Ore no Co., Ltd. With 10% OFF passport Ore no French / Ore no Italian “Ore no Co., Ltd.” first “offici al fan book” released on 11/14!

Ore no Co., Ltd.
[With 10% OFF passport] Ore no French / Ore no Italian “Ore no Co., Ltd.” first “Official Fan Book” released on 11/14!
“Ore no Co., Ltd.” appears in the latest issue of Takarajimasha’s “Popular Chain Official Fan Book” series

Ore no Co., Ltd. (located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tetsuya Hashimoto) is the first “official company” of Ore no French and Ore no Italian from Takarajimasha Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). Fanbook” will be on sale on November 14, 2022 (Monday).
[Image 1d41346-9-34c4faa01c608844f570-0.jpg&s3=41346-9-992b98a6e078b049e7da500aa1fdc7aa-1900x2700.jpg
This is the first fan book of “Ore no Co., Ltd.”, which offers not only my Italian and my French, but also my Japanese cuisine and my yakiniku, high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price by
first-class chefs. This magazine has a special appendix with two great benefits: a 10% off passport that can be used at all stores, and a 5% off coupon code that can be used on EC sites (* for purchases of 3,000 yen or more including tax). .
In the magazine, I thoroughly dissect all 12 brands in my series! From the first store in the series “Ore no Italian”, which was born in 2011, to “Ore no French”, a gem that you want to try at least once, “Ore no Bakery” where various types of bread are lined up, and “A5 Kuroge Wagyu Beef”. From the all-you-can-drink “Ore no Yakiniku” to the popular standing-type “Ore no Tempura Bar”, we will approach the secrets of the appeal and high cost performance of all brands. In addition, we will also introduce the management strategy that the top 3 company executives talk about, trivia related to “my”, and “my EC” that you can enjoy at home!
Please enjoy the “Ore no” series along with the ultimate cooking image. -2 big benefits-
10% off “my passport” from accounting

[Image 2d41346-9-4838cc4f5f9afe5a4310-1.jpg&s3=41346-9-d3c729c650e8846bedb69a5e597b8f61-1071x693.jpg
*Expiration date November 13, 2023
You can use the “10% off” passport from the total amount including tax, which can be used at both restaurants and retail stores, as many times as you like during the period.
●Please check the back of the card for store types ●Using this ticket will give you 10% off the total amount including tax ●This ticket can be used once per transaction ●Delivery products and mail-order products are not eligible ●Cannot be used in conjunction with other discount coupons or benefits ●Cannot be used during lunchtime at Soba Ore no Dashi ●Copied or resold items cannot be used ●Cannot be reissued
5% off coupon code that can be used on EC sites
You can use it as many times as you want during the period! We have issued a 5% off coupon code (for purchases of 3,000 yen or more including tax) that can be used on “My EC”. Please take this opportunity to enjoy “My French” and “My Italian” at home.
(expiration date November 13, 2023)
-Introducing part of this magazine-
[Image 3d41346-9-ab278b467806d9098edf-2.jpg&s3=41346-9-a372e9913955c71a48d6f44ce1fbfce5-3900x2755.jpg
Opened in August this year! A thorough analysis of how to casually eat tempura made with high-quality ingredients while standing!
Opened in August 2022 in Shimbashi, the place where “Ore” was founded. You can also enjoy tempura made with high-quality ingredients typical of the Ore no series, such as wagyu beef, sea urchin, and abalone, at a reasonable budget. One of the pleasures of choosing a menu while talking with the chef is, “What should I have fried from today?” [Image 4d41346-9-ea8afc10e7608e387a13-3.jpg&s3=41346-9-1f94be9b1f48c5816fcca93f7bb77bba-3581x2516.jpg
Thorough dissection of “my French”!
I want to try it at least once! We will introduce 10 gems that you should definitely try if you find them on the menu,
There are plenty of introductions of chefs and sommeliers.
We use plenty of photos to deliver the charm of each store.
In addition to this, the charm of my series is packed!
Please take this opportunity to purchase it and visit each store in my series. -My FANBOOK-
■ Release date: November 14, 2022 (Monday)
■ Price: 990 yen (tax included)
■ Format: A4
■ Sales: Released at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide Two major benefits: 1. “My passport” with 10% off the bill
2. Coupon code for 5% off (for purchases of 3,000 yen or more including tax) that can be used on “My EC”
      ※Expiration date November 13, 2023
■ About Ore no Co., Ltd.
Founded by founder Takashi Sakamoto, Ore no Co., Ltd.’s business model started in September 2011 with a mere 16 tsubo of “Ore no Italian”. A chef who worked at a famous restaurant puts his skills to good use and offers it at one-third the price of a high-end restaurant. Even if the food cost rate exceeds 60%, the concept is to realize the profit of a prosperous store by turning customers more than 3 times a day. We are expanding to
In 2020, we are promoting new attempts in line with the times, such as the official online shop “Ore no EC” and the takeout specialty store “Ore no GrandMarket”.
Company name: Ore no Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Tetsuya Hashimoto
Location: Tomita Building 7F, 8-3-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: November 1, 2012
Business description: Restaurant business
Capital: 50 million yen
URL: https://www.oreno.co.jp/

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