ORBIS Co., Ltd. ORBIS accompanies a successful beauty experience! “Hada Cal.Te”, which proposes skin care methods based on AI-based skin analysis results, will start service within the ORBIS app from November 21, 2022 (Monday) .

Orbis Co., Ltd.
ORBIS accompanies the successful experience of beauty! “Hada Cal.Te”, which proposes skin care methods based on AI-based skin analysis results, will start service within the ORBIS app from November 21, 2022 (Monday).
Equipped with a new manned chat function with a “human touch” that allows you to immediately consult with a beauty professional about your questions and concerns.

ORBIS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuma Kobayashi, hereinafter: ORBIS) will renew the free smartphone app “ORBIS App” from November 21, 2022 (Monday). We will start the “Hada Cal.Te” service, which proposes skin care methods based on the analysis results.
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“Hada Karte” detail page: https://www.orbis.co.jp/app/hada_karte/ Since its founding in 1987, ORBIS has been a beauty company that focuses on skin care, celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Brand. Based on the value we provide, “Smart Aging (R)”, we aim to accompany each customer with “your uniqueness”, and we are developing business activities that draw out the beauty and charm of each customer.
From the desire to deliver a more comfortable everyday life through the brand experience, since June 2018, when we started rebranding, we have provided a wide range of services, such as distributing easy-to-read beauty article content in addition to EC and store point functions. Introduced “ORBIS app” provided. As a result of expanding analytical content using AI analysis in the ORBIS in-app service, it has been used by many customers with 4.6 million downloads*1. I was. While aiming for further evolution of CRM, based on customer service experience and word of mouth of beauty advisors (hereinafter referred to as BA) at stores, “It is difficult to understand your own skin and take care of it according to your skin concerns.” We recognize that there are many customers who have problems such as “cannot continue” or “cannot solve problems”. Aiming to realize continuous and ongoing communication that closely follows customers’ individual skin concerns, ORBIS will launch the in-app service “Hada Chart” to support beauty habits according to customers’ skin concerns. “Hada Carte” is an unprecedented beauty companion communication program that listens to customers’ concerns and accompanies them to the point where they can “do”, regardless of whether they have purchased products. In addition, the UI of the main screens of the “ORBIS App” has been renewed, making it easier for customers to enjoy reading articles on personal analysis, shopping, and beauty more than ever.
About the “hada chart” service
We will support your daily skin care by stepping up your skin and staying close to your concerns. Based on the results of skin analysis by AI and answers to questions, necessary care information and product proposals for skin conditions are provided.
1. analyse
・You can easily check your skin condition

[Image 2

You will be asked to answer a total of 8 questions about your commitment to skincare and makeup, and a total of 15 counseling questions will be asked to confirm your skin condition, concerns, items used, and lifestyle. AI analyzes your skin condition just by taking a photo of your face with your smartphone. Based on the beauty theory that ORBIS has cultivated, the two beauty charts, “base skin condition” and “skin troubles”, both instantly show your skin condition on a 5-point scale.

2. Choose a course, you can also purchase products after choosing a course ・Proposing skin care methods (“Hada Cal.te” course) based on skin analysis results
We will show you how to take care of your skin and give you advice according to the selected skin care course. In addition, we have prepared special products suitable for the “Hada Cal.te” course, and we will provide more specific advice to those who have purchased it. (You can continue the “Hada Chart” course even if you do not purchase the product.)
We have prepared 33 patterns for the course derived from the skin analysis results, realizing a state that is as close to
personalization as possible. By performing a skin analysis every month, you can work while checking the condition of your skin. Even after the skin analysis, once every three days, for about a year, advice tailored to your concerns and supportive messages for continuing skin care continue, and the feature is that it is a beauty escort service.
[Suggest a suitable course from all 33 courses according to skin analysis] 11 courses: Courses for skin concerns and desired skin
Aging care*2, acne care*3, conspicuous pore care*4, skin trouble improvement programs for blemish prevention care, etc.
3 courses: Courses according to the depth of your worries and the ease of addressing them
Available in 3 levels: “Light”, “Shortly”, and “Full”
[Image 3d2061-509-3df8923698be919d6809-10.jpg&s3=2061-509-0a7b52f5f975b1e24c6c19ca7517cc41-1425x678.jpg

3. You can immediately consult with a beauty professional about your questions and concerns at any time.
Within the “Hada Carte” service, we have created an environment where you can receive more personalized digital customer service than ever before.
1. Providing care methods and advice according to the selected skin care course [Image 4d2061-509-20fed70bdb9ec4835ebd-7.png&s3=2061-509-63f1e4951fd9cc3f2f437f490f1b1603-917x1793.png
We provide care advice supervised by exclusive beauty creators every day for all 11 courses. We will also deliver how-to videos and article content required for each course.
2. Manned counseling chat provided by BAs who are beauty professionals In addition, in conjunction with the start of the “Hada Chart” service, we will start chatting within the app. Our chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and manned chats by beauty creators (10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays) will instantly solve your questions. (Consultation is available even if you are not enrolled in the “Hada Chart” course.)
In this way, with the aim of realizing a situation in which customers’ worries and anxieties can be resolved immediately when they want to hear them, we will maximize the value of beauty-assisted communication that gives a sense of human skin to the digital environment. We made it possible to create a unique customer experience.
Thoughts behind the name “Hada Cal.te”
[Image 5d2061-509-9d365df50a9bb09d36a5-8.jpg&s3=2061-509-fddcdd77d115041ed2ab58036441b248-307x358.jpg
F. is “curriculum.” Lu is “ru-tin”. Te is an abbreviation for “technique”. “Hada Cal.te” is a beauty companion service that serves as a personal beauty advisor for each customer every day.
Each beautiful. Each skin.
ORBIS believes that correct beauty habits are the key to one of the shortcuts to beauty.
Beauty habits that fit each person will give you a little push on your back. ORBIS places importance on proposing skincare methods and appropriate items that match each individual’s skin condition while staying close to the customer. ORBIS has cultivated a curriculum that is tailored to each individual, so that you can incorporate the techniques necessary for your daily beauty routine, and through the app, we will support you in creating beautiful skin for your current and future skin. ORBIS app download
[Image 6d2061-509-85eeafd513dfea302734-9.jpg&s3=2061-509-52d466594e4591a63f00ef8b76d06b5c-904x1804.jpg
http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.orbis.orbispoint The “ORBIS App” started in June 2018.
In April 2019, in addition to the point function of EC and stores, the “Personal AI Makeup Advisor” service, which allows professional personal color diagnosis on smartphones, was launched within the ORBIS app. (Total number of implementations exceeded 3.9 million * 1) In September 2020, we launched the “AI Eyebrow Simulator” (cumulative number of implementations exceeded 970,000 * 1), a service that proposes eyebrow shapes and care methods that suit you. In December of the same year, an “AI future skin simulation” (total number of implementations: 640,000) predicts facial features 5, 10, and 20 years from now based on current skin conditions, lifestyle habits, and facial image analysis results. *1), and we are expanding analysis content using AI analysis. We provide a wide range of services, such as distributing easy-to-read beauty article content.
*1 As of October 31, 2022
*2 Caring according to age
*3 Prevention of acne
*4 Makes pores less noticeable by adjusting texture
■For details, please check the PDF below.

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