Ongen Publishing Announcing the “Grand Prix” winning model of the “Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2023 ”, an award that selects excellent products such as audio / AV cables and accessories.

Ongen Publishing
Announced the “Grand Prix” winning model of the “Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2023”, an award that selects excellent products such as audio / AV cables and accessories.

The “Audio Accessory Excellence Award” is a rare award in the world that focuses on peripheral equipment related to audio and AV playback, such as cables and power supply related items. The evolution of materials and shapes in these categories is remarkable, and new products with new ideas are emerging almost every year, attracting attention. The “Grand Prix” award-winning models are divided by price range into three categories: “less than 70,000 yen”, “70,000 yen or more and less than 400,000 yen”, and “400,000 yen or more”. has been selected.
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Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2023 Grand Prix winning model (less than 70,000 yen)
cut power cable
Saek “AC-3003”
speaker cable
Krypton “SC-HR2020”
contact expansion stabilizer
Andante Largo “SuperTMD”
power cable
Oyaide “L/i50v6”
virtual earth
Kojo Seiko “Crystal EP Series”
Interconnect cable/power cable
Audio Technica “AT-IC500 R/X/AT-AC500”
Tigron “MZX-4”
Interconnect Cables/Cables Sold Separately
Top Wing “White Signal/FLUX”
ground cable
Zonotone “Grandio Earth-1”
interconnect cable
Tigron “MS-DR20R/X”
Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2023 Grand Prix winning model (70,000 yen or more and less than 400,000 yen)
outlet stabilizer
Acoustic Revive “CS-3K”
speaker cable
Audio Technica “AT-SC700”
room tuning item
Audio Replus “SFW-HD”
speaker cable
inakustik “Reference LS-404 AIR”
virtual earth
Saek “SGS-042”
power box
Krypton “PB-HR3000”
interconnect cable
Furutech “Lineflux NCF (XLR)”
power isolation transformer
Nakamura Seisakusho “NSIT-300D”
speaker cable
Tigron “TPL-2000SP”
optical isolator
Telegartner “OPT BRIDGE 1000M”
Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2023 Grand Prix winning model (over 400,000 yen)
power conditioner
Acoustic Revive “RPC-1KM”
power conditioner
Isotech “V5 Aquarius”
Stabilizer for analog records
DS audio “ES-001”
power cable
Well float “BABEL”
clean power
Accuphase “PS-1250”
Virtual Earth & Ground Cable for Speakers
Phono Acoustica “COMPAS”

About Audio Accessory Excellence Award
Established in 1978 with the aim of improving audio culture and revitalizing the market, the Audio Excellence Award was established as an independent audio accessory category. In recent years, from the audio accessories group, including cables, which have been receiving more and more attention, we will select “true products” that have outstanding performance, innovative content, and are overflowing with audio mind, and that can become the industry standard in the future. . ■ Examination Committee
-Mr. Masamitsu Fukuda / Mr. Chitake Inoue / Mr. Saburo Ogata / Mr. Yu Suzuki / Mr. Akira Sumiyama / Mr. Masayoshi Hayashi
■ About publication media
・ Website “PHILE WEB”
The largest audio/AV/digital gadget information site in Japan, where users who are particular about quality and usability gather. Develop text content and video content such as news articles, product reviews, best-selling rankings, and interviews with people. As of September 2022, the number of unique users is 5 million UU/month, and the number of page views is 20 million PV/month. Established in 1999 by Ongen Publishing.
・”Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2023″ web bulletin article “Grand Prix” award results
・ Official site of “Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2023”
(Scheduled to open in late November 2022)
・ Magazine “Audio Accessories” A magazine specializing in pure audio that pursues high-quality sound reproduction. Full of the latest information and playback know-how on audio equipment, audio accessories, audio software, etc. Four times a year quarterly magazine released at bookstores nationwide (February 21st / May 21st / August 21st / November 21st release), A4 variant size (H285mm x W210mm), price 1,500 yen ( tax included). First published in 1976 by Ongen Publishing.
■ Organizer
Audio Accessory Excellence Award Executive Committee
Phone: 03-3255-4466 Facsimile: 03-3255-4360 Email: Ongen Publishing Co., Ltd. 1-9 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025 Seventh East Building
About Ongen Publishing
Founded in 1949. We operate a media business that publishes pure audio and home theater magazines and web media, as well as a solution business that includes awards, events, and product sales.
-Company name: Ongen Publishing Co., Ltd.
●Representative Director: Yusuke Kazama
●Location: 1-9 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025, 8F, Seventh East Building
-Magazine Media-
Audio accessories: Pure audio magazines that pursue high-quality sound reproduction
●Analog: How to enjoy record playback, analog audio, etc., and the latest information
-Quarterly Home Theater File PLUS: From example introductions to device reviews! Japan’s only home theater magazine
-Web Media-
5 million UU monthly unique users, 20 million PV monthly page views ● PHILE WEB audio
● Home theater CHANNEL
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● PHILE WEB business
●Gadget Gate
-Free magazine-
●Premium headphone guide ● VGP shopping guide
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●VGP Award
●DGP Imaging Award
● DGP Mobile Award
● Audio Excellence Award
● Audio Accessory Excellence Award ● Analog Grand Prix Details about this release:


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