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Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd. The 2022 autumn / winter campaign “GEOMETRIC CONTRASTS”, which uses “JOSEPH ” Takarazuka Revue Hanagumi top star Hikaru Yuzuka as a model, will start on November 9th (Wednesday).

Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd.
“JOSEPH” Takarazuka Revue Hanagumi top star Hikaru Yuzuka as a model, Fall / Winter 2022 campaign “GEOMETRIC CONTRASTS” starts November 9th (Wednesday)
-The 4th release of the series supervised by Hikaru Yuzuka-

Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Michinobu Yasumoto) is a British brand “JOSEPH” ( that transmits a contemporary and timeless wardrobe. , The 2022 fall / winter campaign “GEOMETRIC CONTRASTS”, which uses Ms. Rei Yuzuka, who is active as a top star of the Takarazuka Revue Hanagumi, as a model, will start on November 9th (Wednesday). increase.
[Image 1d32937-38-427bd554925ab638d7a9-0.jpg&s3=32937-38-2d2d4e588898163494474e6eb98b8f64-1100x1375.jpg
This campaign is inspired by “BRUTALIST ARCHITECTURE”, which is the theme of “JOSEPH” Fall / Winter 2022, and adopts traditional color window pens and pinstripe patterns with a minimal, conceptual and bold layout. With the modern architecture as the backdrop, model Hikaru Yuzuka embodies the inorganic strength and organic beauty of the model to deliver an empowering collection.At the same time, pop-up events will be held, , We will also develop promotions via the WEB and SNS. In addition, as the 4th installment of the popular series supervised by Hikaru Yuzuka, graphic print blouses, dresses, and knitwear that add rhythm to the entire collection with the concept of “GEOMETRIC CONTRASTS” will be connected to the world of art. , will release accessories with a constructive design. The accessory box “RAY”, which is a set of necklaces and ear cuffs, is sold only on the brand site ( In addition, during the campaign, we will present a special novelty photo book to customers who purchase 55,000 yen (tax included) of “JOSEPH WOMEN” products (the number is limited, so it will end when it runs out). .
□ “JOSEPH” Autumn/Winter 2022 campaign “GEOMETRIC CONTRASTS” details Campaign period: November 9th (Wednesday) to November 22nd (Tuesday) [Image 2d32937-38-d6158c3e0ea56af85451-1.jpg&s3=32937-38-bc42810c10ceb4f2eb8738357c9d19f7-320x214.jpg
◇ Pop-up event
◆ Isetan Shinjuku 3rd Floor Career Style November 9th (Wednesday) to November 22nd (Tuesday)
Hankyu Umeda Main Store 6th Floor Promotion Space 61 November 9th (Wednesday) to November 15th (Tuesday)
*From November 16th (Wednesday) to November 22nd (Tuesday), it will be held at “JOSEPH” on the 6th floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store. ◇ Yuzuka Hikaru’s “GEOMETRIC CONTRASTS” special page opened on November 9, 2022 (Wednesday)
During the pop-up event, customers who purchase “JOSEPH WOMEN” products for 55,000 yen (tax included) or more will receive one of the three special novelty photobooks “CANDY”, “BLACK”, and “MARZIPAN”. To do. (The novelty given to you is determined by the place of purchase.) The contents of the photobooks “CANDY” and “MARZIPAN” are the same, only the color of the cover is different. Also, “BLACK” has a different cover and contents from “CANDY” and “MARZIPAN”.
(Since the number is limited, it will end as soon as it runs out.) For details, please check the NEWS page here.
□ Hikaru Yuzuka supervised item details
◇ Product name: “REFINE” blouse
[Image 3d32937-38-9063fd42d5b1a3507c0f-2.jpg&s3=32937-38-9155f0a33efa8c827b5dd1a8c9793670-1100x1375.jpg
Price: ¥55,000 (tax included)
Color: 2 colors, CANDY (pink) base and BLACK base
Design: Bowtie blouse with different expressions on the front and back. The front style is an attractive blouse with a mannish shirt collar and a bowtie style when you bring a tie from the back. The tuck under the collar gives it a lady-like impression. The front uses a raglan sleeve.

◇ Product name: “ADORE” dress
[Image 4d32937-38-44ed12961b4c75991716-3.jpg&s3=32937-38-cf0f2519e547aa0a7b21be8fad6f1e1f-1100x1375.jpg
Price: ¥86,900 (tax included)
Color: BLACK base
Design: Relaxed shirt dress with a generous silhouette. Neat and feminine with just one piece. It is a mannish dress with layered coat dress style. There are 2 buttons on the cuffs, and you can wear it with a blouse for a feminine look. The back umbrella yoke is an impressive design point.

◇ Product name: “YOURS” knit
[Image 5d32937-38-3177ae65dee7ea5fdbb8-4.jpg&s3=32937-38-7211aebd0e42411683442bb256ce5ce6-1000x1000.jpg
Price: ¥49,500 (tax included)
Color: 2 colors, CANDY (pink) base and BLACK base
Design: A high-gauge cardigan with a long length that makes you look slimmer. The thick placket full needle and walnut button are impressive. Although it is simple, the 100% silk CHROMATIC PRINT is combined on the back body to enjoy the contrast. It is a clean and easy-to-use item.

◇ Product name: “RAY” accessory box
[Image 6d32937-38-97b83322880ea1f5bc6e-5.jpg&s3=32937-38-036e01a597992c083d1726634a5c3299-2234x1334.jpg
Price: ¥58,300 (tax included)
Product details: A lariat-style necklace that allows you to enjoy two styles: a long and lean I-line and a feminine round. Straight line parts inspired by Brutalism architecture and HARICOT-shaped round necklace, similar to the 2022 Spring/Summer bangle “RAY”, are combined with a chain. You can wear it in 3 different positions. In addition, you can create various expressions by moving the parts back and forth. The ear cuff is a round HARICOT type similar to the necklace. A product that allows you to enjoy the refraction of light. A sterling silver accessory set in collaboration with “blanc iris”, which has a brand base in Kitano, Kobe, is designed in France and handcrafted one by one by Italian craftsmen.
Sales: From November 9th (Wednesday) on the “JOSEPH” brand site (
◇ Rei Yuzuka Takarazuka Revue / Hanagumi Top Star Born in Tokyo [Image 7d32937-38-3f3bc707e4c4f08c08b3-6.jpg&s3=32937-38-6f18d032a4626c3966b47f70f294448a-1759x2229.jpg
In 2009, he made his stage debut with “Amour Sore wa…”. Belongs to Flower Troupe in the same year.
In 2014, he starred in a rookie performance for the first time in “Last Tycoon”. After starring in “Nocturne” performed at Bow Hall in the same year and “Boys Over Flowers” performed at TBS Akasaka ACT Theater in 2019, he was appointed as Hanagumi Top Star from “DANCE OLYMPIA” performed at Tokyo International Forum in January 2020. In July of the same year, he made his top debut at the Takarazuka Grand Theater with “Haikara-san ga Toru”.
January 2023 Scheduled to appear in the Takarazuka Grand Theater performances “Utakata no Koi” and “ENCHANTEMENT-Brilliant Perfume (Parfum)-“.
He captivates the audience with his delicate acting and sharp dance.
◇About “JOSEPH”
[Image 8d32937-38-b5fabef399c4bbdd60e0-7.jpg&s3=32937-38-7bf34166989fb51a39632b04bfeb8756-750x563.jpg
British brand founded in the 1950s by founder Joseph Ettedgie. Based on the idea of ​​the founder, JOSEPH ETTEDGUI, we propose a sharp clothing style centered on stylish pants and a comfortable casual style created from pants.

Details about this release:

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