ookami Announcement of the release of the official app for Ryutsu Keizai University Kashiwa High School Soccer Club

Ryutsu Keizai University Kashiwa High School Soccer Club Official App Release Announcement
“Player! WHITE” that supports the monetization of local sports teams with an app
The sports startup company ookami has decided to release an official team app in collaboration with the soccer club of Kashiwa High School attached to Ryutsu Keizai University! Based on game information and player information through the official team app, we will further deepen the connection with OBOG / fans / stakeholders / local people and support long-term monetization.
You can download the app from below. Please download and enjoy. ▶︎For iPhone users https://apple.co/3CQTP9N
▶︎Android users https://bit.ly/3g7b8wi
Ryutsu Keizai University Kashiwa High School Soccer Club
[Image 1

[Team Introduction]
Based on the spirit of “100 hits, 1 sound”, Ryukyo has fought through many setbacks and triumphs. As the times and football evolve, it is important not to be stagnate and not be afraid of change. While inheriting the tradition, we are always looking for new challenges, and Ryukei soccer will continue to evolve. We aim to be the most attractive individuals and teams in Japan so that this path, which has been supported by many people, will shine even brighter.
[Reasons for introducing Player! WHITE]
In order to survive in a global society, it is inevitable that the team is global. By coming into contact with various tools, values, and society, the world of the children and the team will expand. In addition, I believe that you will be able to strengthen your connections with alumni and related people who are active all over the country, and feel the beloved Ryukei closer than ever.
[Future outlook]
I think it will be an important tool for distributing information on all categories and supporting all players and matches. Players, managers, and staff are all involved in operation, and we believe that it will be one of the opportunities for them to acquire social skills and grow.
Features of Ryutsu Keizai University Kashiwa High School Soccer Club Official App
Feature 1.
[The app icon is the emblem of the Kashiwa High School Soccer Club affiliated with Ryutsu Keizai University]
The emblem of Ryutsu Keizai University Kashiwa High School Soccer Club will be displayed on your smartphone!
Feature 2.
[Timeline function]
The Home tab automatically updates with team updates.
Feature 3.
[Breaking news delivery]
Match reports will be delivered by text. Match results/schedule can also be viewed in a list.
Features ⓸
【Push Notification】
We will notify you before the start of the match and the result by push notification, so you can check the battle situation and breaking news without missing it. In addition, even outside the game, you will be able to know the latest information with daily notifications from the team!
[Chat function]
Participate in the match by sending comments and stamps on the breaking news distribution page and experience the excitement just like the locals!
Feature ⓺
[Support function]
You can donate support money from 500 yen to the team.
Feature ⓻
[Membership function]
If you become a fan club member from the membership function, you will receive special goods from the team!
The funds received from everyone will be used to operate the app and strengthen the team.
We are planning to add new features from time to time!
App download method
Search for “Ryukei Daikashiwa Soccer Club” on the AppStore or GooglePlay! Click below or scan the QR code to link to the app acquisition screen. AppStore (for iPhone users)
GooglePlayStore (For Android smartphone users)
QR code (common to iPhone/Android)
[Image 2

Membership information
Step 1. After obtaining the app, click Membership and click Details [Image 3

Step 2. Click Become a Member
[Image 4

Step (3) Enter the required information according to the screen [Image 5

[Membership fee]
50,000 yen/year
10,000 yen/year
5,000 yen/year
【payment method】
credit card payment
[Available card companies]
* Once registered, it will be automatically renewed one year after the registration date.
What Player! WHITE aims for
In addition to professional sports teams, teams in various
competitions and categories are active every day in each region of Japan. Teams aiming for the professional category, teams competing in their own leagues, and student club activities at universities and high schools. Such a “local sports team” involves the region, connects with fans, and excites the region.
However, many local sports teams are not as well-staffed and funded as professional teams. We have to handle a lot of work while working with a small number of staff, and we have to make ends meet with a small amount of funds. .
We at ookami wanted to maximize the potential value of our local sports teams so they could spend more time doing what really matters. Therefore, we propose “Player! WHITE” to local sports teams. [What Player! WHITE can do]
1. Aggregate everything in the official app! Information can be delivered easily!
2.Increase the collection rate of fan club/OBOG membership fees! 3. Streamline your PR work with useful tools!
Please contact us below for details on installation costs and functions. Service site: https://bit.ly/3gf4dgX
[Image 6

What is Player!
“In this world, sports diversity.”
Player! is a platform where anyone can create their favorite sports, support them, and get excited.
Player! proposes a lifestyle with “my sports” instead of “mass sports”. Find a city you like, try living in it, fall in love with it, and enjoy contributing to the excitement of that city. As for sports, it should be fun if you can find your own favorite sport, fall in love with it, and contribute to the excitement of that sport. Player! will create a world where everyone can create their own favorite sports, support them, and excite them. Sports diversity in this world. → Player! Official website: https://bit.ly/3g8lSH5
→ Player! iPhone version: https://apple.co/3GiTsWZ
[Image 7


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