Orion Star Technology Co., Ltd. Robots from Orion Star Technology Co., Ltd. play an active role in the Beijing Olympics 2022

Orion Star Robotics US Inc.
Robots from Orion Star Technology Co., Ltd. play an active role in the Beijing Olympics 2022

February 20, 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympics will conclude all competitions. In addition to the amazing performances of the Olympians, the “Technology Winter Olympics” also became a hot topic. Various “robots” played an active role in the athletes’ village and the venue.
Orion Star Technology Co., Ltd. also participated in 5 types of robots. For example, the “smart barista,” a robot arm that can make tea or coffee, is very popular among players.
Behind the popularity of ‘smart barista’, the Orion Star company as a whole [Image 1d110665-13-10cc5834ef6ee4383bde-0.jpg&s3=110665-13-0b8021946dc75bba5cbee8bf22e3dc29-799x450.jpg
We are the only company in China with AI algorithm full chain technology. So-called speaker technology (mouth), microphone array (ears), multi-sensor fusion navigation technology (eyes), indoor multi-sensor solution (legs) and 6-axis robot arm (hands), chip + algorithm (brain). Based on this, three systems are built: Orion Star Voice OS, Orion Star Robot OS, and Orion Star Robot OS.
Stable operation and improvement of the system
[Image 2d110665-13-9000b0ca2ca51f6f7299-1.png&s3=110665-13-042f1a176c1d09b67969d10b8ad38e52-1072x684.png
As the application of service robots expands, there is a need for more advanced technology, such as avoiding obstacles and serving food correctly, in addition to communicating with people.
From the beginning, we believe that “AI + software + hardware + service = robot” for the coexistence of humans and robots. Four parts are required: AI algorithm full chain, software customization, standardized hardware, data service tailored to the scenario. Thereby not only providing higher computing power to the robot system, but also proposing an interactive system for the whole robot.
Orion Star Technology Co., Ltd. wants to provide society with “really useful” robots. After the Winter Olympics, robots from Orion Star Technology Co., Ltd. are also shining on a wider stage.
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