Otobank Co., Ltd. Radio NIKKEI and Otobank will jointly produce a terrestrial radio program “Money Karakuri ” to start broadcasting in November

Otobank Co., Ltd.
Radio NIKKEI and Otobank co-produce terrestrial radio, new program “Money Karakuri” to start broadcasting from November
Developing a new program with the theme of “money”, which is also popular in audiobooks, and distributing archives in collaboration with audiobook.jp

Otobank Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuya Kubota, hereinafter “Otobank”), which operates “audiobook.jp”, which distributes the largest number of audiobook book lineups (* 1) in Japan, is Radio NIKKEI. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kyota Yoshida), we started broadcasting the radio program “Money Karakuri” in November, where you can learn how to best deal with money and how to live in 15 minutes. *1. Japan Marketing Research
Organization November 2021 survey. Research on the number of Japanese audiobooks in the lineup.
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“Money Karakuri” invites guests who are practicing “a way of life without worrying about money” in various ways such as investment, migration, side jobs, reskilling, and entrepreneurship, and interviews them. It is a new program that explains the mechanism in an
easy-to-understand manner.
“Audiobook.jp” operated by Otobank has mainly provided audio content that enriches everyday learning, including audiobooks that have been converted into audio books. At audiobook.jp, content with the theme of “money” is very popular, and this time, we have started a new program with “money” as a starting point, co-produced with Radio NIKKEI. In this program, we will invite guests every month to talk about “money”. Radio NIKKEI and Otobank are also collaborating in the archive distribution of broadcast content, and the archived sound sources of 5 popular programs, including “Yoichi Ito’s Round Up World Now!” doing. For this program, we plan to distribute it with an all-you-can-listen plan on our distribution service, monetize it by charging for content, and use it for further content development.
Radio NIKKEI and Otobank will continue to aim to provide opportunities for learning by “voice” to many people.
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Mr. Shinya Yamada’s guest episode recording scene

Program main MC Wataru Ueda
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Dropped out of the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo. After launching and managing multiple NPOs and IT companies, he founded Otobank in 2004 and assumed the position of Representative Director. With the aim of promoting the publishing industry, we are working hard every day to create high-quality content with publishers in order to spread audiobooks as a culture. His books include “Ear Study Method for Better Brains” (Discover Twenty One) and “Study Kakumei! (Magazine House) “Reverse thinking” to avoid making unnecessary mistakes in your 20s (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing), etc.
Program overview
・ Program site: Money Karakuri https://www.radionikkei.jp/karakuri/ ・Broadcast date and time: Every Friday from 7:30 to 7:45 (Rebroadcast: Every Wednesday from 12:15 to 12:30)
・Broadcast media: Radio NIKKEI No. 1, Rajiko, Podcast
*You can listen for one week after the broadcast with Radiko’s time-free ・Production: Radio NIKKEI, Otobank
・Personality: Wataru Ueda (Chairman and Representative Director of Otobank Co., Ltd.)
・November guest: Shinya Yamada (Certified public accountant, tax accountant, YouTuber, author of “Why won’t the rod shop go bankrupt?”) ・November theme:
November 4th: “Which do you prefer, an office worker or a professional baseball player?”
November 11 “Business Person’s Side Job”
November 18 “NISA iDeCo Karakuri”
November 25th: Ban on digital salary payments lifted
For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact Otobank Co., Ltd. Contact: pr@otobank.co.jp
audiobook.jp (audiobook dot JP)
[Image 4

This is an audio distribution service operated by Otobank Co., Ltd. that distributes the largest number of audiobooks in Japan. Renewed from “FeBe”, which started distribution in 2007, and started service in March 2018. We aim to expand the platform to popularize the audiobook category. The number of members will exceed 2.5 million in June 2022.
[Service overview]
・ Service name: “audiobook.jp”
・ Site URL: https://audiobook.jp/
・ App Store page: https://app.audiobook.jp/ios
・Google Play page: https://app.audiobook.jp/android
·Fee structure:
The unlimited listening plan is 1,000 yen (tax included) per month. You can use it for free for 2 weeks after joining.
Individual purchase is possible for each work.
(* Mainly distributed in the same price range as books (1,200 yen to 1,500 yen).)
Otobank Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuya Kubota) [Image 5d34798-268-1a8d33c59f75a51c354c-5.jpg&s3=34798-268-fe81465e3ee1c306c20cb796a7c1d647-994x428.jpg
Developing a business centered on audio content, aiming to achieve “creation of a listening culture”, “barrier-free for the visually impaired” and “promotion of publishing culture”, boasting the largest number of distributions in Japan. Audiobook company. We have partnered with over 500 publishers, and our main business is the sale of audiobooks on Japan’s largest audiobook distribution service “audiobook.jp”, as well as the online book guide “Shinkan JP” (https://sinkan We are also engaged in book promotion business centered on .jp/).
Details about this release:


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