Ongoujin Entertainment Co., Ltd. Notice of Relocation of Ongoujin Entertainment

Ongoujin Entertainment Co., Ltd.
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Ongojikan Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Katsukatsu Yu), which operates the karaoke app “Pokekara” with a scoring function that allows you to enjoy full-scale karaoke, will start on November 7, 2022 due to business expansion. We would like to inform you that our office has moved to Chuo Ward.
▶Outline of the new office
1-2 Hakozaki-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
THE SHORE Nihombashi Kayabacho 3F
4-minute walk from Kayabacho Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Tozai Line
Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Suitengumae Station 6 minutes on foot 12-minute walk to Nippombashi Station on the Asakusa Line
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Nihombashi Station 12 minutes on foot Phone: 03-6661-2863
Fax: 03-6661-2864
▶Background and purpose of relocation
In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, we have introduced a telecommuting system from 2020. Although we have been able to demonstrate high performance even with a work style centered on remote work, we believe that it is also important to gather in the office and revitalize internal communication between employees across departments and generations.
This time, we have moved to a new office in order to create a more comfortable working environment for our employees and to further expand our business.
▶Photos of the new office
[Image 1d106670-5-b736105d2d4389ebf3e5-1.jpg&s3=106670-5-6e1a1726e7e872052ed7f791c8e4cf2e-3900x2442.jpg
Interior image
[Image 2d106670-5-26b933a45c76e1f8307c-4.jpg&s3=106670-5-21e86b68e517b65213bb252b62bcc1b7-1280x853.jpg

Conference room for business talks and meetings
[Image 3d106670-5-af18e3046648fbd58a2b-0.jpg&s3=106670-5-f2c4a22b714b01f4f9eba1ff5cd1ec5f-3900x2454.jpg
free space
[Image 4d106670-5-09a3eaddf08f37465873-6.png&s3=106670-5-32235c90102fb0ce608aafff294c8270-1280x960.png
working office

[Image 5d106670-5-dc41b02fdc5bf0e41275-5.jpg&s3=106670-5-71aa2ec6e0dac8445fc16927989f6a92-1280x960.jpg
private booth for conference
[Image 6d106670-5-8bf35ef62aab1a7b7300-7.jpg&s3=106670-5-66b1cf55b63bf799565ef2b72c256a71-2025x2700.jpg
“Pokekara” Introduction
“Pokekara” is Japan’s No. 1 popular karaoke app with a scoring function! (*) Since its release in October 2018, it has reached 25 million downloads in Japan (as of February 2022).
“Pokekara” allows you to sing as many songs as you like, from the latest songs to hot songs, with just one smartphone! In addition to karaoke, you can collaborate with your favorite people, live stream and sing together, have a heated battle in a lyrics game, request your favorite song and have it sung, etc. You can meet the needs of various users. It is a karaoke entertainment app.
* Quoted from (formerly App Annie) data. Number of downloads (January to December 2021)
・App: “Pokekara”
・ Official website:
・ Official Twitter account:
・ Official Instagram account: 【Company Profile】
Company name: Ongeki Jikan Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Location: Nihonbashi Hakozakicho 1-2 THE SHORE Nihonbashi Kayabacho 3F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yoo Katsukatsu
Established: July 2016
Business description: Operation and development of full-fledged karaoke app “Pokekara” and video live distribution app “DokiDoki Live”

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