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Open world RPG “Tower of Fantasy” that runs together in the future Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth” is officially released! A new character, Rinya, is introduced.

Level Infinite
Open world RPG “Tower of Fantasy” that runs together in the future Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth” is officially released! A new character, Rinya, is introduced.
Many Ver.2.1 update commemorative campaigns are being held!

Level Infinite is pleased to announce that the latest update Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth” was released yesterday, November 22 (Tuesday) for the open world RPG “Tower of Fantasy” for PC and mobile. The latest PV of Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth” is now available. In addition, a new character “Rinya” and SSR weapon “Shadow Weaver” have also appeared in conjunction with the update.
In commemoration of this update and the implementation of “Rinya”, many Ver.2.1 update commemorative campaigns are being held in the game.
Please download the game from the link below and enjoy various new contents and new elements added in Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth”! ▼ Latest PV of Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth”
[Video 3:] ▼ Click here to download “Phantom Tower”!
▽ PC version
Official site: Steam: ▽Mobile version
Google Play: ■The latest Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth” is officially released! New character “Rinya” (CV: Yoshino Nanjo) is here!
[Image 1

The latest update of “Phantom Tower” Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth” was released yesterday, November 22nd (Tuesday).
In the vast underground world directly below “Mirapolis” called “Unordered Labyrinth”, various special terrain spreads out,
labyrinth-like underground caves, ruins of unknown intellectual civilizations, and ruined residential areas. exists. A powerful new boss will also appear in this underground world due to the effects of the subgravity field, and will have a fierce battle with the player. In addition, various new contents have been added in Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth”. We have implemented game modes that can be played solo or in multiplayer, such as the survival-type “dark map” and the batrois-type “Break through the siege of fate”.
And experience the beautifully drawn world of the “Unordered Labyrinth” for yourself!
[Image 2

Along with this update, the long-awaited new character “Rinya” and SSR weapon “Shadow Weaver” also appeared at the same time.
The biggest feature of Rinya is that it has a highly versatile characteristic called “Incompetence”, which is the first
implementation. By combining with weapons of each element such as fire, lightning, and ice, advantageous effects such as additional damage and status ailment can be activated. Furthermore, by combining “Volition”, set effects such as increased damage dealt by all elements will occur, allowing you to engage in strategic battles.
In addition, Rinya’s complete capture video is now available. We will introduce the unique features of Rinya and the SSR weapon “Shadow Weaver” at once, so please take a look.
▼ New character “Rinya” complete capture video
[Video 4:] ■Many Ver.2.1 update commemorative campaigns are being held! New character “Rinya” limited pickup gacha is also being carried out! In commemoration of the implementation of the new character “Rinya” as in the latest update Ver.2.1 “Unordered Labyrinth”, we are holding a number of commemorative campaigns in the game for a limited time. By participating in each campaign, you have a chance to get a lot of luxurious rewards. In addition, a limited pickup gacha for the new character “Rinya” is underway. Please check the in-game notice for details on each campaign.
◆ Ver.2.1 Update Commemorative Campaign 1., “Login Bonus “Perform Supply”” By logging in every day during the campaign period, you can get gorgeous items that are useful for gameplay, including “Gold Core”, “Black Core”, “Red Core” and “Weapon Breakthrough Material Selection Box”.
-Holding period-
November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) 21:00
2.1 update commemorative campaign 2., “Large event “Star Spinning Night”” During the event period, we have prepared content that will be released in 3 stages. By participating in the events and request quests in the content at each stage, you can get the event-specific currency “Mirror Coupon” and the item “On Stick”. You can consume “Mirror Coupons” at the “Departure Store” and exchange them for luxurious rewards. Also, if you donate the item “On Stick” on the event screen, you can exchange it for the same amount of “Mirror Coupon”. Every donation you make will increase the progress of the event. The progress rate is the sum of all servers, and when the progress rate reaches a certain number, all users will receive rewards.
-Holding period-
November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-December 13, 2022 (Tuesday) 12:00 ◆ Ver.2.1 Update Commemorative Campaign 3., “Rinya Limited Pickup Gacha” In commemoration of the implementation of the new character “Rinya”, we are holding “Rinya Limited Pickup Gacha” for a limited time, with the appearance probability of weapons “Shadow Weaver” and “Volition Rinya” increased like “Rinya”. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the character “Rinya”, which boasts high versatility and performance! -Holding period-
November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-December 22, 2022 (Thursday) 6:00 ◆Ver.2.1 Update Commemorative Campaign 4., “Limited Time Gacha Bonus” For a limited time, we are holding a special “Gacha Bonus” where you can get additional bonus items according to the number of times you spin the “Rinya Limited Pickup Gacha”. Take this opportunity to spin the “Rinya Limited Pickup Gacha” and get additional bonus items! -Holding period-
November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-December 15, 2022 (Thursday) 12:00 ◆ Ver.2.1 Update Commemorative Campaign 5., ““Pure White Circle” Costume Gacha” The “Pure White Ring” Costume Gacha, which features the limited costume of the SSR character “Fuwa Saki”, is now being held for a limited time. Fuwa and Saki’s limited costume “Super Ultimate Pure White”, limited skin of weapon “Sudden Heart of Water”, etc. will be discharged at a certain probability. Let’s get this opportunity! -Holding period-
November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-December 2, 2022 (Friday) 14:00 ■The deadline is approaching! The first “Gento” illustration contest “Gento Art Festival” is being held on pixiv! The total prize money is 2,000,000 yen! You can also get gorgeous in-game items!
[Image 3

pixiv is currently holding the first illustration contest for “Tower of Fantasy”, the “Gento Art Festival”. In this contest, we are recruiting for the “Fan Art Division” and the “Character Design Division”. In addition to prize money, the best works in each category will also receive in-game items!
The deadline is approaching Sunday, December 4, 2022. Don’t miss this opportunity and join us!
[Holding period]
Thursday, October 20, 2022 to Sunday, December 4, 2022
【way to participate】
Please draw illustrations according to the theme of each department below, set the specified tags, and post them on pixiv.
[Application category]
-Fan Art Category-
Please draw an illustration freely with the theme of “Phantom Tower”. * The fan art category award-winning works may be implemented on the in-game loading screen.
-Character Design Division-
Please freely draw the costume design of the character that appears in “Gento”. *Award-winning works in the character design category may be commercialized. ■ What is “Tower of Fantasy”?
This work is an open-world RPG that travels through a vast world colored with beautiful anime-style graphics. You can freely move around the vast field and experience a battle full of realism. A story full of mystery and excitement, majestic BGM, and a story woven by a large number of unique characters, you will go on an adventure while solving the mystery. It was officially released on August 11th this summer.
■ Click here for the latest information on “Tower of Fantasy”! The official website of “Tower of Fantasy”, the official Twitter account, and the official YouTube channel are constantly transmitting the latest information and information that conveys the various attractions of the game. Don’t forget to follow us and subscribe! ▽ You can check each account from the link below.
“Tower of Fantasy” official website:
Official Twitter:
Official YouTube Channel:
◆ Game overview
Title: “Tower of Fantasy”
Genre: Open World RPG
Supported platforms: iOS/Android/PC
Price: Basic free (some in-game purchases available)
Release date: August 11, 2022 (iOS/Android/PC)
Supported languages: In addition to Japanese, it supports a total of 8 languages ​​(English, German, French, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian)
(C) Level Infinite
*Company names and product/service names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
About Level Infinite
Level Infinite is a global gaming brand created with the purpose of delivering high-quality, engaging interactive entertainment to users around the world, whenever and wherever they want. Level Infinite is headquartered in Amsterdam and Singapore, with staff scattered around the world. For more information on Level Infinite, please visit the official website (English) and official Twitter (Japanese).
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