Organization and storage because you carry it around Ultra-thin wallet “BANDO 2.0” is a must-see for cashless people! Cumulative sales exceeded 500 due to great popularity!

Sparky Create Co., Ltd.
[Organization and storage because you carry it around] Ultra-thin wallet “BANDO 2.0” is a must-see for cashless people! Cumulative sales exceeded 500 due to great popularity!
In the era of cashless payments, you can pay smartly with your smartphone and “BANDO 2.0” when shopping or traveling! Recommended for those who are sensitive to fashion and trends as they can be used for both work and private life!

Sparky Create Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Adachi-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Hikaru Narita, hereinafter Sparky Create) has a total of 250,000 units worldwide as the sole agent in Japan for Dash Wallets! Ranked #1 in Amazon sales! The latest best-selling wallet “BANDO” 2.0” has been very popular and has exceeded 500 cumulative sales.
“BANDO 2.0” purchase page
Yahoo: * The sales page is also listed at the bottom of this page.
[About BANDO 2.0]
Based in San Francisco, USA, dash Wallets continues to make wallets that pursue simple, slim, and minimalism. The 8th work “BANDO” has succeeded in raising a total of more than 43 million yen in
crowdfunding in Japan and overseas, and is the biggest best-selling model in the Dash Wallets wallet series with 250,000 units sold in 95 countries around the world. .
“BANDO 2.0” is an evolution of “BANDO” with new functions added to make it even easier to use.
[Image 1

The previous work “BANDO” has already been loved by many people in Japan, such as ranking No. 1 (money clip category) on [Image 2

[Now that contactless payments are attracting attention]
Banknotes and coins are touched by an unspecified number of people and cannot be said to be clean. Also, giving and receiving change with the cashier at the cash register is an opportunity for mutual contact. Cashless payments such as smartphone payments such as ○○Pay and IC cards such as Suica are attracting attention again as payment methods that can avoid various contact at the time of payment.
[Image 3

▼ Keep your wallet to a minimum
Cashless payment has become popular, but there are still cases where cash is needed.
You also need a wallet to carry your driver’s license, insurance card, cash card, etc.
The BANDO 2.0 is a slim, compact, simple and easy-to-use wallet that can store only the essentials to a minimum.
[Image 4

[Features of BANDO 2.0]
・50% slimmer than conventional wallets
・More storage capacity than expected and quick and easy to put in and take out ・Equipped with RFID protection
・Discerning material
・Perfect as a travel wallet
・Selectable color
This is the only reason why BANDO 2.0 has been recognized by so many people around the world.
[Image 5

[New color variations]
The previous BANDO had only 2 colors, black and navy, but BANDO 2.0 has 4 colors in total.
[Image 6:]

[Ultra-thin design that does not bother the bulge of the pocket] Even if you put 10 cards and 15 bills, it is about 50% slimmer than a conventional wallet.
[Image 7:]

[Surprising storage capacity & easy loading and unloading saves time] It has a storage capacity that cannot be imagined from its slim appearance. It can hold up to 10 cards and up to 50 bills. There is no need to reduce the number of cards you carry around just because your wallet is thinner. In addition, it is designed to quickly retrieve cards and bills. Smart accounting is possible without having to open the wallet each time.
[Image 8: ]

[Image 9: ]

[Image 10

In BANDO 2.0, we improved the band and added anti-slip silicone beads to the back of the band. You can also firmly sandwich a small number of banknotes.
[Image 11: ]

[Image 12: ]

[Image 13

In BANDO 2.0, a new organizer (partition) has been added to make it easier to take out the cards inside.
In the previous model, when you pull the pull tab, all the cards come out in a pile, so it took a long time to find the card you needed. Each card comes out in a staggered state by the organizer, so you can quickly find the card you need.
[Image 14: ]

[Image 15

[Equipped with RFID protection to protect electronic money]
Nowadays, it is common to use electronic money to pay for trains, convenience stores and vending machines, but there are not many people who take security measures for electronic money? BANDO blocks radio waves used for electronic money communication called RFID, so you don’t have to worry about your electronic money being read and its contents stolen.
[Image 16

[Discerning material]
BANDO 2.0 uses pressed saffiano fabric, [premium microfiber leather canvas]. Although it is not genuine leather, Saffiano fabric is stronger than leather and water resistant.
BANDO is made from recyclable materials and designed with the environment and animal welfare in mind.
[Image 17

[Also for travel]
BANDO 2.0 is recommended because it is easy to put in and take out even when traveling with large luggage such as a trunk. Of course, security is also safe because it is equipped with RFID protection. [Image 18

[Image 19

【Product Summary】
Product name: BANDO2.0
Scheduled general sales price (tax included): ¥ 5,500-
[Image 20

[Image 21

[About Dash Wallets]
Dash Wallets is a San Francisco-based wallet company. Our goal is to create minimalist, functional, and affordable items for everyday use. Since 2012, 8 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns have delivered a total of over 250,000 products to 95 countries around the world. And this time, we have announced the ninth product, BANDO 2.0. [Image 22d34069-55-3beab129c1a153581833-2.png&s3=34069-55-39891ff4edae09f6f72db34ce9e79f5a-640x240.png
[Image 23d34069-55-a1dd069514cb52692980-13.jpg&s3=34069-55-c6599dc550e365203d7483453714044e-3900x2195.jpg

Product sales page
Yahoo: ■Company profile
Trade name: Sparky Create Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hikaru Narita, Representative Director
Location: 〒120-0035
Bankoku Status Building 2F, 28-7 Senjunakaicho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo Established: October 27, 2015
Business: Electric appliances, toys, sporting goods, preserved food, Wholesale and retail of beauty items and miscellaneous goods. Development of own products, import and sales of overseas products. URL:

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