Opening on 12/16 PSYCHOSIS “Aria on the G-string” visual unveiled! Tickets are on sale at Confetti!

Long Run Running Co., Ltd.
Opening on 12/16 PSYCHOSIS “Aria on the G-string” visual unveiled! Tickets are on sale at Confetti!

PSYCHOSIS “Aria on the G Line” will be performed at Theater Shinjuku Starfield (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) from December 16th (Friday) to December 20th (Tuesday), 2022. Tickets are on sale at Confetti (operated by Long Run Planning Co., Ltd., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daigo
Tickets are on sale at Confetti!
* LIMITED TICKET with benefits will be discontinued
Official homepage
PSYCHOSIS, an alternative theater group whose flagship performance “DGURA MAGRA” was sold out, and the second performance “TSUYAMA30 – Tsuyama 30 Killers -” closed with far more mobilization. ‘s latest work PSYCHOSIS File: 003 “Aria on the G line” has been unveiled. This play is a representative work by playwright Ei Takatori, which was performed by the Gesshoku Opera Company in 1992, and is based on the French Revolution and the scandals that occurred during the Taisho period. This time as well, Rika Morinaga’s edgy direction, styling, and music composition for the absurd Takatori play will surely take you to another world.
Prior to the performance, the visuals of the work will be released sequentially on the special site and PSYCHOSIS’ official Twitter. [Image 1d13972-1705-df2b3175ab66373d149c-1.jpg&s3=13972-1705-31c8b38653e054c778a01e87c72348ea-1500x2123.jpg
[Image 2d13972-1705-c17c93157f2b5a500ead-5.png&s3=13972-1705-fe3f7814115b71f3cb1b21e2476a7aab-1200x900.png
Matsu, a young girl who wanders into modern-day Paris in 1788, meets a young revolutionary, Saint-Just.
On the other hand, during the Taisho era, at the Geijutsuza led by Hogetsu Shimamura, a performance of the play “Salome” was planned, starring the star actress Sumako Matsui. When the two worlds intersect, the one who is decapitated by the guillotine… and the one who receives Salome’s kiss… PSYCHOSIS presents the playwright Ei Takatori’s depiction of the French Revolution and immoral love! Performance overview
PSYCHOSIS “Aria on the G String”
Performance date: Friday, December 16, 2022 to Tuesday, December 20, 2022 Venue: Theater Shinjuku Starfield (Koa Building B1F, 2-13-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
■ Appearance
Rika Morinaga / Yuka Takada / Kaoru Kunisaki / Yuka Sugiura / Tomoko Kosaka / Nozomi Nagano / Tsugumi Nakamura / Asa Ueno / Koko Agusa / Shiho Torii / Yumi Terada / Miki Sano / Tomoe Oshima / Yu Nono / Satsuki Omori (Tasuichi) / Mihoko Shimizu (Shinjuku Ryozanpaku) / *In order of appearance
[Image 3d13972-1705-ff3de932382ef0878f2e-10.jpg&s3=13972-1705-c943cc7579f45b218da07c19b3a122ea-2700x2400.jpg
■ Staff
Screenplay Ei Takatori
(from Lunar Eclipse Versailles Rose of Versailles Aria on the G Line -Interview with the French Revolution-)
Directed by Rika Morinaga (PSYCHOSIS)
Co-directed by Kaoru Kunisaki (PSYCHOSIS)
Music functioncode/EURO (SPEED-iD)/Hideo Shimamura
Art Nagatake Hakamada
Sound Yutaka Mizuno
Lighting Seiden Seiden (Gekidan Haidenkan)
Stage Director Yoshihisa Kobayashi
Shihiro Imaito
Prestil Yuka Minakami
Illustration Asa Ueno
Produced by Yuka Takada (PSYCHOSIS)
Ticket Ibikeiko
Costume Rikuroare
Choreography Rika Morinaga (PSYCHOSIS) / Akihiro Soda
photography studio gifts
Advertising Art Coony Itabashi Studio
Merchandise management Tomoko Kosaka (PSYCHOSIS)
Cooperation Gesshoku Kagekidan/SPEED-iD/EXELLEX/Mausu
Promotion/Furaribi Light Music Club/Tasuichi/Shinjuku
Ryozanpaku/Hisashi Hayasaka/Long Run Running/Fukkai
Light/Bujinkai/Right Gauge/Ilink Co., Ltd.
■ Performance schedule
December 16, 2022 (Friday) to December 20, 2022 (Tuesday)
-Performance date and start time-
December 16th (Friday) 19:00
December 17th (Sat) 14:00/19:00
December 18th (Sun) 14:00/19:00
December 19 (Mon) 14:00/19:00
December 20 (Tue) 14:00
*Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the performance
LIMITED TICKET (with Ron T)…8500 yen *End of reception
ADVANCE TICKET (general advance sale) … 4300 yen
DOOR (on the day) … 4800 yen
STUDENT TICKET (student)…3000 yen *Available only on the PSYCHOSIS Official Site (all seats free, tax included)
■Overview of the organization
P S Y C H O S I S = psychosis.
A project launched by Rika Morinaga, a former member of the Gesshoku Opera Company.
Focusing on works by the late Ei Takatori, he develops, directs, and choreographs his original interpretations.
The hard rock band SPEED-iD’s EURO and others will be invited to the music, and an avant-garde explosive theater will be staged to stir the spirit.
[Image 4d13972-1705-66f6f0c5c443481adccb-7.png&s3=13972-1705-093864defbbbaafb3c1f6e77b8553d11-900x1200.png
[Image 5d13972-1705-810a50b8e00c90de8824-8.png&s3=13972-1705-b75c3da4b7e0ced075b386f5207f41df-1200x900.png

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