On the data marketplace “JDEX(R)️” operated by the Japan Data Exchange, Navit Co., Ltd. has exhibited a co mpany database that covers approximately 6.8 million companies nationwide.

Japan Data Exchange, Inc. (Jdex)
On the data marketplace “JDEX(R)️” operated by the Japan Data Exchange, Navit Co., Ltd. has exhibited a company database that covers approximately 6.8 million companies nationwide.
~ Accelerate your business with a channel that allows smooth data buyers to search! ~

Japan Data Exchange Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naokazu Morita; hereinafter “our company”) plans and operates the data marketplace “JDEX (R) ︎” to sell and research various data. Navit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yasuyo Fukui; hereinafter referred to as “Navit”), which handles the event, has exhibited a corporate database that covers approximately 6.8 million companies nationwide. By using JDEX, which boasts the largest number of members in Japan, it is possible to search for data buyers from various industries without going through sales agents or sales representatives with sales promotion support that streamlines new development, and complex business models. It was evaluated that it can also be used, and it became an exhibition this time.
In addition to operating JDEX, we will provide escort-type support that reduces the hassle of data sellers and buyers, creating an environment for smooth data transactions and democratizing data in Japan.
[Image 1d31221-22-cd9bbd36661d5c83dccc-0.png&s3=31221-22-396408133ed96e33b249830892f3bbb8-1963x1039.png
“Corporate database” overview
This is a company database that covers approximately 6.8 million companies nationwide (*1). We have prepared a variety of lineups centered on “corporate phone book data” that covers basic items. You can use it according to your needs, such as POI data (*2) necessary for developing digital maps and attack lists for sales and marketing of new services.
・The basic items include postal code, address, telephone number, latitude and longitude of each company.
・Because the industry of the company is divided into 2,541 small classifications, it is possible to extract with more detailed conditions.
・Relevant companies can be extracted by prefecture or municipality. ・It is possible to create a “neighborhood list” by specifying the radius from your company.
・The data is updated every month.
・Reasonable pricing.
*1: Excluding duplication, the number of companies is about 4.8 million to 5 million.
*2: “POI” is an abbreviation for “Point Of Interest”, which means data that can express locations and targets on a map.
“Corporate database” lineup
We also offer products that add various types of data to the “Corporate phonebook data” data.
・Attack list No.1
Items such as number of employees, capital, and sales can be added as options. ・FAX number list transmission service
We provide a one-stop service from purchasing a fax list to delivery. ・ Open-kun & Tettai-chan
You can get opening and closing information by specifying the period. ・Public health center data
Application data for opening restaurants, barbershops/beauty salons, lodging facilities, and medical institutions
(clinics/dentists/treatment centers) owned by 470 public health centers nationwide.
You can use it like this
・Creation of digital maps using GIS
・ Approach branches and sales offices nationwide based on conditions such as “sales scale” and “number of employees”
・Broadcasting of faxes and DMs to specific industries and areas ・Update and cleanse the sales list
・Area marketing
・Call center operations
・Store opening plan
・Store analysis
Usage record (partial)
・Data utilization in major GIS solutions for corporations
It was used for the data for the damage situation simulation at the time of the disaster.
・Customer transfer management at a major corporate catalog sales company It is used for grasping and managing corporate trends.
“Corporate database” sample data
You can see the sample data of the corporate database on the data marketplace “JDEX”.
[Image 2d31221-22-32ad051eb7c9794132a0-6.png&s3=31221-22-3dd0c30c83acf8948ca6975e0303a750-1299x1999.png

・ Sample data acquisition page:
https://www.jdex.jp/members/products/data-offerings/a834176962424ee8b55f7b68ba07a001/view If you are interested in our “Corporate Database”, please feel free to contact Navit with any requests or questions. After logging in to JDEX, you can contact us from the “Make a purchase request” button displayed on the corresponding page.
[Image 3d31221-22-f97dac0c0a187a63d4a9-3.png&s3=31221-22-0598fe684d01436b09d81a30b5140f25-1463x655.png
If you have not yet registered as a member, you will first need to apply to use JDEX. Please apply from the “Let’s register for free” button at the top of the sample data acquisition page. It will be ready for use after it has been reviewed by our company (we will notify you of the results of the review within 3 business days of your application).
[Image 4d31221-22-3725f1ffdda74c838b7b-5.png&s3=31221-22-c255a13d07fb05f94455658d822597ec-790x244.png

About Navit Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2001. From database sales, medical information to bargain sale information, we are giving shape to “wish to have” from the consumer’s point of view. In addition to providing “corporate phone book data” to Japanese search engines, we also develop and provide various data products based on the same phone book. With a nationwide network of 63,400 local correspondents, it is also possible to collect community-based information.
・ Website: https://www.navit-j.com/
Reasons for choosing JDEX
Navit has developed customers through sales agents and sales representatives and provided POI data based on corporate databases. In order to provide POI data to customers, it was necessary not only to formulate specifications according to the purpose, but also to deal with complex business models such as one-shot
transactions/subscription transactions, common items/custom items, etc. . However, if you use the data marketplace “JDEX”, you can efficiently develop new customers through sales promotion support, and you can safely and securely trade with more than 150 members using a system that supports multiple business models. . This exhibition was made possible because of the high evaluation of this efficient sales promotion support and the sales channel that allows buyers to search for data smoothly.
What is the data marketplace “JDEX(R)️”?
■ “Buy! Data Encyclopedia”
[Image 5d31221-22-d285165e442644d6f082-4.png&s3=31221-22-64297e2e0fb4f3da63686a8195f44b3d-1999x1428.png
JDEX is a membership-based data marketplace where you can buy and sell data safely and securely. It is planned and operated as a joint project by Kanematsu Corporation, Dawex Systems, SAS (France), and Japan Data Exchange.
With JDEX, members can search for the data they want, and easily introduce and list their own data. As a service that allows
high-quality data to be traded in a highly secure environment, it is useful for data utilization in business and research.
Since the service started in November 2020, the number of members has reached nearly 160 domestic and overseas organizations. It is used by a variety of organizations, from general companies to research institutes and administrative organizations, and is used in a wide range of industries, including consulting, advertising/PR,
communication networks, medicine/medical care/welfare, and
Member registration is free. If you become a paid member, you can use all functions such as unlimited data transactions, joint use of data by multiple organizations, receive introductions of more than 1,000 types of “recommended data”, and post advertisements on JDEX. It will be possible.
・”JDEX” service introduction site: https://www.service.jdex.jp/ The world aimed at by the data marketplace “JDEX(R)️”
Companies that want to sell data face challenges such as “I want to efficiently find buyers who are interested in my data” and “I want to reduce the hassle of formulating specifications.” On the other hand, companies that want to buy data have a need to “buy data as smoothly as possible”. Under the mission of “democratizing Japan’s data”, we operate JDEX together with Kanematsu Corporation and Dawex Systems, SAS (France). We will continue to improve the environment for trading. Please look forward to future developments.
About Japan Data Exchange, Inc.
Founded in 2016. With the mission of “democratizing Japan’s data”, we provide consulting on corporate data utilization and formulate guidelines for data utilization. In 2019, we formed a capital and business alliance with Kanematsu Corporation, and started “Project JDEX” jointly with Dawex Systems and SAS (France). Dawex Systems, SAS (France) is a data hub for customer brands in all organizations around the world, and a company with technology that is utilized in the data marketplace. We are jointly working on the operation of the data marketplace “JDEX” in order to contribute to the formation of the data distribution market in Japan and the digital transformation (DX). Name: Japan Data Exchange Inc. (Jdex)
Location: URBANPARK Daikanyama I, 9-8 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033 Representative Director: Naokazu Morita
・Corporate site: https://j-dex.co.jp/
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