orosy Co., Ltd. The wholesale purchase site “orosy” has opened an English site for overseas buyers. orosy takes over the export business of domestic brands and supports the expansion of overseas sales channels

orosy Inc.
The wholesale purchase site “orosy” has opened an English site for overseas buyers. orosy takes over the export business of domestic brands and supports the expansion of overseas sales channels Orosy is in charge of all the operations necessary for overseas sales, such as English translation, response to inquiries, and export. Brands can be traded with overseas just by delivering to the orosy warehouse in Japan

orosy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hiroshi Noguchi; hereinafter, orosy), which develops and operates the wholesale purchasing site “orosy”, opened a sales site for overseas buyers on November 29, 2022. We are pleased to announce that we have started export support for Japanese brands.

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Background of the opening of the site for overseas buyers
Brands using orosy have said, “I have inquiries from overseas, but I don’t know how to export” and “I want to try overseas sales.” , in view of the increase in inquiries, we have decided to start providing the English version of orosy for overseas buyers.
Orosy will take care of the export business so that as many Japanese products as possible can be handled overseas.
For brands wishing to export through orosy, click here:
Brands using orosy can easily expand sales channels overseas After receiving an order from an overseas buyer, the brand can be sold overseas simply by delivering it to orosy’s Tokyo warehouse. orosy will take care of the operations necessary for overseas sales (there are no fees or other costs related to overseas sales). [Image 2d35683-47-acec01e55e5e3a68ecd3-5.png&s3=35683-47-a9ba0c55446aeab616ca0d1eea2e7ec3-1920x900.png

Buyers have already registered and purchased from each region Buyers from all over the world, mainly in the United States, have already registered on the English version of orosy. By simply registering with orosy, you can gain contact with overseas buyers in addition to domestic buyers.

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Flow of orders from overseas
After receiving an order from an overseas buyer, our company orosy will purchase the product from the brand on behalf of the overseas buyer, so the transaction will be completed as a domestic transaction. Since we also pay the price to the brand, the collection rate is 100% without being affected by exchange rates.
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1. Orders received from overseas buyers (transactions between orosy and overseas buyers)
2. Orosy purchases products from brands on behalf of overseas buyers (domestic transactions between orosy and brands)
3. The brand ships the product domestically to orosy’s Tokyo warehouse. 4.Orosy ships products purchased from brands to overseas buyers Voice of the brand that used it: Chikumyoan Koubou Co., Ltd. [Image 5d35683-47-2a5a51af7e4bb8594357-10.png&s3=35683-47-82b1cfe679d876edb89539bf05d45877-132x132.png
Orosy took over all the work related to overseas sales, from the launch of the English site, inquiries from overseas buyers, and inventory adjustments requested by the other party. You can also control who you sell to through orosy, so you can expand your overseas sales channels with peace of mind.
Brand “otomo”: https://www.oitaoita.com/chikumeian/

Voice of the brand used: Nez reflet Co., Ltd.
[Image 6d35683-47-4f7e9ab0ca971ee75ea1-9.jpg&s3=35683-47-731b8088fe786aabce6934dbf9a004b8-1588x1588.jpg
We already have overseas transactions at our company, but there were many tasks such as exporting, collecting payments, and exchange risks, and each transaction took a lot of time. For orders placed via orosy, we were able to complete the transaction without any hassle because orosy took care of everything.
Brand “Nez reflet”: https://www.nez-reflet.com/
Voice of the brand used: KIGI Co., Ltd.
[Image 7d35683-47-097540dc61bc115d43e7-8.jpg&s3=35683-47-062c355ff0c0d3ea003eee2b2226147f-2017x2017.jpg
By using orosy, in addition to our own domestic wholesale page, we were able to have an English wholesale page, and we were able to start wholesale sales immediately. In addition, orosy took various risks, and we were able to offer good conditions to our suppliers.
Brand “KIKOF”: https://kikof.jp/

Company/service overview
■Company Profile
Company name: orosy Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hiroshi Noguchi, Representative Director
Location: Kudan First Place 7F, 4-1-28 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073 Established: May 2018
URL: https://orosy.com
Business description: Operation of “orosy”, a wholesale and purchase site exclusively for businesses
■ Service overview
orosy is a marketplace where highly unique brands can be purchased and traded between physical stores and e-commerce businesses. orosy assumes the risk of both parties and offers a system that is more advantageous for both parties than direct transactions, such as “substantially free shipping”, “90 days payment”, and “unsold stock can be returned”. Already used by more than 2000 companies.
A special site for export through orosy
If you are a brand that wants to export, please apply from the following site. https://lp.orosy.com/overseas

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