to note for speakers and listeners, the heart moves and makes you want to cheer
Goal is presentation.
2-27-5 Shodainakamachi, Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture 573-1152 Contact: 09087982614
More than 800 VIP escorts such as prime ministers and ministers for 20 years Learned elegant demeanor at John Robert Powers School, where Grace Kelly also graduated.
Taking advantage of his extensive experience as a narrator companion and as a ceremonial master of ceremonies for big-name politicians In teaching “speaking, communicating, and expressing”, he shifts to a beautiful voice in seconds and specializes in impression techniques that improve dignity.
At a participatory workshop, “Voice method to like your own voice and win trust” “Behavior behavior”
It has a good reputation for the content that you can immediately put into practice, such as “Manners that you can’t ask now” that you can experience with “head, body, and heart”.
Requests from all over the country in a wide range of genres such as companies, various organizations, hospitals, chambers of commerce and PTA.
More than 1600 real seminar presentations.
Since last year, “how to convey and attract online”, “online etiquette”, and “improving the quality of online interviews” With titles such as “Sell without meeting!
Accelerate requests for new content. More than 1,000 corporate training and individual guidance.
* “High-class people’s caring habits” published in 2018 has been ranked number one on Amazon many times before its release.
Currently 3 reprints
*The 2020 edition of “Communication Rules for High Class People” also ranks first in the Amazon rankings.
“Media” precious. Zexy and others
Fujitsu Forum, ORIX Life Insurance, Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance, Gibraltar Life Insurance
ORIX Insurance Consulting, Unitika, Kobe Steel, Sannomiya Underground Shopping Mall, Abeno Underground Shopping Mall
Osaka Prefectural High School PTA Association/Hirakata City PTA Association/Ritsumeikan Junior High School Parents Association/Osaka Municipal Barada Elementary School/Hirakata Municipal Shodai Junior High School
Asahi Culture Center, Teams Tax Accountant Corporation, Japan Central Workshop, Hospital, Clinic
Kita-Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hirakata Regional Revitalization Support Center, Itami Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Soroptimist Osaka
Hirakata Rose Lions Club, Girl Scout Osaka Prefectural Federation, Hirakata Sports Association, Osaka Prefecture Noodle Making
Association, Ikuno Ward Industrial Association
Kyoto City, Hirakata City, Koyasan Shingon Buddhism Osaka Autonomy Mission, Oita Prefecture Employers Association, etc.

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