Osaka Prefectural Shopping Street, etc. Emergency Support Project Secretariat for Demand Stimulation Abinko Shopping Street’s year-end big sale, shopping at a great price using gift certificates with premiums!

Osaka Prefectural Shopping Streets, etc. Demand Stimulation Emergency Support Project Secretariat
Abinko Shopping Street’s year-end sale, use gift certificates with premiums to make great purchases!
~The colorful Christmas tree, nostalgic chindon shop and balloon art performers will make you feel excited on a winter day~

In Osaka Prefecture, while the impact of the corona disaster continues, we are promoting support for demand stimulation in the shopping districts in the prefecture.
The efforts of each shopping district are also introduced on the website “Eeyan!
Osaka’s energetic downtown shopping district, “Subway Abiko Chuo Shopping Street (commonly known as Abinko Shopping Street)”, which is located right outside the exit of Abiko Station on the Subway Midosuji Line, will hold a great value and fun event toward the end of the year.
For 11 days from December 1st (Thursday) to 11th (Sunday), the “Year-end Big Sale & Rattle Lottery” will be held.
For every 500 yen spent on shopping or eating and drinking at participating stores in the shopping district, you will receive one lottery ticket.
In addition, the annual year-end event will be upgraded, and during the period, there will be nostalgic chindon shops, balloon art performances, shopping streets decorated with large Christmas trees, festivals, balloon gifts, and more. make.
In addition, measures against infectious diseases such as installing alcohol disinfectant in the shopping district, and increasing the number of staff at the lottery venue to organize the queue, so you can participate with peace of mind.
In addition, there are many shops in the shopping district where you can use “Osaka City Premium Gift Certificates”, so please take this opportunity to make the year-end sale even more profitable!
Event overview
(1) Abinko year-end big sale
[Period] 11 days from December 1st (Thursday) to 11th (Sunday) (2) Rattle lottery
[Lottery period] 11 days from December 1st (Thursday) to 11th (Sunday) (lottery tickets will be presented until noon on the 11th (Sunday)) [Hours] Weekdays 13:00-18:00, Saturdays and Sundays 11:00-18:00 [Venue] Subway Abiko Central Shopping Street, next to Family Mart ・One lottery supplement ticket will be presented for every 500 yen purchased at the cooperative store in the shopping district. One lottery with two tickets.
Click here for the Subway Abiko Chuo Shopping Street site:
[Image 1d67592-100-453c765a68b9b71ef0ff-0.jpg&s3=67592-100-49865c2f633a715aca4b6f31087e579c-3070x2182.jpg
Big Sale & Rattle Lottery Flyer
[Image 2d67592-100-1e988e11db060d196093-1.jpg&s3=67592-100-ff6061667673f467a52a32e125b3289a-3069x2182.jpg
Information on special deals is also posted
[Image 3d67592-100-9e46d0bfd6a895a54b60-2.jpg&s3=67592-100-88cd246a30d2030a7e941364ad454748-2016x1512.jpg
Please come by all means.

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