One’s Line Co., Ltd. The aroma is very popular! Hokkaido Obihiro Butadon landed in Mie for the first time!

One’s Tryin Co., Ltd.
The fragrance is very popular! Hokkaido Obihiro Butadon landed in Mie for the first time!
November 7, 2022 (Monday) Ganso Butadonya TONTON Yokkaichi Station Store Opens
“Ganso Butadonya TONTON” operated by One’s Tline Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: 2-3-16 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Hitoshi Yamauchi) will open its first store in Mie Prefecture, “Ganso Butadonya TONTON Yokkaichi.” Ekimae store” (Address: 1-8 2nd floor, Suwasakaecho, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, TEL: 059-340-5050) opened on Monday, November 7, 2010.
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“Ganso Butadonya TONTON”, operated by Wandstrine Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-3-16 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Hitoshi Yamauchi), where you can taste the authentic pork bowl of Obihiro, Hokkaido with plenty of volume. , We opened in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, which will be the first store in Mie Prefecture, on November 7, 2022 (Monday).
Our pork rice bowl is based on the traditional taste of Obihiro, Hokkaido, and uses a secret sweet-and-fried sauce. It has been featured on TV and in magazines, and has been well received for its luxurious taste.
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Ganso Butadonya TONTON Yokkaichi Ekimae Store Details
[Table 2: ]

Yokkaichi station square store OPEN commemorative campaign!
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In commemoration of the opening of the Yokkaichi Ekimae store, we will offer our proud “Pork belly bowl -Normal-” at a special price of 500 yen (tax included) from November 7th (Monday) to 30th (Wednesday). [event name]
Yokkaichi Ekimae Store Opening Commemoration “Pork belly bowl – average – 500 yen”
[Target store]
Ganso Butadonya TONTON Yokkaichi Ekimae Branch
[Implementation period]
November 7th (Monday) to 30th (Wednesday), 2022
Regular price 858 yen (tax included) “Pork belly bowl – normal -” special price 500 yen (tax included)
[Image 4d61742-74-1c0a6bbaa79ea5357f19-1.jpg&s3=61742-74-c5c2192c161081441a7d2ad6c38a032e-650x400.jpg
Pork Belly Rice Bowl -Mega-
[Image 5d61742-74-3d9a4c27b136feb0900a-2.png&s3=61742-74-2f4652fab416e35581276c768149ed70-1039x400.png
(Left) Pork Loin Bowl -Mega- (Right) Broiled Cheese Pork Belly Bowl -Normal- [Image 6d61742-74-dfa797973fde3eb3bf87-3.png&s3=61742-74-0d685952dc80692f7fa93a0962cfae06-1039x400.png
(Left) Half & Half Donburi -Normal- (Right) Pork Belly MIX Bowl -Normal- [Image 7d61742-74-fea6db3d3b2bbd698242-4.png&s3=61742-74-aa56d23fba22986043d3ab4f8a807bbd-1039x400.png
(Left) Kimchi Pork Belly Rice Bowl – Average – (Right) Pork Belly Plate – Average –
In addition to pork bowls, TONTON also offers fried chicken bowls and curries to meet a wide range of customers. In addition, we offer delivery and takeout for all menus, so you can enjoy our proud taste at your favorite place such as your home or office.
[Image 8d61742-74-dff9ee658acb9bd503de-8.png&s3=61742-74-e659607a86a5363b3049f3b3a51dc4f5-650x252.png
(Left) Ganso Karaage Donburi -Normal- (Right) Pork Belly Curry-Normal- [Image 9d61742-74-44806abd728453835d7c-5.jpg&s3=61742-74-3b0d5e698e1ff2b2969a0dea6163f326-2480x1754.jpg

Experience the overwhelming volume!

[Image 10d61742-74-a155ff2b89accf0f1521-10.jpg&s3=61742-74-f0a74e5bbb166c79f0789cd7b5e55de4-650x326.jpg
[Image 11d61742-74-c374ebc37f646ee49408-7.jpg&s3=61742-74-4d57ace0262ec19496dfb0940f4122ba-318x450.jpg
For those who are not satisfied with our restaurant’s proud volume, we have prepared a menu that boasts a super-class volume.
In addition, we are also implementing a challenge project that will be “free” for those who have finished eating within the time limit. We are waiting for the challenge of the fierce man.
-Challenge Conditions-
*Limited to one person over the age of 18.
*We are not responsible for any troubles, poor physical condition, etc. caused by the challenge.
*Those who have succeeded once cannot try again.
*If you are unable to finish your meal within the time limit, if you leave the table in the middle of the meal, or if the restaurant judges you to have acted fraudulently, you will be charged the normal price. 《Press release PDF》 Details about this release:


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