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Onplanetz Inc.
Web 3.0 Era | OnPlanets Launches “Web3scope”, a Service to Diagnose the Possibility of Commercialization
– Diagnose the possibility of commercialization and commercialization in the Web 3.0 era of companies, and provide one-stop support for diagnosis, business idea proposal, development, and introduction –
Onplanetz Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Akinari Gan, hereinafter “Onplanetz”), which develops a technology
infrastructure business that uses AI x blockchain technology to connect people and things, has the potential to commercialize Web3. We will start offering “Web3scope”, a service that diagnoses sexuality, from November 22, 2022.
▼ Web3 business diagnosis service “Web3scope”

■ Future development
We diagnose the possibility of commercialization and commercialization of companies in the Web 3.0 era, provide one-stop support from diagnosis, development, and introduction, and provide comprehensive support in anticipation of next-generation use cases and new businesses. . In addition, we will promote multifaceted sales activities in partnership with existing business partners.
[What is Onplanetz]
Under the theme of “Creating a technology infrastructure that connects people and things”, we will use technologies such as blockchain and AI to solve the problems faced by various companies and individuals regardless of industry, and create new technologies that support industries and people’s lives. We are creating the future. We provide AI + DX introduction package “On DX” for enterprises and Web3 business diagnosis service “Web3scope”.
【Company Profile】
Name: Onplanetz Co., Ltd. (Onplanets)
Address: SU Building, 3-1 Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Ken Akinari
URL: https://onplanetz.com
[Inquiries from the press regarding this matter
Onplanetz Inc.
Person in charge: Ken Akinari
Email: admin@onplanetz.com
Details about this release:


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