OTBANK Co., Ltd. “Audiobook” is nominated for the 2022 U-Can New Word / Buzzword Award for “Basic Knowle dge of Modern Terms”!

Otobank Co., Ltd.
“Audiobook” is nominated for the 2022 U-Can New Words and Buzzwords Award, selected for “Basic Knowledge of Modern Terms”!
13 times more members in 5 years! Japan’s largest audiobook
distribution service “audiobook.jp” founder and chairman Wataru Ueda announces comments

Otobank Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuya Kubota, hereinafter “Otobank”), which operates “audiobook.jp”, which distributes the largest number of audiobook book lineups (* 1) in Japan, will start in November. Founder and Chairman Wataru Ueda will announce his comments on the nomination of “Audiobook” for the 2022 U-Can New Words and Buzzwords Award announced on the 4th.
*1. Japan Marketing Research Organization November 2021 survey. Research on the number of Japanese audiobooks in the lineup. ■Comment from Wataru Ueda, chairman of Otobank and advisor to ears [Image 1

I am very happy that “Audiobook” has been nominated for the 2022 U-Can New Words and Buzzwords Award.
My grandfather, who lost his eyesight due to glaucoma, was the reason I founded Otobank. We launched an audio book service with the aim of creating a “listening culture” where not only the visually impaired but also the sighted can enjoy books. It’s been 18 years since the company was founded, and the number of audiobook users is increasing due to the spread of smartphones and wireless earphones and the introduction of subscription services. In June of this year, the number of members of our service “audiobook.jp” exceeded 2.5 million. Audiobooks are gaining recognition as the “third book” following paper books and e-books. However, we are still at the starting line when it comes to spreading the culture of listening. Going forward, we will continue to expand content that can provide joy and learning to everyone, contribute to the expansion of the audiobook market, and aim for a society where audiobooks can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. [Image 2

■ What is an audiobook?
[Image 3

Audiobooks are “listening books” read aloud by a narrator or voice actor. Because you can enjoy reading with just your ears, you can enjoy “reading while reading” in every scene of your life, such as running, traveling by train or car, and doing housework, in addition to those who have difficulty reading.
▼ Learn about audiobook production and recommended works! See also “Fully understand! Audio book”.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FUmFO0-yyrWfCIkI6LpOvn0_NYA1Xles/view?usp=sharing [Interview about audiobooks]
Otobank Co., Ltd. Public Relations Office Email: pr@otobank.co.jp For other inquiries, please contact: https://www.otobank.co.jp/contact/ ■ “Basic knowledge of modern terminology” selection Reasons for the selection of the 2022 U-Can New Word/Buzzword Award
Audiobooks: Books that have been transcribed into sound, many of which are literary works read aloud by professionals, actors, and machines. Since the spread of the Internet and smartphones, the number of users has gradually increased. “Mimi-katsu” is an activity that enjoys voice content such as language, current affairs, and self-development in a little spare time while moving to work or doing housework.
■ Introducing recent topics related to audiobooks! !
[Announcement of audiobook award]
[Image 4

On October 23, 2022, we announced the “Audiobook Award 2022” to recognize the work that received the most support from audiobook users (* 2). The Grand Prize and Semi-Grand Prize will be decided in the “Literary Category”, “Business Book Category” and “All-You-Can-Listen Category”. This year, “invert Shirozuka Hisui Inverted Collection”, “Psychology of Money”, and “Super Translated Carnegie Move People” won the Grand Prize in each category.
*2. “Audiobook Award 2022” selected by users
[Large set of ear-reading lovers! The largest meetup ever held] [Image 5

In conjunction with the autumn of reading, the largest “audiobook meetup” ever gathered audiobook users will be held on October 23, 2022. Announcement and award of the “Audiobook Award 2022” selected by users, and a live reading with TARAKO, a familiar voice actor who played Maruko in the anime “Chibi Maruko-chan”, as a guest. In addition, various projects were held to thoroughly enjoy the appeal of audiobooks, a new way to enjoy reading by ear, such as a corner where “people inside” answered questions from users (*3).
*3. Audiobook meetup event report
■It may become a topic from now on! ? “audiobook.jp” trending keywords [Ear study]
[Image 6

You can study not only with your eyes but also with your ears. With the spread of smartphones and PCs, the eyes are being overworked in this modern age, and “ears” are attracting attention as a new input method. With ears, you can do “while”, such as “while doing
housework”, “while moving”, and “while taking a walk”. An increasing number of business people are making effective use of an average of 3.7 hours (*3) of ear clearance time per day. In addition, there is also data that “reading time increased by an average of 1.7 times before and after using audiobooks” (*4). At “audiobook.jp”, the “audiobook.jp corporate version” that started in 2022 is also expanding. Ueda, the chairman of Otobank, also has a history of passing the University of Tokyo with a deviation score of 30 by incorporating ear study. On July 22nd, we released the book “Super Efficient Ear Study Method” (published by Discover Twenty One), which summarizes the essence of ear study.
*3. Ear clearance time survey
*4. Audiobook White Paper 2021 Reading Week Special Edition
[Brain training with ears]
[Image 7

Research using audiobooks is also progressing as an issue for dementia prevention training (*5). Combining exercise and audiobooks was found to have the same effect as conventional dementia training (combining exercise and calculation tasks). In the future, we can expect the use of audiobooks in dementia prevention and brain training.
*5. Newly discovered cerebral blood flow activation effect equivalent to dementia prevention training in dual task of audiobook and exercise -Presented at the Japanese Society for Early Dementia-
[Senior ear reading]
[Image 8

Audiobooks are spreading among seniors in their 60s and older. 40% of “audiobook.jp” members answered that the usage time was “increasing” (*5) compared to the previous year. Furthermore, 40% of the
respondents answered that they use it “almost every day”. It seems that the number of smart seniors and ear-reading seniors who enjoy audiobooks as a new hobby will continue to increase, even if reading with their eyes is difficult due to presbyopia.
*5. Audiobook White Paper 2022-Senior Usage Survey-
[Reading subscription]
These days, “subscription” has become commonplace in various fields. The subscription plan is also popular for audiobooks, and the number of members of “audiobook.jp” has increased rapidly since the subscription started in 2018. In the fall of reading, the “listening book subscription” may spread further?
[Revenge reading]
Audiobooks are very popular with the latest bestsellers as well as long-selling classics. A popular way to use it is to use your ears to challenge “books you’ve always wanted to read” and “books you tried to read but couldn’t finish”. Genres range from novels such as “Momo”, “Yo to Kiri New Edition”, and “Complete Translation Seven Habits” to memoirs and business books.
■ Coverage is possible! ! A production philosophy that produces the best quality in Japan. Otobank Audiobook Production Studio
[Image 9

Our audiobooks are produced by professional craftsmen.
The production directors who determine the worldview of the work and complete it are multiple veterans with more than 10 years of experience, and we have accumulated know-how that only our company can create.
-Points of Otobank audiobook production-
1. Track record of producing the best audiobooks in Japan
Since the start of the service in 2007, we have set up an in-house studio and have been researching audiobook production methods from scratch. Due to the nature of audiobooks, it is extremely important to be comfortable enough to listen for long periods of time, so we focused on minute details such as speed, pauses, narrator’s voice quality, intonation, sound effects, and so on. I am producing it. 2. Attitude and respect for books
In addition to the director, many members are involved in the production of the audiobook, including engineers, narrators, voice actors, proofreaders, dialect instruction and proofreading when necessary. When creating a work, all the staff involved always read the original work, consider the optimal production policy, and then convert it into voice.
3. The production team is experienced as a former voice
actor.Direction is possible based on the standpoint of the actor. The production team includes many members who have experience in the voice acting industry. During recording, I am conscious of
communication based on the standpoint of the actors, even in directing and directing. While bringing out the best in the reader, I try to produce audiobooks with good teamwork, even for long recordings. ■audiobook.jp (audiobook.jp)
[Image 10

This is an audio distribution service operated by Otobank Co., Ltd. that distributes the largest number of audiobooks in Japan. Renewed from “FeBe”, which started distribution in 2007, and started service in March 2018. We aim to expand the platform to popularize the audiobook category. The number of members will exceed 2.5 million in 2022.
[Service overview]
・ Service name: “audiobook.jp”
・ Site URL: https://audiobook.jp/
・ App Store page: https://app.audiobook.jp/ios
・Google Play page: https://app.audiobook.jp/android
·Fee structure:
The unlimited listening plan is 1,000 yen (tax included) per month. You can use it for free for 2 weeks after joining.
Individual purchase is possible for each work.
(* Mainly distributed in the same price range as books (1,200 yen to 1,500 yen).)
Ottobank Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuya Kubota) [Image 11d34798-263-0cfb1b3d81a93aada9b2-10.png&s3=34798-263-13cb0caec3923f1684376d3390fa6a72-257x111.png
Developing a business centered on audio content, aiming to achieve “creating a culture of listening,” “barrier-free for the visually impaired,” and “promoting publishing culture,” boasting the largest number of distributions in Japan. Audiobook company. We have partnered with over 500 publishers, and our main business is the sale of audiobooks on Japan’s largest audiobook distribution service “audiobook.jp”, as well as the online book guide “Shinkan JP” (https://sinkan We are also engaged in book promotion business centered on .jp/). http://www.otobank.co.jp/
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