Open world RPG “Tower of Fantasy” running in the future together Next update Ver.

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Open world RPG “Tower of Fantasy” running in the future together Next update Ver.
An abyss without order, an unknown trial opens.

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Level Infinite announces that the next update Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth” has been decided on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 for the open world RPG “Tower of Fantasy” for PC and mobile. . The preview PV of Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth” has been released today.
In addition, from November 10th (Thursday), a new character “Fuwa Saki (CV: Sora Amamiya)”, the latest Ver.2.0 “Vera”, has appeared. As a dual-wielding swordsman who wields two swords at the same time, you can fight in two different fighting styles with the weapon “Suiryu no Tsushin”. Super flashy and super exhilarating action can be unleashed, so please download the game from the link below and experience it in the game.
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▼ Click here to download “Phantom Tower”!
▽ PC version
Official download site: ▽Mobile version
Google Play: ■ The next update Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth” will be released on Tuesday, November 22nd! Notice PV is now available! An unknown trial opens in the underground world of Mirapolis, the City of Mirrors! Following the latest Ver.2.0 “Vera” implemented on Thursday, October 20th, a new update Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth” will be implemented on Tuesday, November 22, 2022. did.
▼ Trailer PV for the next update Ver.2.1 “Abyss without Order”
[Video 3:] “Unordered Labyrinth” is a new area in Ver.2.0, a vast underground world area with various mysterious topography directly below the city of mirrors “Mirapolis”.
All matter in the underground world of the “Unordered Labyrinth” does not obey the laws that people normally perceive, and the anti-gravity engine that makes Mirapolis float depends on a special gravitational field to operate. It is this gravitational field that causes the “Maze of Disorder” to affect the laws of physics in reality. In other words, it can be said that the “Unordered Labyrinth” floats Mirapolis and binds the inhabitants of Vera to its land. In the darkness of this mysterious underground world “Unordered Labyrinth” located on the opposite side of “Mirapolis”, the city of mirrors, a paradise of highly developed science and technology, a world beyond common sense and a powerful new enemy will come to explorers. waiting for The preview PV of Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth” has been released today and can be viewed from the link below, so please watch it! ■The new SSR character “Fuwa Saki” (CV: Sora Amamiya) was completed yesterday! A two-sword swordsman who can unleash super flashy and super exhilarating actions!
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Yesterday, November 10th (Thursday), the latest version 2.0 “Vera” implemented a new SSR character “Fuwa Saki”, “Fuwa Saki”.
Fuwa Saki, a dual-sword swordsman who excels at melee combat with the Ice attribute, can fight in two fighting styles by making full use of her weapon, Water Current Devotion. In addition, it has the
performance of both offense and defense, which can be used for both attack and defense. The offensive “Doshinryu” allows you to advance with splendid swordsmanship, while Gouki Resonance becomes
“Seishinryu”, where you can defend and counterattack to break the enemy’s balance!
Fuwa Saki, who serves as the commander of the Mirapolis Security Department Special Forces and has not undergone body modification, can be said to be a human weapon with terrifying fighting power, but in reality, he has otaku hobbies, collecting figures, watching special effects movies, etc. She is a middle-aged girl who loves heroes and has a gap moe.
Please fight with Fuwa Saki in the game and experience a novel fighting style. The introduction PV of the new SSR character “Suiryu no Tsutsushin” Fuwa Saki is now available! You can watch it from the link below. ▼Introduction PV of the new SSR character “Fuwa Saki”
[Video 4:] ■ What is “Tower of Fantasy”?
This work is an open-world RPG that travels through a vast world colored with beautiful anime-style graphics. You can freely move around the vast field and experience a battle full of realism. A story full of mystery and excitement, majestic BGM, and a story woven by a large number of unique characters, you will go on an adventure while solving the mystery. It was officially released on August 11th this summer.
■ Click here for the latest information on “Tower of Fantasy”! The official website of “Tower of Fantasy”, the official Twitter account, and the official YouTube channel are constantly transmitting the latest information and information that conveys the various attractions of the game. Don’t forget to follow us and subscribe! ▽ You can check each account from the link below.
“Tower of Fantasy” official website:
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◆ Game Overview
Title: “Tower of Fantasy”
Genre: Open World RPG
Supported platforms: iOS/Android/PC
Price: Basic free (some in-game purchases available)
Release date: August 11, 2022 (iOS/Android/PC)
Supported languages: In addition to Japanese, it supports a total of 8 languages ​​(English, German, French, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian)
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About Level Infinite
Level Infinite is a global gaming brand created with the purpose of delivering high-quality, engaging interactive entertainment to users around the world, whenever and wherever they choose. Level Infinite is headquartered in Amsterdam and Singapore, with staff scattered around the world. For more information on Level Infinite, please visit the official website (English) and official Twitter (Japanese).
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