Ostance x Hakuhodo Senior Business Force x QAL startups jointly held an online seminar on 11/22 (Tuesday) “Sen ior DX Business Opportunities and Marketing Approaches Seen from Surveys on Senior Pets”

Ostans Co., Ltd.
Ostance x Hakuhodo Senior Business Force x QAL startups jointly held an online seminar on 11/22 (Tuesday) “Senior DX Business Opportunities and Marketing Approaches Seen from Surveys on Senior Pets”

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Ostance Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President: Ryoto Kikukawa), which operates the Hobby Club, has a vision of improving the quality of animal life with Hakuhodo Inc.’s project team “Hakuhodo Senior Business Force”. On November 22, 2022, an online seminar on the theme of “QAL startups Co., Ltd.” that supports innovation in living with pets and “Senior DX business opportunities and marketing as seen from a survey on pets of the senior generation”. (Tuesday) will be held jointly from 16:00 to 17:00.
Background of this seminar
The number of dogs and cats kept in Japan (approximately 18 million) has exceeded the number of children (15 million people under the age of 15). On the other hand, Japan will also face an aging society in 2024, where one in two people will be over 50 years old. The number of elderly people who keep pets is increasing more than ever, and the market is expanding accordingly.
This seminar is divided into two parts, Part 1 is the detailed version of the QAL survey, which was released in September, and the needs and pains of pet owners, and the new market that has emerged from it. I will explain about In Part 2, Ostance Co., Ltd., which operates Hobby Club, Japan’s largest community for seniors, and Hakuhodo Senior Business, a one-stop specialized team that develops and implements senior businesses based on the concept of “100-year sei-katsu-sha.” Force and QALstartups Co., Ltd., which supports innovation in living with pets, will hold a panel discussion on senior DX business opportunities and marketing as seen from a survey of pets for seniors. Seminar overview
Ostance Co., Ltd., Hakuhodo Senior Business Force, and QALstartups Co., Ltd. “Senior DX Business Opportunities and Marketing Approaches Seen from a Survey on Senior Pets”
Seminar content:
1. QAL White Paper – Survey Report – (30 minutes)
・Senior pet owners’ lives and insights (needs and pains)
・ Three business areas where needs are likely to increase for seniors and pets * Presenters: Hakuhodo Senior Business Force Yusuke Fujita / Mariya Anami 2. Senior DX Business Opportunities and Marketing – Panel Discussion / Q&A (20 minutes)
・Ostance Co., Ltd. President and CEO Ryoto Kikukawa
・Hakuhodo Senior Business Force New Adult Research Institute Director Mariya Yasunami
・Mitsuru Takamatsu, President and CEO of QALstartups Co., Ltd. *The contents of the seminar are subject to change without notice. Recommended
・Executives, management planning, new business development personnel ・Person in charge of business development/growth for seniors ・Marketer of a company that develops services for seniors
・Persons in charge who are preparing to propose business
development/marketing support for seniors
・ Persons in charge who are considering new business in the pet field Basic information
Date: November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) 16:00-17:00
Fee: Free
Capacity: 100 people
Location: Online (Zoom)
Organizer: Austin Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Hakuhodo Senior Business Force, QALstartups Inc. Application method
Please apply for the webinar from the following URL
Seminar speakers
・Ryoto Kikukawa (Representative Director of Ostance Co., Ltd.) [Image 2d18508-55-9cf1cc75c339d41e2a39-1.jpg&s3=18508-55-788089dbe7b3bc43a733b43188521b22-1805x1897.jpg
After graduating from Keio University in 2010, joined Recruit. In charge of launching multiple businesses at the company’s new business development office. In 2015, he founded Ostance Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of president. Produces senior influencers and senior theatrical companies, and operates the largest senior community service in Japan, “Hobby Club”. Under the theme of “aging energy”, we support the planning and execution of senior DX strategies for companies and local governments.
・ Mariya Yasunami (Hakuhodo Senior Business Force Director, New Adult Research Institute)
[Image 3d18508-55-2862026499d3636106ad-3.jpg&s3=18508-55-6e642cba2a85059d9c022f742eb10114-533x533.jpg
Joined Hakuhodo in 2004. As a strategic planner, he is involved in various marketing and communication tasks such as toiletries, food, automobiles, housing, and human resource services. Since 2015, as a researcher at Shindai Research Institute, he has also engaged in research on planning and consumption behavior targeting seniors. Co-authored “Cool Adults, Uncool Adults: From the Senior Market to the ‘New Adult Market'” (Kobunsha Shinsho)
・ Mitsuru Takamatsu (President and CEO of QALstartups Inc.)
[Image 4d18508-55-c601a84e485c97107adc-2.jpg&s3=18508-55-1bbfd4921ce5b4af9c0ec669ffe4e125-356x356.jpg
Joined Hakuhodo in 1989. Founded the startup studio quantum in April 2016 as a spin-off from TBWA HAKUHODO, which was involved in its founding. In the six years until his retirement as president at the end of March 2022, in addition to launching multiple in-house businesses, he worked on new business development with over 70 large companies, startups, and universities. In 2020, Mirai Nihon Ventures (VC) was established as a sidecar fund for quantum. Starting with the establishment of QAL startups, we have invested in a total of 9 companies to increase their value. In July 2022, he was appointed CEO of QAL startups, and is currently working hard to develop new businesses and grow the business through cross-industry collaboration. Seminar management company
・Ostance Co., Ltd.|Senior DX Lab
Ostance Co., Ltd., which operates one of the largest community sites for seniors in Japan, “Shumite Club” (360,000 members), utilizes its platform and knowledge to conduct surveys for seniors, produce communities, We design and develop UIUX for We will tackle the loneliness problem of seniors by connecting the power of research and business and collaborating with various companies and local
Senior DX Lab:
・Hakuhodo Senior Business Force
A senior business working force that expands Hakuhodo’s
long-cultivated sei-katsu-sha concept into a 100-year sei-katsu-sha concept, gains deep insight into individual seniors, and creates new values. We aim to solve problems in the senior market with original research data accumulated over 20 years, expert human resources, and networks with companies and media.
Hakuhodo Senior Business Force:
・QALstartups Co., Ltd.
A startup studio specializing in the pet field established in July 2020 as a joint venture between the JPR Group, a company specializing in veterinary medicine, including the management of Primo Animal Hospital, and quantum, a startup studio of the Hakuhodo Group. We develop products and services that contribute to the enrichment of lives (improvement of quality of life) for people and pets, starting with veterinary medicine, and commercialize them either in-house or jointly with companies in other industries aiming to enter the pet field. Areas of particular focus are the development of services to extend the healthy life expectancy of pets and the development of services to make it easier for seniors to live with their pets. All founding management members are entrepreneurs or veterinarians. QAL startups Inc.:
Inquiries about seminars
Austin Co., Ltd. Public Relations
MAIL: info@ostance.com TEL: 03-6420-0990
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