Online distribution of Christmas jazz session by two Japanese music teachers active in New York, USA-December 9, 2022 (Friday) Cafetalk Concert Series

Small Bridge Co., Ltd.
Online distribution of Christmas jazz session by two Japanese music teachers active in New York, USA-December 9, 2022 (Friday) Cafetalk Concert Series
Held for the 3rd year in a row, includes a jazz session with a Japanese pianist active in NY, a double bass player, and a drummer, plus an interview with the instructor.

Small Bridge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo) operates Japan’s largest online learning site “Cafetalk (” that connects instructors from over 90 countries around the world and students looking for lessons from 130 countries. Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Kotaro Hashizume), December 9, 2022 (Friday) 20:00-“-Cafetalk Concert Series 2022-The 3rd Cafetalk Instructor Collaboration from New York” We started accepting applications on November 18, 2022.
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~ Cafetalk Concert Series 2022 ~
The 3rd Cafetalk Instructor Collaboration from New York
This time, the 3rd online jazz concert by Junichiro piano teacher and Yuta Tanaka Sound double bass teacher based in New York.
We will send a Christmas jazz concert with one musician guest (Mr. Yosuke Nagayama) who is active locally.
Details and application page: -Event overview-
Delivery date and time: December 9, 2022 (Friday) 20: 00-21: 00 (Japan time / scheduled)
Delivery viewing fee: 1,000 points (1,100 yen including tax) with recording * No viewing period limit
Purchase recording only: Yes, sold at a later date
Program: Christmas Time is Here, Let it snow, etc.
-Performer introduction-
Piano: Lecturer Junichiro
Cafetalk profile: [Image 2

Piano: Lecturer Junichiro
Living in New York. Started playing the piano at the age of 6, and started jazz at the university’s jazz study group. Studied jazz piano under Akira Ishii. After graduating, while working as a researcher in vibration and acoustic engineering, he also worked as a pianist and keyboardist. Studied composition and arrangement under Mr. Kazunori Onuki, and piano performance under Mr. Naoki Michiwaki. In 2013, at the Niigata Jazz Contest, he won the gold prize (highest rank) with his own quartet. In addition to activities in the leader band, he has appeared in Meguro Blues Alley Japan, Shinjuku J, Ginza NB Club, etc. as a member of Big Band and Shiny Stockings in Tokyo.
In 2019, he moved to the United States to study music. Completed Master of Music, Jazz Studies at Aaron Copland School of Music, New York. Studied under David Berkman, Jeb Patton and others. While in school, he won the Marvin Hamlisch Award, which is given to
outstanding students, and performed with an orchestra at the Award Concert. In the same year, he appeared as one of the pianists in the solo piano event “Piano Hang” hosted by David Berkman held at Soapbox Gallery in Brooklyn, and performed with David Berkman, Bruce Barth, Sean Wayland and others. In June 2021, the 1st Piano Trio Album “Sketches” was released in Japan and the United States. He has received high acclaim both at home and abroad, with reviews published in jazz magazines such as the website All About Jazz, Jazz Life, and Jazz Japan. The same album is also available on Cafetalk as a limited edition.
Contrabass: Yuta Tanaka Sound Instructor
Cafetalk profile: [Image 3

Contrabass: Yuta Tanaka Sound Instructor
hello! I am currently working as a composer and contrabass player in New York. Since moving to the United States in 2009, he has studied classical composition under Bruce Thaler (a graduate of the Juilliard School) at a music college in New York. I am a lecturer with the thought that I would be able to do it.
The core of my compositional activities is Contemporary Classical (New Music), which is an extension of classical music. In this genre, you will compose your own music after assimilating classical theory, techniques, and famous songs, so the lessons provide not only a classical approach, but also knowledge that can be used as a foundation for composing other genres. can.
No prior knowledge of music theory is required. We want each student to learn the knowledge and methods necessary to compose music in their favorite style in order to fulfill their desire to compose their own thoughts and experiences, and to fulfill their dreams of performing their own songs. I will teach you according to your needs. First of all, at the trial lesson, please consult with us about how you are currently dealing with music and what you would like to pursue. Drums: Yosuke Nagayama
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Drums: Yosuke Nagayama
jazz drummer/composer
Born in Osaka Prefecture and raised in Gojo City, Nara Prefecture. Influenced by her mother, a classical pianist, and her father, a drummer, she started playing drums at the age of 12. He studied drums under Masanori Okano and Tatsuhiko Takeda, and started listening to jazz. While in high school, he began performing at jazz live houses in the Kansai area, and after graduating from high school, entered the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music jazz course, studying under Kazumi Ikenaga, Tomonao Hara, and Kazuhiko Michishita. After graduating from university, he has been active mainly in the Kanto region,
participating in live performances and recordings of many musician groups such as Mari Yamashita Quartet, Libstems, Makoto Kadowaki, Shinichiro Mochizuki, and Mitsuru Hirayama. He has also performed at many jazz festivals such as Yokohama Jazz Promenade (2012), Sumida Jazz Festival (2010&2011&2012), Suzuka Jazz Festival (2013&2015), and Takatsuki Jazz Street (2011). He also appeared in various media such as Session 2016. Since 2016, he has moved to New York, where he has performed with local musicians, including the band “Kanacept” led by flutist Kana Miyamoto, the jazz quintet “Groove Merchant” led by bassist Yasushi Gonjo, and the trio of saxophonist Braden Smith. Participated in recordings such as “Masters of Fright” led by bassist Sammy Weissberg. He has also performed with Questlove, the drummer of the Grammy Award-winning band The Roots. In 2021, he released his first leader album “START”, which was recorded in New York during the corona vortex of 2020, and was well received in domestic and overseas media such as Jazz LIfe, Jazz Japan, Jazz Convention (Italy), and Skope Magazine (US). It was also picked up by public radio station WDNA 88.9 FM in Florida, USA.
Event details/application page: -In holding an event-
In March 2020, when the world changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, I received an idea for recording and streaming the first jazz session from two teachers who provide lessons from New York.
For Cafetalk students who enjoy learning music online, it has been a difficult year with no opportunities for presentations and no means of transportation to the world.
Junichiro-sensei and Yuta Tanaka Sound-sensei delivered warm jazz tones from New York, and it seems that we were able to prove that the feelings put into the music were conveyed even online.
1st: In the second installment in 2021, in addition to the two founders, a saxophonist (Mr. Yuto Mitomi) and a drummer (Mr. Yuko Togami) who are also active in New York joined the Christmas jazz session.
The power of the heartfelt performance played on the stage of a cafe in the corner of New York was very lively.
2nd: And in December 2022, beyond the corona wreck, this time we welcomed drummer Yosuke Nagayama as a guest and held the third time.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the founders, Junichiro and Yuta Tanaka Sound, as well as the guests and staff involved. Everyone at Cafetalk
About Cafetalk
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“Cafetalk” is one of the largest online classes in Japan, where you can take one-on-one online lessons from instructors in over 90 countries using Skype and Zoom, based on the concept of “adding spices from around the world to your everyday life”. This is a learning lesson site.
In addition to language, we have a wide variety of online lessons such as music, fitness, dance, self-improvement, and private tutor lessons. -Online training and online lessons for corporations as a welfare program are being strengthened-
We have prepared a page for administrators who can see the attendance status of students in real time, and provide online lessons where you can feel the effects by cooperating with the instructors.
We can also support a style in which you can freely use fixed points, or a training style in which you attend a set number of times for a set period.
cafetalk vision
Connecting people around the world who want to teach and share knowledge with people who want to learn and acquire new skills. We aim to create a society in which people can learn from each other and have a more open perspective, thereby recognizing diverse values. Company Profile
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