Oplus Co., Ltd. Utilizing the shift and attendance management DX service “oplus”, Tokyo Logi Factory, a co mprehensive logistics company, has succeeded in revitalizing internal communication!

Oplus Co., Ltd.
Utilizing the shift and attendance management DX service “oplus”, Tokyo Logi Factory, a general logistics company, has succeeded in revitalizing internal communication!
Creating new ways to use it as a tool for activating employee education and internal communication

Oplus Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuki Sugihara, hereinafter referred to as the Company) manages the shift and attendance management DX service “oplus” that supports all browsers, smartphones, and apps. Tokyo Logi Factory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tachikawa City, Tokyo, CEO: Tsuneo Kawabata,
hereinafter referred to as Tokyo Logi Factory) introduces a new way to use oplus not only for shift management but also for employee education and internal communication tools. We would like to inform you that we have succeeded in reducing the shift creation time by 50%. [Image 1d96553-16-f5dad3b837c8686bf714-0.png&s3=96553-16-bbc76fe99da22842521fe9faa4ed468e-1624x766.png
Issues faced by Tokyo Logistics Factory
Tokyo Logistics Factory had the following three issues.
■ Issue 1. Activate internal communication
More than 100 employees are enrolled at sites where oplus has been introduced. Due to the number of employees enrolled, the shift manager felt that it was an environment where it would be difficult to discuss requests for leave and work. In addition, when I asked for their cooperation in working shifts, the response was not good, and I was looking for ways to activate internal communication and facilitate consultation and communication.
■ Issue 2. Work man-hours that used to take about 30 hours per month for paper and Excel operations
Tokyo Logi Factory uses paper and Excel to create shifts for more than 100 people, and they are facing problems with “transcription errors” caused by the large number of sheets to be managed and correction work due to “missing entries”. rice field. In addition, it was necessary to create shifts according to the daily logistics, and it took about 1 hour to create shifts for one day, and it took about 30 hours each month to create shifts, including daily corrections such as changing shifts. .
[Image 2d96553-16-5e0838f652e462583f46-1.png&s3=96553-16-ee70dd877765be57b86325859fd4b05a-1472x829.png
■ Issue 3. Improving the efficiency of practical work
In recent years, the logistics industry has been facing the “declining working population” and the “logistics 2024 problem”, so it is urgent to work on improving the productivity of actual work as well as improving the efficiency of daily operations. That’s right. In addition, the shift manager was working overtime to create shifts, and was wondering if it was possible to streamline the work so that it could be completed within working hours.
How Tokyo Logifactory uses oplus
In addition to the shift submission and creation functions, Tokyo Logifactory uses the “comment function” and “megaphone function” as one means of activating communication.
■How to use the comment function
In the following flow, Tokyo Logistics Factory utilizes the comment function and realizes prompt shift adjustment according to logistics by conducting optimal communication.
1. When an employee wishes to change a shift, request a change through the comment function that allows communication within the shift. 2. The shift manager who received the notification approves and replies in real time.
■ How to use the megaphone function
Tokyo Logi Factory utilizes a megaphone function that allows simultaneous transmission of messages to all employees registered with oplus. It is distributed about such as calling for work on the day. Since the same information can be communicated to all employees, there is no omission of information transmission.
“Some of our employees have taken a week off, and some are unable to come to work due to the novel coronavirus infection, so it is helpful in terms of sharing information with them. Continuing to speak can be a burden on both the speaker and the listener, so I am grateful to have such a function.” In this way, by using the megaphone function of oplus, it is possible to reduce unnecessary communication such as sharing duplicate content over and over again.
Effects of introducing oplus
■ Revitalization of internal communication
After the introduction of oplus, it seems that employees have been able to cooperate more quickly than before on days when there is a lot of logistics and there is not enough manpower. One of the reasons why we have been able to respond quickly is that we have become able to communicate frequently with oplus.
With more than 100 employees, some may find it difficult to express their desire to change their days off or to come to work. We are creating an environment where it is easy to consult.
■ Contribution to employee education
Tokyo Logi Factory is using oplus not only in terms of reducing man-hours, but also in employee education at a center that has just been established with more than 100 people. Utilizing megaphones and bulletin board functions, we also contribute to improving the understanding of business content.
■ Reduce shift creation time by 50%
By changing the work that was previously managed on paper to oplus, we succeeded in reducing the shift creation time by about 50%. One of the reasons for shortening work time is that it is now possible to create shifts anywhere without worrying about the work place. Since oplus is a cloud service, you can create shifts anywhere you have a computer. As a result, the time for creating shifts is limited in order to secure a place to spread out the paper, and the work that was done during overtime hours can be handled anywhere between work at the logistics site. became.
Details of the oplus plan used to solve this issue
■ Utilization plan
Tokyo Logistics Factory is using the oplus “Pro Plan”.
■ Price plan
Pro is a plan that can be used for 1 user for 100 yen / month (excluding tax). Service inquiries: https://opluswork.com/contact
[Image 3d96553-16-2c9921c60948942ff8b5-2.png&s3=96553-16-22eb692dbe85f75ad60258e656d36fb0-960x540.png

Future efforts of Oplus Co., Ltd.
This time, Tokyo Logi Factory has created a new way to use oplus, so in the future, we will not only manage shifts away from paper and Excel, but also “revitalize communication” and “employee education”. We will propose how to use it as a communication tool for customers who have
About Tokyo Logistics Factory
Company name: Tokyo Logistics Factory Co., Ltd.
Location: 6th floor, Tachikawa Business Center Building, 2-38-5 Akebono-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo
Established: October 2010
Description of business: Asset and logistics operations (food, pharmaceuticals, daily goods, electronics, sports, online shopping) Capital: 30 million yen
Representative Director: Tsuneo Kawabata
URL: https://www.tokyo-system.co.jp/tlf/
What is “oplus”, a shift/attendance management DX service that can be used for free?
“oplus” is a cloud-based shift management service that realizes DX with simple and intuitive operability and supports all browsers, smartphones, and apps. You can try the operation confirmation of the management screen for free, so you can consider it after that. In addition, it is equipped with functions necessary for shift
management, such as attendance request, labor management, approximate labor cost calculation, and automatic shift creation functions, making it a fulfilling service.
URL: https://opluswork.com/
Company Profile
Company name: Oplus Co., Ltd.
Location: SLACK SHIBUYA 901, Okasan Sakuragaoka Building, 31-14 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 2019
Business: Development and operation of shift/attendance management system Capital: 3.1 million yen
Representative Director: Kazuki Sugihara

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