One’s Daily Co., Ltd. We want to support the true familyization of pets with “pet symbiotic food” that hum ans and dogs can share. One’s Daily Co., Ltd. sells Christmas-only cakes that you can share with your dog

One’s Daily Co., Ltd.
We want to support the true familyization of pets with “pet symbiotic food” that humans and dogs can share. One’s Daily Co., Ltd. sells Christmas-only cakes that you can share with your dog
-A happy daily life where you can share “delicious” with your dog-
On November 25, 2022, One’s Daily Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Machida City, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Shigehito Morisaki, Mayuka Morisaki) announced that “Christmas limited luxury strawberry mousse” as a “pet symbiotic food” that humans and dogs can share. Start selling cakes.
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“Pet symbiotic food” that humans and dogs can share
Family ties are deepened by eating rice from the same pot. I want to create a happy daily life where humans and dogs, who are like family, share and eat the same food.
Pet food is still positioned as “miscellaneous goods” rather than “food” even now that pets are becoming family members. It is possible to manufacture and sell without the permission of the public health center or food hygiene qualification.
There are no standards for the manufacturing environment, and there are no strict rules for raw materials and additives like those of humans. example
A product labeled as “human grade” does not mean “food” for humans. Especially in the field of “snacks”, products are sold in a wide variety of ways, from high quality to low quality. There is no such thing as a clear standard to guarantee high quality, and all of them are lumped together as “miscellaneous goods”. It is very difficult to find and select a snack that is truly reliable, safe, and of high quality.
In the first place, even now that pets are becoming part of the family, why are pets still being given inferior quality standards to humans?
Although the number of euthanasia is decreasing due to conservation activities, the social problems of pets such as selfish abandonment and abuse by humans still remain unsolved.
There is a saying, “We eat rice from the same pot.” If we can create a happy daily life where humans and dogs can share the same delicious food, family bonds will be further strengthened and we should be able to support true “familialization”.
one’s daily
1. Safe and secure snacks made as “food” instead of “miscellaneous goods” 2. Snacks that are gentle on your dog’s health
3. Snacks that both humans and dogs can eat deliciously
We provide “Pet symbiotic food” that satisfies all these requirements and can be shared by humans and dogs.
The features are as follows.
□Snacks manufactured as “food” rather than “miscellaneous goods” ONE’S DAILY is a “real” human grade that manufactures snacks as human “food” in a kitchen that has been inspected by the public health center and obtained a license for “confectionery manufacturing business”. It is a quality snack that both humans and dogs can safely eat together.
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□ Additive-free snacks that use only ingredients that are good for dogs A completely additive-free snack that does not use any preservatives, coloring agents, or fragrances. In addition, we do not use wheat, milk, baking powder, or nuts such as almonds. It is a healthy snack that uses as little sugar (beet sugar) and oil (rice oil) as possible. [Image 3

□ Snacks that are delicious for humans to eat
Developed by a confectionery researcher who is qualified as a cook, confectionery hygienist, and APNA Pet Food Education Associate Instructor. Taking advantage of our knowledge and experience in devising recipes for “healthy and delicious” snacks for humans, we are working every day to develop snacks that are delicious even for humans to eat, using only limited ingredients.
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We would be happy if we could add color to the “life” of pet owners and the “dog life” of their beloved dogs and support a pet-symbiotic society through safe, secure, body-friendly and delicious treats that humans and dogs can share.
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◆ Christmas limited cake that you can share with your dog
(Reservation sales start from 21:00 on November 25)
□ Luxurious strawberry mousse cake
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Luxurious strawberry mousse cake
A melt-in-your-mouth mousse cake with the mild sweetness of
strawberries and koji amazake.
It is a Christmas-like shade that spreads strawberry red puree on mousse. The raw materials are only “ strawberry ” and “ Koji sweet sake ”, “ unadjusted soy milk ”, and “ agar ” derived from seaweed. Sugar free. No wheat, eggs, or dairy products are used, and
carbohydrates and fats are kept to a minimum to make it healthy. There should be no other mousse cake that is so delicious with so few ingredients.
It is a Christmas cake that One’s Daily, which continues to stick to additive-free, will deliver with confidence.
For humans, you can add whipped cream with sugar, and for dogs, add your favorite fruit or unsweetened yogurt. Please try the challenge. [Image 7

Arrangement example
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Arrangement example
*Decoration examples are introduced on our SNS, etc., so please refer to them. ◆Representative profile
□Representative Director Mayuka Morisaki
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Confectionery researcher After working as a cooking class instructor and pastry chef, gained experience in French and Italian kitchens before becoming independent. As a confectionery researcher and food coordinator, he is active in a wide range of activities, including publishing recipe books, providing recipes to magazines and websites, and appearing in the media. He has authored more than 20 books, including “A delightful Japanese snack made with rice flour,” “Anko snack,” and “A fascinating snack with plenty of cream made without flour.” ( Since 2018, we have focused on dog snacks and launched the EC site “one’s daily” that sells “snacks that humans and dogs can share”. Incorporated in December 2020.
Qualifications: Cook, confectionery hygienist, food education instructor, APNA pet food education associate instructor, etc. □Representative Director Shigehito Morisaki
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In charge of developing new markets for about 10 years in the corporate sales department of a major manufacturer. After that, he was involved in consulting sales and PM work in the new business development department for about 10 years. Participated in the launch of the business from December 2020 with the incorporation of One’s Daily Co., Ltd. Appointed as Representative Director in December 2021. Completed Master of Business Administration (MBA).
[Award Record]
□December 2021 Kawasaki Entrepreneur Audition (Received the Business Idea Seeds Award)
□ January 2022 West Tokyo City Business Plan Contest (Second Grand Prix Award) □ November 2022 Mitaka Business Plan Contest (Excellence Award Winner) ◆Company Profile
Company name: One’s Daily Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-10-15 Haramachida, Machida City, Tokyo 194-0013
Representatives: Shigehito Morisaki, Mayuka Morisaki
Date of establishment: December 2020
Instagram: ones.daily
Business description: Manufacture and sale of snacks that humans and dogs can share
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