Orico Four years in a row! Awarded “Gold” in the “PRIDE Index,” which evaluates LGBTQ+ initiatives

Four years in a row! Awarded “Gold” in the “PRIDE Index,” which evaluates LGBTQ+ initiatives

Orient Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tetsuo Iimori, hereinafter referred to as “Orico”) is an evaluation index for measures against sexual minorities such as LGBTQ+ (hereinafter referred to as LGBTQ+) in workplaces such as companies, “PRIDE Index 2022” for the fourth consecutive year.
Against the background of the recent spread of awareness of social issues related to LGBTQ+, Orico aims to create a workplace where everyone can work comfortably, and is working to raise employee awareness and improve the environment. In receiving the Gold Award this time, we implemented e-learning training for all employees to promote employee understanding, and training for newly appointed managers so that managers can acquire the correct knowledge. We were recognized for our efforts to create an environment in which sexual minority employees can work with peace of mind.
Orico is working to create a workplace where all employees have correct knowledge of LGBTQ+ and everyone can work with peace of mind. We will continue to foster a corporate culture where all employees can recognize and respect each other, and each individual can continue to play an active role and grow, and further improve the working environment.
About the PRIDE index
The “PRIDE Index” is a system that evaluates LGBTQ+ initiatives in the workplace, such as companies, established in 2016 by work with Pride, a voluntary organization that supports the promotion and establishment of diversity management related to LGBTQ+. Five evaluation indicators are scored according to each letter of PRIDE, and evaluated in three stages of “Gold,” “Silver,” and “Bronze.” Winners are given a “Rainbow” rating.
1. Policy (declaration of conduct)
2. Representation (Party Community)
3. Inspiration
4. Development (personnel system/program)
5. Engagement/Empowerment (social contribution/external relations activities) Details about this release:


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