On December 14th, “Web marketing and security professionals talk! Web marketing “in-house” and web securit y measures necessary for all companies” seminar held

Geocode Co., Ltd. (Securities code: 7357)
On December 14th, “Web marketing and security professionals talk! Web marketing “in-house” and web security measures necessary for all companies” seminar held

Geocode Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Haraguchi, TSE Standard: 7357), which develops web marketing and cloud sales tech, will hold a joint seminar with Server Security Cloud Co., Ltd. on December 14 (Wednesday). Web marketing and security professionals talk! Web marketing “in-house” and web security measures necessary for all companies” will be held online.
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Seminar overview
When I talk to the person in charge of the website and the person who manages the website, I often hear that they have the following concerns.
○ I’m planning to “in-house” web marketing, but I don’t know where to start ○ You want to improve the functionality of your website and promote web marketing, but you are concerned about the risks of unauthorized access and information leaks.
At this seminar, everyone involved in websites with the above problems can take home information on both web marketing and security measures that should be addressed now.

Speaker introduction
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Geocode Co., Ltd.
Kazuya Sakaju
After graduating from Waseda University, joined Geocode in 2014 after working at Macnica, a specialized trading company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime.
As a consultant, we have improved and operated more than 300 websites to attract customers.
In 2017, he was appointed as a director and participated in more than 100 external seminars while managing the business.
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Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd.
marketing department
Yusuke Yamada
I was in charge of marketing at a recruiting company for about 3 years after new graduates.
After that, I experienced inside sales for about 2 years at a company that does “data recovery” and “forensics”.
Joined Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd. in 2021. Currently, as an inside sales person, I am engaged in providing security information to customers.
Seminar overview
■ Date and time: December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) 14:00-15:00
■Reception hours: 13:50~
■ Participation fee: Free
■ Capacity: 100 people
12:05-12:30 [Session 1]
“The ABCs of Web Marketing In-House SEO Edition”
Web marketing has now become a matter of course for companies. Towards 2023, we hear from many people in charge that they want to complete “effective” web marketing in-house.
This session will be the “SEO edition” of in-house strategies for web marketing. Director Kazuya Sakajo from Geocode Co., Ltd., which has over 17 years of experience in the SEO industry, will tell you about “Iroha”, which creates a web marketing organization that works on SEO and content marketing.
Geocode Co., Ltd.
Kazuya Sakaju
12:30-12:55 [Session 2]
“What security measures are necessary to create a website that does not leak information?”
As WIT progresses and more businesses and services are provided on websites, there are more opportunities to exchange personal
information over the Internet.
In the midst of this, “website security measures” tend to be forgotten. Regardless of the size of the company, cyberattacks target websites with “gap” and launch attacks. If an incident such as an information leak or a website service outage due to unauthorized access were to occur, the trust of users could be lost and the company’s image could be damaged.
In this session, we will introduce techniques for blocking attacks from cyber attackers and preventing information leaks and service outages as “web security measures necessary for all companies with websites.”
Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd.
marketing department
Yusuke Yamada
【way to participate】
For those who have completed the application form, we will send you the URL for participating in the webinar by e-mail by the day before the seminar. Please watch from the URL in the email on the day of the event.
* Access will be available from 10 minutes before the start time. [About tools]
The online seminar will be held using “Zoom”.
The “URL” and “participation password” for the online seminar will be sent to you by email.
Please check your email from us on the day before the seminar. *If you are using Zoom for the first time, you will need to install it. Installation may take a minute or two, so
If you can prepare early, it will be smooth.
* Installation URL (transition to an external site):
*You can also participate from a smartphone or tablet if you have Zoom installed on your device.
■ Participation: Please apply from the URL below.
    https://gc-seo.jp/journal/seminar_info/web-seminar/9861/#smn_form About Geocode Inc.
Geocode is a web marketing business that provides services such as “organic marketing” that integrates and develops SEO measures and website creation and web advertising management, and a cloud sales tech business that utilizes cloud sales support tools such as “Next SFA”. Expand.
With web marketing and sales DX, we support everything from attracting customers to receiving orders as a single company, contributing to sales expansion, while also providing services that contribute to the promotion of DX, and support our customers’ management from both offense and defense. .
[Image 4d6185-111-fef56ce7479be6dce871-3.png&s3=6185-111-c67e3aa4ba81352d31acf83b609cee7c-615x103.png
Company name: Geocode Co., Ltd. (TSE Standard: 7357)
Representative: Daisuke Haraguchi, Representative Director
Location: JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 10F, 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: February 14, 2005
Capital: 351,510,000 yen
Business: Web marketing business, cloud sales tech business
Website: https://www.geo-code.co.jp/
■ Contact information
-About the seminar-
Geocode Co., Ltd.
Tomoma Watanabe
Email: marketing@geo-code.co.jp
Phone: 03-6274-8081
-Press Releases (Media Contact)-
Geocode Co., Ltd.
Public Relations: Koji Kato
Email: kato@geo-code.co.jp
Phone: 080-1175-1335

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