Osaka’s year-end festival “SPOTLIGHT” hosted by the rhyming association will be held on 12/4 (Sun.)!

Osaka’s year-end festival “SPOTLIGHT” hosted by the rhyming
association will be held on 12/4 (Sun.)!
Don’t miss the exciting live showcase and the heated MC battle with gorgeous performers!

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The largest MC battle event in western Japan, “SPOTLIGHT 2022”, hosted by Naniwa’s backyard rhyming group “Rhyming Association”, will be held at Osaka Universe on 12/4 (Sunday).
A total of 20 people will appear in this annual battle event. For the first time in a long time, we are planning to produce a performance with cheers, and it looks like it will be an even hotter battle this year.
On 11/11 (Friday), Rhyungou Kumiai released their 11th album “So Far, So Good” for the first time in three years, and recently the short videos posted on YouTube have become a hot topic. Please look forward to seeing new songs performed live! !
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12/4 (Sun) at UNIVERSE
OPEN/START 17:00/18:00
5468 yen (tax included)
*Drink fee ¥600 on the day
MCB reception (first-come-first-served reception, e+ public)
Reception period: 2022/10/29 (Sat) 17:00-12:00 on the day of the performance * As soon as the number of reservations is exhausted, the reception will be closed.
Up to 4 tickets per person
Payment: Card/convenience store
Receipt: Convenience store only
Ticketing start date: 2 days before the performance date
rhyming union
[MC BATTLE] ☆Prize money ¥300,000☆+KOK participation right+Supplementary prize Rage / SILENT KILLA JOINT / Buddha / Worldly Desires
CIMA / DOTAMA / ERONE / GOCCI / JUMBO MAATCH / Maiji / MOL53 / MU-TON / SURRY / S-kaine / Shinpeita / Bonto
[HIPHOP SOUND CLASH]☆Prize ¥100,000☆
Magireal TAZAWA / 1238 / Saue and CRC / Gorilla Glue
Misono Universe Building B1F, 2-3-9 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0083 TEL: 06-6641-8733


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