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Bicycle town development forum – “Shionomichi” cycle tourism – will be held
On November 29th (Tuesday) and 30th (Wednesday), 2022, a forum will be held at the Tatsuno Town Hall in Nagano Prefecture to think about the ideal city where you want to ride a bicycle and the charm of the old road called Salt Road.
“Bicycle Community Development Forum ‘Shionomichi’ Cycle Tourism” *Please refer to the attached leaflet for details
Date: November 29th (Tuesday) and 30th (Wednesday), 2022
Contents: 29th: Old Highway Bicycle Tour “Shionomichi” Roundtable Meeting, 30th: Shionomichi Cycling Tour Meeting
Venue: Nagano Prefecture Tatsuno Town Hall
Cost: Free (fee required, optional social gathering available) Capacity: Forum: 100 people Driving event: 30 people
Organizer: General Incorporated Association 〇 and Editing Company Co-sponsored by Old Highway Cycling Tour Study Group
Sponsored by: Tatsuno Town, Nagano Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture, Nagano Inadani Tourism Bureau, Nagano Prefectural Tourism Organization, Shizuoka Prefecture Cycle Sports Mecca Creation Conference, Tatsuno Town Tourism Association, Shinano Mainichi Shimbun, Chunichi Shimbun, Nagano Nippo, Citizen Newspaper Group, Citizen Times, SBC Shinetsu Broadcasting, NBS Nagano Broadcasting, TSB Television Shinshu, Nagano Asahi
Broadcasting, NHK Nagano Broadcasting Station, LCV Co., Ltd. [Image 1

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Aim of planning and implementation
This forum will focus on the attractiveness of the Shionomichi, an ancient road that connects the Sea of ​​Japan and the Pacific Ocean, from the perspective of cycle tourism, the potential for community development that utilizes bicycles, and long-term cooperative relationships that span prefectures, regions, governments, and the private sector. It was planned from the desire to think about the shape of The salt road, which is also the stage of our Gravai bicycle adventure event Gravai Camp. Looking back on our activities so far, I would like to talk with the speakers and panelists who will be traveling across prefectures about forming a vision of what kind of “path” we want to create in the future. On the 30th, there will also be a cycling event in the Tatsuno, Okaya, and Suwa areas where the remnants of the salt road remain. If you are interested, please come and visit us!
Lecturer/Panelist Introduction
Part 1: Keynote Speech “Salt Road” Running Report
[Image 3

Bicycle adventurer & bicycle travel researcher. Chairman of Suwa Yatsugatake Bicycle Utilization Promotion Council, Deputy
Representative of Nagano Prefecture Cycle Tourism Promotion Council. About 8 and a half years, 157 countries, 4 laps of the earth. (One company) 〇 and the director of the editorial company, “grav bicycle station” is operated.
Part 2: Roundtable Discussion Theme Protecting, Creating, and Conveying the Charm of “Kodo”
[Image 4

Mr. Yoshikazu Fujimoto “Possibility of Old Highway Seen from European Pilgrimage Road”
Representative of the bicycle life project, chairman of the Lake Biwa Promotion Council in the Land of Rings, and representative of the design office “Seisaikoubou”. Focusing on making bicycle maps, we are doing activities to convey the goodness of bicycles to many people and increase the number of bicycle fans and appropriate users. So far, he has ridden in all prefectures of Japan and 50 countries overseas. He has co-authored “Biwaichi Official Guidebook: Around Lake Biwa/Shiga Travel” (Yaesu Publishing), “How to proceed with cycle tourism: Creating a prosperous area with a bicycle” (Gakugei Publishing), etc.
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?t=resize&f=c-99654-2022110309-cda26835b0a3baddb1585b010d5cff36.jpg&s3=99654-3-b422b2f825b28f21b587fe7b522f5760-998×1503.jpg”>

Takashi Niwa “Cycling on old roads is a trip to meet people” Niwa Cycling Tours (Saitama Prefectural Governor Registered Travel Agency No. 2-1081). Born in Mie Prefecture in 1966. When he entered Dokkyo University, he joined the cycling club and started cycling as a journey. After working as an outdoor guide in Amelia Montana from 1990 to 1992, now as a cycling guide, he guides you from the back alleys of Tokyo to Tibet, the Amazon, the Sahara Desert, and anywhere else on earth.
In 2016, he launched an organization called “Cycling Holiday Tokyo” to guide foreign visitors to Tokyo in English. Lecturer of NHK education “Introduction to bicycle life for middle-aged and elderly people” (2006), “Takashi Niwa’s Best Cycling Course vol.1” (Tokyo Map Publishing) and many other books. Ambassador of Merida Japan (a bicycle manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan).
[Image 6

Mr. Yuichi Sato “Agriculture based on old roads”
Secretary General of Shizuoka Cycle Tourism Council. Engaged in research and dissemination of local tourism, development of products and services that utilize local resources and propose a lifestyle that reverts to nature. The elements that cycle tourism can provide are “interesting roads”, “beautiful scenery” and “delicious food”, and we are trying to make the most of local tourism by refining and developing local resources through the social participation of local cyclists.
Roundtable Chair
Mr. Koji Tanaka
Chairman of Shizuoka Sports Promotion, Chairman of NPO Regional Development Support Net. Riding a bicycle with Shizuoka prefecture and Hokkaido cycle tourism exchange as an opportunity. Chairman of the Shizuoka Prefectural Cycle Sports Mecca for Creation of Cycle Tourism Division, and Chairman of the Lake Hamana Cycle Tourism Promotion Committee.
Part 3: Panel discussion
Participants from Aichi Prefecture
Mr. Katsuhiro Shiga
Deputy Director, Meishoku Expressway Office, Chubu Regional
Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Participant from Niigata Prefecture
Mr. Tetsuya Takeda
Niigata Prefecture Niigata Collaboration Letters Project Community Revitalization Volunteer
Participants from Yamanashi Prefecture
NPO Yamanashi Cycle Project Representative
2 days timetable
November 29th (Tuesday) Old Highway Bicycle Tour “Salt Road” Roundtable Meeting 13:10-13:40 1st Keynote Speech
Oguchi: “Salt Road” Cycling Trip Report
13:45-14:45 Part 2 Roundtable Discussion Theme: Preserving, Creating, and Conveying the Charm of “Kodo”
Mr. Yoshikazu Fujimoto: “The Possibility of the Old Highway Seen from the European Pilgrimage Route”
Takashi Niwa: “Kodo cycling is a trip to meet people.”
Mr. Yuichi Sato: “Agriculture based on old roads”
15:00-16:00 Panel discussion
Aichi Prefecture: Mr. Katsuhiro Shiga, Deputy Director of the Shikoku Expressway Office, Chubu Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Niigata Prefecture: Mr. Tetsuya Takeda Niigata Collaborators Project Regional Revitalization Cooperation Corps
Yamanashi Prefecture: NPO Yamanashi Cycle Project
November 30th (Wednesday) “Shionomichi” bicycle trip cycling event 9:00 Gather at Tatsuno Town Hall
Guided cycling in Tatsuno Town and adjacent municipalities on multiple courses Course: Early Nakasendo Tatsuno Town → Okaya City → Shimosuwa Town 15:00 Dismiss at JR Shimosuwa Station
[Inquiries] General Incorporated Association 〇 (Maru) and Editing Company Bicycle Community Development Forum Secretariat Person in charge: Tsurumi
Phone number: 070-4498-0660 Email: forum@gravbicycle.com
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