ORBIS, INC. ORBIS Accelerates New CRM Strategy Centered on Apps

Orbis Co., Ltd.
ORBIS Accelerates New CRM Strategy Centered on Apps
Expanding the functions of the “ORBIS app” enables the provision of a personalized beauty experience! Improving CX value through lifelong companion communication centered on beauty

ORBIS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuma Kobayashi, hereinafter: ORBIS) will accelerate its CRM strategy centered on apps and improve LTV (customer lifetime value) by November 2022. The “ORBIS app” will be further updated from Monday, May 21st, and a new in-app service “Hada Cal.te” will start.


https://www.orbis.co.jp/app/hada_karte/ After rebranding in 2018, accelerate new CRM strategy centered on apps ORBIS has grown while developing channels such as EC and stores, valuing the relationship with customers and CRM (customer relationship management) built through catalog mail order since its founding. In the recent OMO era where everything is digitally connected, there is a demand to provide a series of brand experiences all the way to the shipping line, regardless of where the purchase is made, such as in stores or through e-commerce. From 2018, as the second founding period, against the background of rebranding, ORBIS’s strong CRM, which has been emphasized and cultivated since the founding period, will be utilized to build personal relationships with customers centered on the “ORBIS app”. have evolved sexually. The ORBIS app, which was launched in June 2018, has surpassed 4.6 million downloads*, and the number of monthly active users exceeds 600,000*. In July 2020, we aimed to improve the brand experience, such as opening ORBIS’s first experience-oriented facility “SKINCARE LOUNGE BY ORBIS” in Omotesando. In addition, beauty creators and BAs intervene online, such as live commerce and online counseling. *As of October 31, 2022 Find causality, not correlation
In the past, correlations such as “customers who purchased item A are likely to purchase item B” were found mainly from “purchase data,” but the “ORBIS app” provides skin analysis, psychological tests, article content, etc. . By utilizing “non-purchase data” such as the results of these analyzes and interest trends in articles, and understanding customer preferences, it is possible to answer questions such as “why are customers who purchased A more likely to purchase B? Communication is possible after discovering causal relationships such as “. We will strengthen relationships with customers by providing brand experience value that is not limited to products.
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