Onsemi Onsemi to exhibit at electronica 2022, showcasing innovative technologies

Onsemi to exhibit at electronica 2022, showcasing innovative technology Showcasing strengths in intelligent power and sensing technology, including topside cooling MOSFETs, new rotary position sensors, and the Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX with ONSEMI SiC devices

Onsemi (Nasdaq: ON, Phoenix, Arizona, USA), a leading supplier of intelligent power and sensing technology, will be at electronica 2022 in Munich from November 15-18. We will exhibit the latest innovative technology. At this world’s leading electronics trade show and conference, ONSEMI’s Booth 101 in Hall C4 will showcase cutting-edge technologies covering the automotive, industrial and cloud power markets. The exhibit will include applications such as electric vehicles, advanced safety, factory automation, energy infrastructure and EV charging, many of which are based on silicon carbide (SiC). From volume boule growth to best-in-class integrated modules and discrete package solutions, ONSEMI builds an end-to-end SiC supply chain and provides customers with reliable supply assurance. One of the main exhibits will focus on innovative topside cooling MOSFETs developed to simplify thermal design for complex applications such as motor control and DC/DC conversion. Housed in a 5mm x 7mm LFPAK package, the seven new devices feature a 15mm2 thermal pad that can dissipate heat directly to a heat sink without going through a printed circuit board (PCB). This keeps the printed circuit board cool, which improves overall system reliability and life. This new concept simplifies thermal design and enables cost savings at the system level.
Also on display will be a new rotary position sensor based on ONSEMI’s patented (3 registered, 4 pending) dual inductive technology. This new approach makes the NCS32100 a triplex sensor for accuracy (±50 arcsec), speed (up to 45,000 RPM) and price (under $10). Unlike other solutions, the NCS32100 integrates the M0+ microcontroller (MCU) and firmware, making it easy to use, significantly reducing design time, reducing external component count, and enabling a compact design. increase.
The highlight of the booth is the Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX. Learn more about the collaboration between the German automaker and Onsemi, including how an electric vehicle powered by ONSEMI’s SiC technology traveled 1,202 km (747 miles) from Germany to the UK on a single charge.
About onsemi
ONSEMI (Nasdaq: ON) is driving disruptive innovation to build a better future. We focus on the automotive and industrial end markets, accelerating change in megatrends such as vehicle electrification and safety, sustainable energy grids, industrial automation, 5G and cloud infrastructure. With a highly differentiated and innovative product portfolio, ONSEMI creates intelligent power and sensing technologies that solve the world’s most complex challenges, leading the way to a safer, cleaner and smarter world. doing. Onsemi is recognized as a Fortune 500(R) company and is included in the S&P 500(R) index. For more information about Onsemi, please visit www.onsemi.jp.
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