Opened “Pepper Programming Class” for elementary school students at SoftBank Shop

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SoftBank Robotics Corp.
Opened “Pepper Programming Class” for elementary school students at SoftBank Shop
Learn, create, and try with Pepper A unique curriculum that nurtures creativity, expressiveness, and the ability to think for yourself
“Pepper Programming Class” for elementary school students using the programming tool “Robo Blocks” provided by SoftBank Robotics Corp. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Fumihide Tomizawa) (sponsored by SoftBank) Co., Ltd.) will be held for a limited time at about 100 SoftBank shops nationwide.
From January 2023, three-month paid short-term courses for 3rd and 4th graders and 5th and 6th graders will be held sequentially at target stores nationwide, and free trial from late November 2022. We are also planning to hold a lecture, and we have started accepting applications online and in stores from today.
By using Robo Blocks, our original tool, we have adopted a unique curriculum that allows you to not only learn programming knowledge, but also test your creations with Pepper. Through the experience of moving the humanoid robot “Pepper” by themselves, children’s “creativity”, “expressiveness”, and “ability to think for themselves” can be cultivated.
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Programming education, which became compulsory in elementary school education from April 2020, is expected to lead not only to the development of IT human resources by acquiring programming skills, but also to the development of logical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills in boys and girls. It has been. Next to English conversation, programming classes have been selected as a lesson that parents of elementary school students want to attend * 1, and with the introduction of school education and increasing interest in STEAM education * 2, programming classes outside of school are also attracting attention. It is rising.
On the other hand, the reasons given for not sending children to programming classes despite their interest include “high monthly fees and textbook costs,” “no schools near my home,” and “doesn’t understand the curriculum.” *3, There is a need to create an environment where programming education can be received easily in a more familiar environment.
“Pepper Programming Class” is a class for elementary school students who can learn programming while deepening and utilizing STEAM knowledge using Pepper at a nearby SoftBank shop. You can feel free to take a short-term course of 6 times and 3 months at a reasonable price.
Together with Pepper, we have been developing services for educational institutions that provide Robo Blocks and educational apps for learning with Pepper as a set. As of March 2022, Pepper has been used in programming education at 1,300 educational institutions nationwide, mainly in elementary and junior high schools.・We have received very high evaluations, such as “I am satisfied” *4.
In this “Pepper Programming Class”, we will support more effective and satisfying classroom management by providing Pepper and Robo Blocks. Overview of Pepper programming class (free trial course / paid short-term course)
[Image 2d69393-73-ab35b968961af3f774c1-1.png&s3=69393-73-d706973d5f2131e54b47840f7a71b9cd-1094x351.png
Click here for details on “Pepper Programming Class” and how to apply About the use of “Pepper” for programming learning
* 1 “2021: Survey on children’s year-end and New Year holidays” Answers to “Q 2022 What do you want your child to learn (or do you plan to do)?”
*2 STEAM education: An educational field that deals with science, technology, engineering, art, basic education, and mathematics, taking the initials of “Science,” “Technology,” “Engineering,” “Arts/Liberal Arts,” and “Mathematics.” Generic name.
* 3 “Reasons for not going to school despite being interested in programming classes” (November 2020, conducted by SoftBank Group companies, Internet survey, targeting 496 men and women with first-year children in elementary school to sixth grade)
*4 Survey on “Programming Education Using Pepper”_2021 (implemented by SoftBank Robotics, surveyed 325 private, public, and private teachers) Details about this release:


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