Otetsutabi releases green logo for 3 days only on Green Friday

Otetsutabi Co., Ltd.
Otetsutabi releases green logo for 3 days only on Green Friday Aiming for a world where human resources are shared and regions support each other

Otetsutabi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Rina Nagaoka; below “Otetsu Tabi”) is a sharing service business with the Sharing Economy Association (hereafter, the Share Eco Association) in conjunction with Green Friday (November 25), which promotes sustainable consumption that spreads mainly in Europe. Together with nine companies, we will conduct the “Share Eco Green Friday Project” as an opportunity to think about future consumption. [Image 1d36175-76-a2aba0b0a8ff270da4d1-11.jpg&s3=36175-76-b3bfa18c9be199b30e6f8c2a2bee73d0-1910x1000.jpg

Aiming to popularize the “sharing economy” that leads to sustainable consumption This initiative is a project planned by Air Closet, the lead company of the Association’s SDGs Promotion Committee, with the desire to stop and think about consumption in recent years, when there are more options for consumption.
While people are calling for a shift from mass production and mass consumption to sustainable consumption, large-scale sales such as Black Friday continue to exist. We aim to make a difference by proposing to the world.
Effort details
◎In conjunction with Green Friday, the green logo will be released for a limited period of three days from November 23 (Wednesday) to 25 (Friday) under the theme of “GO GREEN”, which means taking action in consideration of the environment.
◎On November 23 (Wednesday), we announced this initiative at the “SHARE FES,” a festival held by the Share Eco Association to learn how to work and live in a shared way.
[Image 2d36175-76-7e35a3aea797043142c6-1.jpg&s3=36175-76-70939a01a996e8777944d17c13fbd38e-1000x393.jpg

About Otetsutabi (https://otetsutabi.com/)
[Image 3d36175-76-01b6878692d358f54ef2-2.jpg&s3=36175-76-10dddd9d49530e55c4c7bd9b4e1fc22c-1910x1000.jpg
Otetsu Tabi is a coined word that combines “help” and “travel”, and is intended for local people (farmers and inns) who are in trouble with short-term and seasonal labor shortages, and travelers who want to be deeply involved with the community while working. It is a human resources sharing service that connects.
Travelers can reduce travel and transportation costs because they can earn more than the minimum wage by helping (work). In addition, you can deeply feel the charm of the land by “traveling as if you lived” while interacting with the locals naturally through the help. Businesses can expect to create fans (related population) of the region, business, and industry by securing short-term and seasonal labor and turning the labor shortage into an opportunity to meet people from outside the region.

A trip to “produce” with the local people
Helping out is hard because it is a “work”, but by entering the community as a colleague who works together, you can meet the locals and learn about not only the beautiful parts of the community, but also the difficult parts and issues. You can have an experience that can only be done at We would like to create a movement that makes it fun to visit unknown areas for the purpose of helping people. [Image 4d36175-76-ed4f68369f30a9ecc65b-9.jpg&s3=36175-76-628bea7083537f16b59ed222a7429f0c-1910x1000.jpg

Share rather than compete
In the future, as Japan’s population declines further, we believe that sharing people rather than competing, and creating a system that allows us to get involved in the community and support each other will lead to the sustainability of society.
Through OtetsuTabi, we aim to realize a world in which communities support each other while playing two or three roles instead of one. Otetsu Tabi Co., Ltd. supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). [Image 5d36175-76-9571facaf049eac4b9b5-3.jpg&s3=36175-76-7e6d5c34ffcc5000049a391fe7a5e9d3-1000x472.jpg

User’s voice *excerpt
■ Female teenagers (September 2022 Participated in agricultural laboratories) In addition to harvesting, I was also involved in shipping preparation and sorting, so every day was a different and fresh experience. It was interesting to see and learn about the process of how apples become products. In addition, they provided a place for me to interact with local people, and I had many new encounters that were connected through that connection. Now, not only farmers, but also the town of Mamurogawa has become a place I love so much that I want to visit it again.
■ Women in their 20s (participated in the agricultural table in October 2022) I sorted black edamame, packed and boxed, and worked in the field. There were fields that stretched out into the distance, wide open skies, mountains, and even the plains were shrouded in mist. I was able to eat a lot of black edamame and autumn flavors, and it was very delicious! It was fun to experience various jobs, but above all, I was very happy to meet the staff and many other people who participated in Otetsutabi. .
■Male in his 30s (September 2022 Participated in the Agricultural Tetsutabi) Vegetables that support our daily diet. I was able to learn that it was delivered to our table through the tireless efforts and daily work of the farmers. I was able to have a wonderful experience in terms of people, things, and places. Not only was I able to experience the fun of farming, but I was also able to learn about the real situation and how they are challenged, which will serve as food for my future life. ■ Male in his 40s (August 2022 Participated in Agricultural Tetsutabi) At first, I think it’s all about harvesting broccoli, but eventually I can imagine how the producers feel, and I can understand the thoughts of the managers. And as I got used to it, I was able to enjoy communicating with people around me, and I was able to open myself up little by little. The charm of this tetsutabi is that you grow yourself on the farm, not just labor. Even if working together and living together was emotionally challenging, and even if it was physically demanding, after completing it, I honestly thought, “Oh, I’m glad I did it. It was fun!”
For those who are in trouble due to labor shortage
At Otetsu Tabi, we are looking for businesses, regions, local governments, JAs, etc. who are in trouble with short-term and seasonal labor shortages.
Regarding acceptance: https://otetsutabi.com/business
About coverage
You will be able to collect information on how they are actually doing the work, the voices of the recipients, and the voices of the participants. (consultation required)
Contact: https://otetsutabi.com/contact
Features of Otetsu-Tabi
(1) You can get a reward by helping.
(2) You can enjoy traveling during free time and holidays.
(3) Accommodation is free of charge because the host provides a bed. [Image 6d36175-76-ee73a3af2c827c035991-4.jpg&s3=36175-76-ea2b199e6bb212b655e483c1180a0a02-1200x529.jpg
About OtetsuTabi
The service was launched in July 2018 with the vision of “creating a world where truly good people, good things, and good regions in various parts of Japan are highly evaluated.” The number of
registrants has exceeded 28,000, and the number of recipients has expanded to 850 businesses in 47 prefectures nationwide.
[Image 7d36175-76-da52b721edba78990a22-10.png&s3=36175-76-56bef67e5e8da5240008b4b880a91ca5-1160x666.png

[Image 8d36175-76-8155957a152dac214fdf-8.jpg&s3=36175-76-73591d1a1865f9d600910c2627a63593-1766x684.jpg

Company name: Otetsutabi Co., Ltd.
Representative: Rina Nagaoka, CEO
Location: (Tokyo Office) 3-31-12 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053 (Shizuoka Office) 1-8-43 Takabayashi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 430-0907
Established: July 2018
Capital: 70,286,500 yen
URL: https://otetsutabi.com/
Contact: info@otetsutabi.com -Public Relations: Sonoda-

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