Ongen Publishing Announcement of all award-winning models for the “Audio Excellence Award 2023” and “Aud io Accessory Excellence Award 2023”! The latest 187th issue of the pure audio magazine “Audio Accessory” will be relea sed today, November 21st (

Ongen Publishing
Announcement of all award-winning models for the “Audio Excellence Award 2023” and “Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2023”! The latest 187th issue of the pure audio magazine “Audio Accessory” will be released today, November 21st (Monday)

The 187th issue of Audio Accessory, a magazine specializing in pure audio that pursues high-quality sound reproduction, is out today, November 21st (Monday). Announcement of all the award-winning contents of the “Audio Excellence Award 2023” and “Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2023”, which selects true masterpieces full of audio mind, with product reports. We will also add a special appendix, a digest CD of the classical music label “R Anfini”, and deliver it with luxurious contents.
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Appendix CD Commentary & Interview High-quality classic that spreads to the world “R Anfini”
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A special appendix is ​​a digest CD that collects 6 titles of representative songs from the classical music label “Arl Anfini”. In response to this, Toshiki Muto, the leader of Earl Infini, a high-quality music label that pursues pure musical expression and works hard to produce albums in terms of sound quality, releases an album on the same label. We welcomed guitarist Daisuke Suzuki and cellist Hitomi Niikura to hear about their commitment to music production. Please enjoy carefully with the actual sound source. (Interviewer: Yuu Shibuya)
publication! Audio Excellence Award 2023
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Introducing all the award-winning models of the “Audio Excellence Award 2023”, which selects true audio-minded machines, along with product reports and interviews.
■ Special report on the “Audio Excellence Award 2023” winning model ・ACCUPHASE/monaural power amplifier “A-300”
・ESOTERIC/analog player “T-1”
・LUXMAN/analog player “PD-191A”
・TAD/speaker system “TAD-CE1TX-WN”
・Playback Designs / SACD player “MPS-6”
・MARANTZ/Network Compatible Integrated Amplifier “MODEL 40n” ・DENON/Integrated amplifier “PMA-1700NE”
・TECHNICS/Network/SACD player “SL-G700M2”
・LUXMAN/SACD player “D-07X”
・TRIODE / tube pre-main amplifier “EVOLUTION”
・SPEC / integrated amplifier “RSA-BW7”
・AIRPULSE/powered speaker “A100 HD MONITOR”
・POLK AUDIO/speaker system “R200AE”
・KEF/active speaker system “LS 60 Wireless”
・KRIPTON/speaker system “KX-3SX”
■ Award-winning brand key person interview
Avantgarde / Mr. Jerome André
LINN/Gillard Tiefenbrun
■ Featured components of this season
・KEF/Reference One Meta
・iFi audio/NEO Stream
・KRIPTON / Saburo Okukata, making his own closed type using Krypton’s speaker unit!
・SILENT ANGEL/Network Streamer “B1T/B1”
・DYNAUDIO/Contour 60i finally released
・EARMEN/Attractive minimum audio system
・Exploring the appeal of ACCCUPHASE/E-4000 and P-7500
・AUDIODESIGN/Latest pre-main amplifier “DCPMA-100RE”
・VERTERE / Attractiveness of the evolved core model “MG-1 PKG MK2” ・Expansion of ways to enjoy audio centered on TEAC/NT-505-X
・Burmester / The big favorite power amplifier “Burmester216” is now available ・ORTOFON / Attractiveness of the latest cartridge MC Diamond and tonearm ・Paradigm/Persona 9H was listened to by Hisaaki Hijikata and Yuko Shibuya! ・Yoshio Ohara listened to Paradigm/Persona 9H and Founder 120H! ・ MartinLogan / Shun Ishihara’s speaker introduction 2.
・KLH/Compact floor type speaker “Model Three”
・Limited model with walnut specifications for REGA/entry players publication! Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2023
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The “Audio Accessory Excellence Award” is the world’s premier award for evaluating audio accessories and cables. Please take a look at the remarkable award results along with the special report.
■ Special report on the “Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2023” award-winning model
・ACOUSTIC REVIVE “Following the Trajectory of the 25th Anniversary” Takashi Iwai ・ANDANTE LARGO / contact expansion stabilizer “Super TMD”
・ZONOTONE/Earth Cable “Grandio Earth-1”
・TIGLON/RCA interconnect cable “MS-DR20R”
・TIGLON / insulator “MZX series”
・OYAIDE/power cable “L/i 50 V6”
・Audio-Technica/interconnect & power cable “FLUAT 500 series” ・TOP WING/interconnect cable “White Signal/FLUX”
・KOJO TECHNOLOGY/Grand Terminal “Crystal Ep Series”
・KRIPTON / power supply box “PB-HR3000”, audio board “AB-111” ・FURUTECH/XLR interconnect cable “Lineflux NCF (XLR)”
・SAEC/Virtual Earth “SGS-042”
・TIGLON/speaker cable “TPL-2000SP”
・ACOUSTIC REVIVE / outlet stabilizer “CS-3K”, power conditioner “RPC-1KM” ・NS (Nakamura Seisakusho) / isolation transformer “NSIT-300D/1000S” ・Fono Acustica/Speaker-dedicated virtual earth dramatically changes sound quality “COMPAS”
・New proposal for Telegartner/net audio! Optical isolator “OPT BRIDGE 1000M” ・AET/power cable “EVIDENCE NI AC S”
・IsoTek / Product development story told by Keith Martin
・IsoTek/power supply conditioner “V5 Aquarius”
・WELLFLOAT/Insulator “Babel” + “Babel BASE”
・Audio Replas/Room Tuning Panel “SFW-HD”
・FURUTECH/XLR plug “CF-601M NCF (R)/CF-602F NCF (R)”
・TIGLON/LAN cable “TPL-2000L professional”
・TIGLON/Cable Activation Processing System “H.S.E.Grande”
・Ferrum Audio/DC power supply “HYPSOS”
・SOC Sound Laboratory / Power strip with AC ground function “ACE6 PLUS” ・ Serenity / analog turntable mat “SRT-1” and others
・AiTEC/Room Fresher “Λ3.16mini The premium”
■ This season’s attention accessory introduction
・New colors for the popular SOUND MAGIC audio rack model “HS03” ・ ANSUZ ACOUSTICS / noise canceller “Sortz”
・JORMA DESIGN / The life of a cable depends on “accuracy”
・EDISCREATION/Introducing popular network-related items
・SUNSHINE / The long-awaited ultra-high CP interconnect cable is now available ・ZONOTONE / The first LAN cable debuts in the highest peak series ・ YAMOMOTO SOUND / A spike base made of oak wood is now available ・ACOUSTIC REVIVE / Introduce new product items
・JS PC Audio/Introduction of hot new product accessories
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Magazine information
Magazine name: Audio Accessory No. 187
Release date: November 21, 2022 (Monday)
Price: 1,500 yen (main unit 1,364 yen)
Format: A4 deformation (H285mm x W210mm)
Publisher: Ongen Publishing Co., Ltd.
Editor-in-chief: Katsunori Isayama
* In addition to bookstores and online bookstores nationwide, you can also purchase at our online shop “PHILEWEB.SHOP”
About Ongen Publishing
Founded in 1949. We operate a media business that publishes pure audio and home theater magazines and web media, as well as a solution business that includes awards, events, and product sales.
-Company name: Ongen Publishing Co., Ltd.
●Representative Director: Yusuke Kazama
●Location: 1-9 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025, 8F, Seventh East Building
-Magazine Media-
Audio accessories: Pure audio magazines that pursue high-quality sound reproduction
●Analog: How to enjoy record playback, analog audio, etc., and the latest information
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●DGP Imaging Award
● DGP Mobile Award
● Audio Excellence Award
● Audio Accessory Excellence Award ● Analog Grand Prix

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