One To Ten Presents Sustainable Installation Art Inspired by Quantum Computer “IBM Quantum”

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One To Ten Presents Sustainable Installation Art Inspired by Quantum Computer “IBM Quantum”
~ Light art using approximately 250 recycled PET bottle fibers ~
One To Ten Co., Ltd. (head office: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; representative: Yoshiaki Sawabe), which is working to solve social issues with advanced technologies such as XR and AI, is the first gate-type commercial quantum computer to be installed in Japan, the IBM Quantum System One. Created the installation art “ChaosLike” inspired by “. Announced at the venue of “IBM Tokyo Lab. Science for the Future: Technology to Accelerate Science” held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation on October 13 and 14, 2022. While technologies such as quantum computing are progressing, the realization of a sustainable recycling-oriented society is becoming more important. Under such circumstances, 1 to 10 has adopted the material recycled as polyester fiber from discarded PET bottles as the main material for installation art. About 250 recycled PET bottle fibers used in the production were produced by the traditional industry creator “Kyoto Nishijin Fukuoka” who is active in the monthly fee-based community platform “ENU” for sustainable manufacturing. I am using what I have.
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■ Installation art “ChaosLike”
In a space of 3.5 meters wide and 3.5 meters deep, about 250 3.5 meter long recycled PET bottle fibers are suspended from the ceiling to create a huge thread volume. By projecting a number of carefully calculated and controlled lines of light onto this gigantic volume, a three-dimensional light art work will be created in the middle of the pitch-black venue.
[Image 2d16942-143-658cc47f99356c26c1fc-1.jpg&s3=16942-143-b81e8626b66ca964e8918770cb7c8a2a-1920x1080.jpg
[Image 3d16942-143-af33ca2cc43177a074e7-2.jpg&s3=16942-143-f8ebe228f627af7d8585c2e6281ec48b-2025x2700.jpg
[Image 4d16942-143-f503c8e66e342ac08a1f-3.jpg&s3=16942-143-c0ab02134e86a3634c1ec99f3389d2dc-2025x2700.jpg
-Work statement-
What will the world of the future look like? In recent years, unpredictable events have occurred one after another. However, this world, which is originally temporally and spatially continuous, should be connected somewhere in the microscopic world. What will quantum computers reveal in a world that seems chaotic? There may be clues for humanity to move forward.
About the monthly billing community platform “ENU”
“ENU” is a monthly fee-based community platform that allows you to communicate the activity process of “creators” who are working to solve social issues in various parts of Japan and connect with “fans” who want to support the “creators”. is. “Fans” can support and support the social problem-solving activities of “creators” and purchase products through the fan community function, subscription function, live commerce function, store function, etc. provided by “ENU”. I can do it.
“ENU” official website:
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Browser version for PC/Android:
■ “Kyoto Nishijin Fukuoka” Hironori Fukuoka (Nishijin Textile) ENU profile Founded in 1902, it manufactures traditional Nishijin textiles such as obi and Noh costumes in Nishijin. As a new initiative over 20 years ago, we have been developing special carbon fiber fabrics, which are attracting attention as highly designed carbon fiber fabrics.
About IBM Quantum System One
IBM Quantum System One is the world’s first commercially integrated quantum computer system. Beyond research, the value of quantum computing to customers and partners around the world.
See below for details. ■ About One To Ten Co., Ltd. / 1→10, Inc.
Its mission is to challenge the eternal problem of human beings, “boredom”, and to create “immersion” by arousing people’s curiosity. With the theme of solving social issues with advanced technology, we develop services that make full use of cutting-edge AI technology and various projects that utilize projection mapping and XR in Japan and around the world.
Planning and production of digital shift measures for the Dubai Expo Japan Pavilion, design system for the Osaka/Kansai Expo, planning and general production of the light-up event “YAKAI by 1→10” at the Kyu Shiba Rikyu Gardens, Nijo Castle, and Nagoya Castle. There are many advanced projects such as the billing type community platform “ENU” and the metaverse “QURIOS” in the digital twin space.

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