Orion Star Technology Co., Ltd. Amid the trend of increasing exports of “Chinese Chizo”, Orion Star’s catering robot Lucki – attention from domestic and overseas media

Orion Star Robotics US Inc.
Orion Star’s catering robot Lucki, attracting attention from domestic and international media

Orion Star Technology Co., Ltd., as a world-leading service robot solution company, is expanding sales of service robots overseas. Our service robots are active in places such as restaurants, supermarkets, and nursing homes. Recently, our flagship product, Lucki, has appeared in a public library in McKinney, USA, and has attracted attention from overseas media.
According to overseas media, at the McKinney City Library, instead of allowing citizens to search for books based on labels, they provide information about the library, provide book information, answer questions about the library, guide them to where the books are held, Functions such as returning books were set up by service robots. Therefore, the librarian said that robots are expected to improve the convenience of citizens, greatly improve the management efficiency of the library, and reduce the work burden.



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