Oplus Co., Ltd. The shift and attendance management DX service “oplus” is used as a reservation system by Kids Eye, an after-school children’s club, to eliminate the work of tabulating monthly usage schedules that used to ta ke half a day.

Oplus Co., Ltd.
Shift/attendance management DX service “oplus” is used as a
reservation system by Kids Eye, an after-school children’s club, and eliminates the work of tabulating monthly usage schedules that used to take half a day.
Devising original manuals and creating new oplus operation methods
Oplus Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuki Sugihara, hereinafter referred to as the Company) manages the shift and attendance management DX service “oplus” that supports all browsers, smartphones, and apps. Introduced to the specified non-profit corporation Kids Eye (location: Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, Chairman: Hitoshi Furuta, hereinafter referred to as Kids Eye), which operates the club, oplus is used not as a shift management system but as a reservation system for the first time. We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully eliminated the tallying work that took half a day.
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Issues faced by Kids Eye
Kids Eye had the following three issues.
■ Issue 1. We were forced to use paper because we could not find a tool that suited our company’s operations.
Before the introduction of oplus, monthly use schedules were distributed to each parent and child when they used the after-school children’s club. . They had considered using Excel and other tools to collect the data, but it was difficult to collect the data as requested by Kidseye using these methods, so they were forced to use paper.
■ Issue 2. Adverse effects of paper management and operation of a “change fee” mechanism that should not be done under normal
When it was operated on paper, parents often forgot to submit the content, or submitted the monthly usage schedule after the deadline, which was felt to be an issue. In order to prevent frequent sudden changes in usage dates that accompany this issue, a system was introduced to charge a change fee. However, since it was completely unrelated to the services we should be providing to children, we were wondering if we could somehow eliminate it.
■ Issue 3. It took half a day to tabulate monthly usage due to paper-based operations
Before the introduction of oplus, it took half a day to tally data while checking dozens of sheets of paper.
How Kids Eye uses oplus
Parents/guardians are asked to directly enter their planned usage dates into oplus, and sudden cancellations, additions, or changes can be made using the comment function within oplus. We received a happy voice from Kid’s Eye, saying, “It’s really helpful to be able to check monthly usage schedules in real time.”
The usage method this time is different from the original shift management, so that oplus can be used as a reservation system for the first time.
In addition, in order to operate the system, we created a double-sided usage guide for oplus that matches the monthly reservation schedule, and we asked staff and parents to conduct tests step by step during the introduction.
With the above operation method, parents can get used to the operation in about a month, and even those who are unfamiliar with the operation can use oplus as a reservation system for monthly use without problems in about three months. I was.
Effects of introducing oplus
After the introduction of oplus as a reservation system, “the task of distributing paper schedules once a month, which was previously required” and “reminders by individual emails that were sent 3-4 days before the deadline” We succeeded in eliminating “about half a day that was required for tabulation work”.
Details of the oplus plan used to solve this issue
■ Utilization plan
Kidseye is using the oplus “Pro Plan”.
■ Price plan
The Pro plan is a plan that can be used for 100 yen/month (excluding tax) per user.
Service inquiries: https://opluswork.com/contact
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Future efforts of Oplus Co., Ltd.
This time, Kids Eye has created a new way to use oplus as a
reservation system, so in the future, we will propose how to use it as a reservation system for customers who have issues such as managing usage schedules. increase.
About non-profit organization Kids Eye
Company name: Non-Profit Organization Kids Eye
Location: 2-2-9 Kashima-cho, Toyama City
Established: March 11, 2019
Business content: Child welfare business
President: Hitoshi Furuta
URL: https://npokidsi.wixsite.com/kidsi
What is “oplus”, a shift/attendance management DX service that can be used for free?
“oplus” is a cloud-based shift management service that realizes DX with simple and intuitive operability and supports all browsers, smartphones, and apps. You can try the operation confirmation of the management screen for free, so you can consider it after that. In addition, it is equipped with functions necessary for shift
management, such as attendance request, labor management, approximate labor cost calculation, and automatic shift creation functions, making it a fulfilling service.
URL: https://opluswork.com/
Company Profile
Company name: Oplus Co., Ltd.
Location: SLACK SHIBUYA 901, Okasan Sakuragaoka Building, 31-14 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 2019
Business: Development and operation of shift/attendance management system Representative Director: Kazuki Sugihara
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