Online mystery-solving team building “OKINAWA ADVENTURE” will be available from November 1st

Invite Japan Co., Ltd.
Online mystery-solving team building “OKINAWA ADVENTURE” will be available from November 1st
The stage of the new story is Okinawa, the 50th anniversary of the return this year! Experience the charm of diverse and rich Okinawan culture while enjoying solving puzzles.

Invite Japan Co., Ltd. (Taito-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Atsuko Yamada, hereinafter “our company”), which has provided more than 500 mystery-solving team building projects for domestic and foreign companies and educational institutions, is an online mystery-solving team. The building’s new story “OKINAWA ADVENTURE” will be available from November 1, 2022. The ability for participants to work together to solve the mystery has been strengthened more than ever. This is a new type of activity that naturally activates communication while working together to reach a goal.
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This is the third online game, and it is a work that allows you to enjoy the experience of “Working together as a team!”
It’s time to look back on the past year and strengthen cohesion in the workplace for the coming year. It is effective in activating exchanges in various situations such as year-end parties, new year parties, project closings and kickoffs, off-site meetings, mid-career employee training, prospective employee training, and new employee training. [Image 2d16884-58-7959a4b137db0dae0993-7.jpg&s3=16884-58-0bff842ca0811e7373ee8d446df00016-2304x1728.jpg
Our puzzle-solving team building has been patronized by various companies, and many of them use it as repeaters every year. In order to meet their expectations, we will continue to search for better things by developing activities and managing events, and we will release new works at a pace of about one a year, online, face-to-face, and walking around town. I have released.
The first online game “Tabitantei: Puzzle Tour” is a story about becoming an archaeologist and unraveling mysteries related to Japanese mythology. It was developed with the aim of achieving better team communication even with remote work, which has rapidly spread due to the corona wreck.
[Image 3d16884-58-cd8a5904d191d8530097-10.png&s3=16884-58-2f4226e2ce7bd06cdcb9dde11f16388e-1052x586.png
The second work, “Secret Agent: The First Mission,” is a story about becoming an international spy and recovering stolen paintings. is very popular.
In the third work, we have established the following concept after repeated discussions with each member setting clearer goals and issues based on the experiences, issues, and reflections we have accumulated so far.
Expressing a more enjoyable and immersive view of the world
Make game content and controls more intuitive and comfortable for all players Keep puzzles interesting regardless of the difficulty or complexity of the story Greater emphasis on co-op play to improve teamwork and experience success together as a team
For details, please see the secret story behind the development. :

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In this trial, we focused on the culture of Okinawa and Ryukyu, and incorporated elements that would make the player feel the charm of Okinawa and Ryukyu and make them think, “I want to go there!” This is a large-scale project with the concept of deepening familiarity with the land and culture by developing face-to-face activities and town walking mystery solving, etc., created with the same concept, starting with online team building as the entrance. This is because it is positioned as the first series. Our goal is to expand our horizons by coming into contact with cultural diversity in various ways, and to contribute to the realization of workplaces and schools where diversity can be enjoyed.
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Such “OKINAWA ADVENTURE” sweeps away the dark atmosphere that is common in solving puzzles, with a story as bright as the sky of Okinawa, adorable characters, colorful and sophisticated designs, and a variety of innovative puzzles that gradually increase in difficulty. Above all, it is characterized by a structure that imposes intense two-way communication on the player. We are confident that it can be used in a wide range of ways, such as team milestones, step-ups, refreshments, and ice breaks.

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One of Invite Japan’s philosophies is to “constantly improve yourself, acquire new skills, and use them in innovative ways.” In this work, all the multinational team members understood what they should make, did their best, and tackled each task with fresh eyes. I was. Through this experience, “Team Invite Japan” reached a new frontier. Invite Japan will contribute to creating better value by connecting people and working together beyond diverse languages, countries, and cultures through fun team building activities that utilize puzzle solving. To realize that future, we believe that we can create new value through deep collaboration with partner companies, local governments, educational institutions, etc.
Please feel free to contact us if you are a company that aims to realize a happy workplace where each individual can demonstrate their talents and create high value by increasing the cohesiveness of the organization.
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“Teamwork is the key to victory!” A total of 250 mysterious
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-Company Profile-
Company name: Invite Japan Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-22-7 Este Kita-Ueno 101, Kita-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0014 Name of Representative: Atsuko Yamada
Established: January 2015
Official website:
Phone: 050-5491-5718

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